Sunday, July 14, 2024

IBVTA Webinar Helps Vape Businesses Bounce Back After Lockdown


The UK’s second nationwide lockdown in 2020, forced all non-essential retailers (including vape stores) and services, to close between November 5th and December 2nd. Subsequently in January 2021 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the third lockdown in England.

Since the start of the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, most specialist vape retailers have remodeled their retail operations to sell their products online and via home-deliveries. Most businesses had to add to their warehouse space, increased the size of their customer service teams and set up online and telephone-based advice channels for vapers and smokers. Naturally, online retailers have experienced a considerable increase in demand.

Supporting the industry

The IBVTA has done its utmost to support the industry. “We worked around the clock assisting with unprecedented numbers of queries to enable vaping businesses to operate effectively in a changed retail world. Above all, the one thing that shone through was the spirit of our industry, going above and beyond to provide support and to ensure that vaping products remained accessible.”

Meanwhile, as vape stores have been in the process of reopening, the IBVTA launched a webinar with the aim supporting the transition. “Vape stores are a vital part of delivering a smoke-free future, and our webinar is a not to be missed opportunity to learn from the very best industry experts.”

IBVTA Participates in New ‘Vaping Demystified’ Short Movie

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