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Foreign media: five trends of electronic cigarette industry in 2020


Nowadays, the electronic cigarette industry has always been a promising industry. However, the analysis of the basic needs of consumers and the contemporary trends in the market is the key to maintain a stable economic development.

Business people try to track these factors and trends to make their activities profitable in the market. Many business analysts conduct various surveys and make some predictions.

This paper briefly introduces the latest trend of electronic cigarette industry.

Trend 5: taste

People with elegant taste and ordinary people think that if an electronic cigarette pen has a delicious taste, it will be more enjoyable to use it. The popularity of taste is not a secret. This has been the trend for many years, and the government’s ban will only arouse people’s interest.

When some flavors were banned last year, people were angry. The point is that while they understand the dangers, it’s not easy to give up personal taste. In fact, a lot of people buy a hemp electronic cigarette oil bottle, because it can let people smoke a variety of natural flavors, such as Chamomile, lavender and so on.

This fact is the most contradictory. On the one hand, people have seen the main point of refusing to eat spices – science has proved their danger. On the other hand, they can’t stop using the smell, especially if it’s one of the reasons why they started using electronic cigarette equipment.

Trend 4: volume size

Nowadays, a large number of new electronic cigarette models are put on the market every year. If you look closely, you will find that the overall trend is to make the equipment more compact. If a new model appears, it may be large, but over time, developers tend to make it smaller and smaller.

The truth is that any device we carry with us every day is somewhere in a bag or pocket. Manufacturers know that if a cannister looks like a cable phone, no one will buy it. But if they try to make the bottles smaller, sales will increase.

The reason for this trend is that the world is changing into a rational consumption and minimalism style. If we look at the most popular home design, the latest fashion trend, we will see no flashiness, only two or three soothing colors, the minimum number of furniture, no additional decoration.

Trend 3: binding

Today, laws and regulations governing electronic cigarette equipment are changing at the speed of the railway, which means that manufacturers and distributors must be very flexible to avoid financial losses. The difficulty is that they have to respond to customer needs and regulatory changes in all target countries.

For example, after interest in taste surged, the US government banned it. Therefore, e-cigarette companies must find a compromise between abiding by the law and meeting customer needs.

Cannabis e-cigarette oil production is another risk (but still a successful step). On the one hand, CBD and cannabis consumption have become popular, and the government has allowed them to be legalized in many parts of the world. The United States is the country that started this trend.

On the other hand, cannabis is an unsafe substance, and most people think that cannabis is a rather dangerous and dangerous activity. Electronic cigarette companies that can ban the use of it at any time and then produce cannabis oil could lose billions of dollars.

Trend 2: productivity

Modern people want to make the most of their efforts. One of the most common trends is the 80 / 20 principle, which means that 80% of the results can be achieved in 20% of the time. It also applies to the electronic cigarette industry.

That’s why nicotine salt has become popular. The salt has nothing to do with saltiness. The name comes from substances produced by chemical methods. After a specific chemical process, nicotine becomes a salt crystal.

The product has the highest level of nicotine, which allows them to be influenced by nicotine with the least amount of use. At present, nicotine salt is considered to be one of the better alternatives to smoking, but research is still in progress.

Trend 1: Open Technology

The world of rapid development has become a world of integrated technology. People are open to unprecedented novelty. New “Creative Technologies” are the most popular. It has been known that it is good to take advantage of modern technological progress, but it is best to take advantage of their interdependence.

For example, a high-tech refrigerator will automatically order food that will be consumed soon from the original store, and the equipment will soon be sold out. That’s why electronic cigarettes, which can be controlled by smart phones, are a hot trend today.

Major e-cigarette companies are applying these innovative technologies extensively. These devices can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection so that you can change any parameter via your smartphone. The integration of smart phones and electronic cigarette devices enables people to use their two favorite devices at the same time, control their electronic cigarette consumption and get some new experiences.

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