Five trends to make e-cigarette brands successful in 2020

According to vapingpost, an article on Robotics and Automation News explores the current factors that may make an e-cigarette product successful. “E-cigarette brands try to track these factors and trends to make their activities in the market profitable. Many business analysts have conducted various surveys and made some predictions. ” At the end of the paper, five trends that are critical to success in the current environment are listed.

Attractive taste

The first trend mentioned in the article is one of the most controversial: taste. Studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief, adults are also attracted to taste, not just teenagers. This means they play an important role in motivating adults to switch to safer alternatives.

On the other hand, scientific research also shows that the main reason why teenagers start to use e-cigarettes is not their various tastes. In fact, there are other factors at work, such as e-cigarettes that look cool and like to try. Still, smoking bans to prevent the popularity of e-cigarettes among teenagers have been on the rise, and manufacturers need to be prepared for the worst.

Electronic cigarette size

One of the reasons why Juul is so popular is its size and smooth shape. In addition, with the launch of new models on the market, we can see that the equipment is becoming more and more compact. Because in most cases, e-cigarettes are carried with you.


Like condiments, e-cigarette laws and regulations are constantly changing at an unpredictable rate. To this end, manufacturers need to be very flexible to avoid the risk of financial loss. The challenge, of course, is to meet customer needs while maintaining legitimacy and keeping pace with the times. As a turbulent and relatively new market, e-cigarette business always needs to be prepared for unprecedented changes.

Productivity / efficiency

In this modern fast-paced society, everyone will choose to get quick results with as little effort as possible. That’s another reason why Juul and other devices that operate through nicotine salts rather than electronic liquids are so popular. These devices provide higher doses of nicotine, so they can meet the needs of users more quickly, making them the most effective hazard reduction / quit smoking tool.

New technique

As mentioned above, living in a high-tech world, people are attracted by the latest technology. Therefore, an e-cigarette enterprise willing to constantly upgrade its products can always stand out and keep pace with the latest modern technological progress, which is more likely to succeed than the backward enterprise. An obvious example is an e-cigarette that can be connected to a smartphone, which can generate personal usage data, such as how much nicotine users consume.

Mainstream e-cigarette companies are widely using these innovative technologies. These parameters can be changed through any Bluetooth connection. The combination of smart phones and e-cigarettes allows people to use their two favorite devices at the same time, control their use of e-cigarettes, and get some new experiences.

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