Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Fake Vape Factory was Hit Severely and Its Company was Seized


Not long ago, Shenzhen Geekvape Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Baoan District Industrial and Commercial Bureau to conduct anti-counterfeiting investigations on counterfeit factories located in Tantou Second Industrial Zone, Songgang Street. The target was the Shenzhen Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.

In this anti-counterfeiting operation, nearly 2,000 sets of counterfeit Geekvape technology electronic vape products, more than 10,000 semi-finished products and packaging materials were seized. These fake and shoddy products were mostly market-selling products of Shenzhen Geekvape Technology in recent months.

The seized fakes will be sealed and seized in the warehouse of the Trade and Industry Bureau on the afternoon of the action.

The counterfeit factory used shoddy goods as genuine, which it used raw materials that do not meet the quality standards and processed under such production conditions without any sanitation guarantee. Geekvape Technology calls on all conscience agents and sales teams to say no to fakes and don’t sell fake products for the benefit of the moment. while it brings damage to the manufacturers of formal operations, but also brings uncontrollable hidden dangers to consumers who trust them.

The fake factory Shenzhen Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. has been sealed up on the day of action, and the relevant responsible person has been detained and inquired by the relevant departments. Geekvape Technology said it would resort to the law to make counterfeiters be punished as they should.

Geekvape Technology calls on everyone to respect intellectual property rights, respect independent innovation, and resist such bad competition, such as don’t buy fakes, don’t sell fakes, don’t fake, so that so can make fakes invisible.

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