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Fake Covid-19 Vape News and MPs Discuss UK Vape Laws| Ecigclick


more fake covid vape news

More Covid-19 Vape News and Scare Stories Rebutted

Here we go again with the media spinning more fake COVID-19 vape news!

No, there is NOT an increased risk of getting the dreaded COVID-19 from vaping – despite what the world’s press tells you!

And nope, that’s not me saying it – it’s from the author of the study – straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

Indeed, so angry was co author Dr Roberto Sussman from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, he took to Twitter, as you can see above, also tweeting:

Sloppy journalism spreads contagion panic thru infrequent “big clouds” when 90% of UK vapers use low powered devices (risk = 1%).

No mention that contagion risk is 44% for speaking 6 minutes in 1 hour.

Sloppy journalism‘ around vaping? Say it ain’t so!

We’ve known this for years now and so has Cancer Research UK that said the media’s bad spin on vape scare stories was costing lives!

Read my 2018 piece: Misconceptions Over The Safety Of Vaping and E-Cigs Is Risking Lives…you can change ‘misconceptions‘ to Fake News – I was kinder back then lol.

To be clear, the UK Government says there’s NO evidence vaping increases the risk of contracting COVID-19 and this study only adds to that conclusion.

Once again, the media spins the science to scare the living daylights out of smokers and indeed vapers, with yet more fake COVID-19 vape news…

Shame on them…again.

UK Leads the Way On Vaping Regulations

The British Parliament has been told by leading vape advocates that UK vaping regulations should set the global standard on harm reduction, but needs to convince the WHO.

In a meeting with the UK Parliament Vaping Group, Professor Gerry Stimson of Knowledge-Action-Change (KAC), Clive Bates of Counterfactual, Daniel Pryor of the Adam Smith Institute and John Dunne Director of the [UK Vaping Industry Association] UKVIA, all agreed the UK’s pro-vape stance was a beacon to other countries.

Post TPD Vape Laws

However, more trouble looms on the horizon in this case it’s the anti-vape World Health Organization [WHO], as it prepares for the ninth Conference of the Parties (COP9) – where discussions around e-cigarettes will be front and centre.

Parliamentary vape group chairman, Mark Pawsey MP, is a firm supporter of both vaping and the blossoming industry, and wants to promote what he calls the ‘many UK successes‘.

The vape advocates met with politicians to arm them with the true facts about vaping before a UK delegation of MPs attend the COP9 in November this year.

John Dunne told the politicians:

The UK has a huge duty of care to take a positive stance and challenge interpretations… Britain’s newly independent status really gives us an opportunity to lead this on the world stage.

I was happy to accept the invitation from the APPG, because the UKVIA believe we have an incredible opportunity to spread the word – that innovative, appropriately-regulated vaping industries save lives.

Post-Brexit Britain is newly independent in forums like COP9, and it means we can drive this positive message home like never before.

Proud Of UK Vaping and Harm Reduction

We can be rightly proud of the UK’s record on harm reduction, but we must not be complacent.

Regressive, prohibition-style strategies are alive and well internationally, and we must not let them undo all that has been achieved here.

A robust, evidence-based approach from the UK can defend the gains we have made domestically, empower positive change internationally and confirm Britain’s role as a world leader in harm reduction.

Let’s hope the UK delegation can crack the resolve of the WHO and it’s vehement anti-vape stance…though one seriously doubts it…


It’s been quiet these past few days…

More Vape News on Wednesday!

Oh yeah…

valentines day vape

Happy Valentine’s Day to the loved up lot…

And for those like me…



Every cloud and all that lol.

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