Wednesday, July 24, 2024

GreenSound Took the Lead in VR Online Factory Visit Artifacts


GreenSound GS took the lead in VR online visit of factory artifacts

Customer inspection refers to the customer’s on-site inspection of the factory. The main purpose is to inspect the strength of the factory, the size of the factory, product quality, atmosphere, etc., which is an important part of commercial activities. For foreign customers, especially European and American customers, Pay special attention to enterprise strength. Therefore, it is often considered to conduct on-site inspections of the manufacturers before deciding to cooperate with the manufacturers. However, limited to all aspects of cost considerations, many times customers are not always able to conduct field visits to each partner.

In order to solve this real problem, the international first-line e-cigarette brand GreenSound took the lead in the English version of the “VR online factory” artifact, which can realize the rapid inspection of the factory without Blind area. The customer only needs 3 minutes to understand a real GreenSound.

After entering the software, you can see the situation in the factory exterior, front desk, walkway, conference room, purchasing department, international business department, domestic business department, exhibition hall, engineering department, packaging workshop, production line, warehouse, e-commerce warehouse, quality control department and smoke oil production workshop.

Display with Chinese and English subtitles. And you can view the position by 360 degrees. Even some device names are indicated by arrows. For the exit of the door, there is also an arrow indicating where to go. This is a real realization of the “online no-dead corner quick factory inspection, and customers only need 3 minutes to understand a real GreenSound.” Click below to enter.

Greensound VR factory visit:

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