How many packs of cigarettes is a Relx Disposable Vape Pod?

How many packs of cigarettes is a Relx Vape Pod? In fact, I am also an old smoker, because I am a heavy smoker. I am more aware of the harm of smoking than they are. I have a bad voice. That’s a personal experience. But it’s not easy to change my habit over the years. I quit smoking for several times without success. I had no choice but to try e-cigarette. I’m using Yueke to quit smoking. About three days, a 5% smoke bomb. What is the level of this dosage?

Compatible Relx Disposable Vape Pod

Compatible Relx Disposable Vape Pod

Yue carves a cigarette bomb

How many packs of cigarettes is a Relx Vape Pod?

Let’s start with the official According to the data, a cigarette bomb can smoke about 600 puffs, which is equivalent to three packs of cigarettes. Of course, we can’t be foolishly convinced. Although the official test results are made by using machines, we are human beings. Everyone is different. The machine can smoke 600 puffs per second according to one puff per second, but the smoking habits of each of us are different The same, so there are differences

In the past, it was basically a pack and a half a day. Now, a cigarette can be smoked for about 1-2 days. Very few people will smoke for three days (unless I save smoking). According to the quantity of the questioner, a cigarette can be smoked for about 4-6 days

A cigarette bomb is about equal to three packs of paper cigarettes.

First generation 2 ml, a box of 3 = three packs of cigarettes

Second generation 1.6 ml, a box of 2 = two and a half packs of cigarettes

Three generation 1.4 ml, a box of 2 = two packs of cigarettes

From the calculation point of view, a 2ml ammunition magazine of Yueke is about 600-700, which is less than 3 packs of cigarettes according to the standard of 12 cigarettes per cigarette. The smoking frequency of one cigarette in three days is similar to that of a pack of cigarettes a day, and the use range is not beyond.

Three packs of cigarettes in three days seems to be the normal level. Will the nicotine content exceed that?


The nicotine content of one cigarette is 1.5-3mg, one pack is about 30-60mg, three packs are nearly 90-180mg; 5% cigarette cartridge is 50mg / ml, 2ml contains 100mg nicotine, which is close to the low value of cigarettes. From this point of view, the nicotine intake of e-cigarettes is not much. However, it should be noted that not all the nicotine mentioned above will be absorbed. It is estimated that only 20% of nicotine in cigarettes will enter the human body,

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