FDA Pushes Nicotine Patches As It Bans Vapes

On the very day it bans 800 more flavoured vaping products, the FDA pushes nicotine patches as the best way to quit smoking.

It’s a slap in the face to say the least to the millions of vapers in America, and of course the wider vaping industry.

FDA Pushes Nicotine Patches

However, if anything it reaffirms the almost incestuous close ties between Big Pharma and the FDA.

A case of knock out the opposition and keep the dollars flooding in and screw the smokers – talk about a Mafia-esque operation…

The science has told us that nicotine patches and gums simply don’t work anywhere nearly as effective as vaping in quit bids – if at all.

And do NOT forget that both Big Tobacco and Big Pharma have known this for many years.

I revealed that bombshell in the article: Do Nicotine Patches and Gums Work For Quitting Smoking? Not According to Scientists

In that piece I showed how far from helping smokers quit, patches were seen by Big Tobacco and Pharma as a temporary bridge.

Smokers tended to use them predominantly where they couldn’t smoke, or as ‘dual use‘ and success was rare, if at all, unless the smoker received individual counseling.

Not only that, they cynically described patches being sold over the counter as nothing more than a ‘business opportunity‘.

A clear case of kill and cure, and in 1996 that came to fruition when patches were approved by the FDA to be sold over the counter.

I’m guessing there were some serious campaign ‘donations‘ and private sector jobs offered alongside intense lobbying…me a cynic? Naw…

BTW, the study I’m referring to came from UC San Francisco and this short article on it, is well worth a read : …Study Shows Cigarette Makers Shifted Stance on Nicotine Patches…

Is Synthetic Nicotine the Answer?

Last week I reported on the FDA issuing 55,000 marketing denial orders [MDO’s] effectively throwing 3 US based e-liquid companies under the bus.

ALL of those MDO’s were flavoured which industry insiders say is a clear indication that only tobacco and menthol flavours will be left standing after the PMTA process concludes.

FDA Pushes Nicotine Patches

That date is set for September 9th this year, but with around 2 million Pre Market Tobacco Applications currently being processed – that deadline looks impossible.

Though saying that, the FDA did recently throw out 4.5 million PMTAs from one company’s submission of a staggering 6.5 million vape products…how much did that cost!

You can find out more about PMTAs in these articles I wrote back in July 2019 – in a nutshell without one or one being approved for every single vape product submitted – the product cannot be sold in the USA:

Forget Flavour Bans the PMTA Process Is the REAL Threat To US Vapers
Vaping In America Faces Total Devastation As Anti-Vape Legislation Is Moved Forward

I’ve been unable to find out where the 800 products came from, however Dimitris Agrafiotis – aka the Vapin’ Greek – told Filter Mag his vape consulting company, International Vapor Solutions, represented them adding:

They have done substantial scientific work and testing.

One company, which filed 45 product applications, spent close to $1 million.

Some of the PMTAs were not complete, and some of them were more complete than others.

It’s not clarified exactly why they were denied.

The FDA mentioned youth. The usual spiel.

And I was honest with my clients that some of the product names might be considered appealing to youth by the FDA.

I’m very honest with the industry.

With that kind of time and money put into submitting a PMTA, it’s really quite shocking that no reason for an MDO has been given.

Appalling doesn’t begin to cover it…talk about a cash grab, it’s more like government backed daylight robbery.

The cynic in me suggests the whole PMTA process was set to fail and a very expensive heartbreaking fail too.

Dimitris says the three companies will now join Vapor Salon in using synthetic nicotine, which they hope will put clear blue water between their products and the money grabbing robbers at the FDA.

FDA Pushes Nicotine Patches

As I said at the start, the FDA really did choose today to push nicotine patches as the best way to quit smoking.

I really can’t believe the gall of these people, but here we are.

The Tweet below shows how much contempt the FDA and the rest of the moon howling anti-vape brigade has for billions of vapers and smokers lives.

Based on that I have to say they are literally laughing at American vapers and the vape industry, and that is absolutely disgusting.

A case of Big Pharma nicotine good…vaping nicotine bad…

Shame on them.

Oh yeah, and BTW…

This article from the UK Government no less should be mandatory reading for the FDA and all the other anti-vaping clowns out there.

The title says it all: Vaping better than nicotine replacement therapy for stopping smoking, evidence suggests

How can one country get it so very very wrong and in turn condemn millions to death..?

Answers in the comments below…

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