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Geyser S – VapX review


The VapX Geyser S is the manufacturer’s second model. Smaller and more lightweight than its predecessor, it retains the qualities of the Geyser, but is considerably easier to use. With a built-in 1500 mAh battery, this pod is user-friendly.

A small-scale Geyser

The Geyser S is the Geyser‘s little brother. Smaller and more compact, it operates with a built-in 1500 mAh battery. With a potential output of up to 50 W, it has retained the original circular airflow control system. A nice product for moderate direct vaping.

Technical characteristics

Pod dimensions 26 x 42 x 54,5 mm
Pod weight 134 g
Charging USB-C
Range of use 5 to 50 W
Tank capacity 3,2 ml

What’s in the box?

  • Pod
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • User guide

Compact and lightweight

The Geyser S has channelled the spirit of the Geyser but in a much more compact format. The overall shape is somewhat reminiscent of the original. The finishes are impeccable and adjustments down to the nearest millimetre. You can feel the quality of the product in your hand. It is both strong and lightweight.

Geyser Vapx zoom on USBC

On the side of the Geyser S, you will find the screen, trigger button, “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the pod settings, and the USB C port for recharging or updating the chipset. It is small, but perfectly formed. The buttons don’t rattle annoyingly.

Geyser s vapX - zoom on screen


Geyser's cover system

VapX has kept all the key features while making clever changes that make the Geyser S particularly user-friendly. The Geyser’s cover system has been omitted in exchange for more conventional filling port access. The filling port is covered by a small silicone seal. The hold is excellent and the opening wide enough for most bottle tips.

On the other hand, the tank must be filled slowly, otherwise it may overflow, especially with larger tips. The cartridge capacity is 3.2 ml, which is more than decent in view of the size of the pod. Another advantage, in spite of the somewhat opaque colour, is that you can see the level of liquid at all times without removing the tank.

Geyser's circular airflow control

This model also includes the circular airflow control feature. That’s a good thing. It is precise and effective. Unlike its bigger counterpart, it only features a single rotary disc instead of two. However, the Geyser S, with its 0.25 Ohm resistance coils, has no need for an additional air supply. The flow is adjusted by rotating the disc to allow more or less air to pass. The disc is solid but easy to rotate. Once set, it won’t move of its own accord, ensuring a precise selection.

Geyser's drip tip

The drip tip size is 510, and can be replaced by any standard model. This is an added bonus as it allows some customisations. The drip tip supplied feels great in the mouth and is wide enough to allow a decent amount of unrestricted vapour.

Geyser - zoom below the cartridge

Below the cartridge, you will find two indentations, meaning that the resistance coil can only be fitted in one direction. You won’t be able to position the coil the wrong way, even if you try to force it. Once the resistance coil is fitted in its housing, there will no leakage or seepage from the pod. Which is a plus!

Geyser's tank

The tank holds the battery using a bead at the top of the mod which fits onto the tank. It may seem flimsy at first glance, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fastening is strong enough to hold the cartridge perfectly in place, while offering sufficient flexibility for easy removal. You can remove the tank and fit a new resistance coil in a matter of seconds.Geyser's resistance

Two resistance coils are supplied with the Geyser S. The 0.25 Ohm Xcoil 10 resistance coil is made of Kanthal mesh and is used between 35 and 45 W.

For vaping purposes, the Geyser does a perfect job. The vape is dense and the flavours are really clear. In spite of its small size, you can obtain a really cloudy vapour by fully opening the airflow ring. During the tests, the resistance coil gave better results with some restriction and superior rendering of flavours at 40 W. This makes for a very pleasant direct vaping experience. You can also use other resistance coils such as for example the 0.6 Ohm Xcoil 10N for more moderate vaping between 15 and 25 W.

 What we like

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Airflow precision
  • Vaping quality
  • Content price

 What we don’t like

  • Filling process could be improved

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