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In advance of Dinner Lady’s anticipated release of 13 new Nicotine Salt flavours, we’re here to cover everything you need to know about Nic Salts. From their composition to their purpose,

Understanding Nic Salts

In recent years, Nicotine Salts have grown increasingly popular with vapers – and for good reason.

Nic Salt e-liquids are formed by adding regular freebase nicotine to acids like benzoic acid. Since freebase nicotine has a higher pH, and therefore increased alkalinity, the benzoic acid helps to reduce the pH level and brevity of the throat hit. The combination of the two therefore helps to minimize the alkalinity to create a smoother throat hit at the strongest nicotine strengths.

Nic Salts vs Freebase: what’s the difference?

Unlike freebase e-cig liquids, Nicotine Salts are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore more closely mimic the instant hit of nicotine experienced by smokers. For this reason, Nic Salts are preferred by vapers who vape in short, quick bursts.

Freebase e-liquids, on the other hand, take longer to absorb and lead to more frequent vaping in an attempt to satiate the cravings. They are, however, better suited to sub-ohm vaping with less cloud production.

Choosing the Right Strength

Nicotine salt e-cig liquids are available in two strengths: 10mg and 20mg. 20mg Salts are well-suited to heavy smokers whilst 10mg Salts are ideal for medium to light smokers. Find out more about nicotine strengths here.

Choosing the Best Vape Kit

Owing to simple vaporisation and high strength, Nic Salts are best suited to low-powered e-cig devices. Refillable pods and pod mods that are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping are the ideal vaping options.

Avoid devices like high-powered box mods that are specially designed for sub-ohm, direct-to-lung vaping styles. These vape kits are best suited to freebase liquids that are designed for vapour production.

To make things simple, we’ve curated a selection of vape kits to make it easier to find the ideal e-cig to pair with Nic Salt liquids. Shop here.

The Difference is Dinner Lady

One of the world’s leading e-cig liquid brands, sold in more than 115 countries with over 55 awards, Dinner Lady’s Nic Salt range is bigger and better than ever before. Free yourself from the burden of average flavours – try 13 new Dinner Lady flavours launching on 23rd January 2023.

New Flavour Options

Enhancing the original range with an additional 13 flavours across 4 different flavour ranges: Ice, Fruits, Menthol and Tobacco.


Bubblegum Ice – first available in Vape Pen formulation, Bubblegum Ice fuses berry and bubblegum with koolada for an icy exhale.

Lemon Sherbets Ice – a fizzy sherbet flavour combined with tart lemon and icy cool koolada for a fresh intake.

Blueberry Lemonade – a burst of mixed sweet blueberries and ripened raspberries for a whole new take on the famous flavour profile.

Banana Ice – combines the sweet notes of banana and vanilla cream with koolada for a breath of fresh air.

Tropic Chill – a fusion of tropical lemons, limes and oranges blended with koolada for a refreshing chill upon exhale.

Watermelon Chill – a mixture of watermelons blended with koolada for a breath of fresh air.


Strawberry Watermelon – a medley of freshly sliced watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe, complemented by succulent strawberries and a thin layer of kiwis.

Fruit Mix – the ultimate fruit blend, Fruit Mix combines red berries, grapes, currants and citrus fruits.

Grape – a simple yet sophisticated flavour profile, Grape blends red and black grapes with a touch of aniseed.


Mint Menthol – cooler than cool, Mint Methol blends a blast of spearmint with traditional menthol notes for a fresh vape.

Triple Menthol – an incredible fusion of spearmint eucalyptus and menthol. Some might say it’s the perfect all-day vape of menthol profiles.


Vanilla Tobacco – hints of vanilla crème enhance a smooth, naturally rounded tobacco flavour.

Berry Tobacco – merges rounded notes of tobacco with a fruity fusion of berries.

Shake it Up With Salts

Shake it up with salts and get ready to shop the new range on 23rd January.

If you have more questions about Nic Salts, please send an email to [email protected] or give us a call on 01254 865915. It would be our pleasure to help you find the best e-cig juice for you.

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