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E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit

E-cigarettes DO Help You Quit Smoking

Once again, the science says e-cigarettes help smokers quit!

The media has recently been full of stories suggesting smokers that switch to vaping are likely to lapse back to smoking.

In other words, e-cigarettes don’t help you quit lit tobacco.

 E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit

Take a deep breath…the study by teams from the: Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science at University of California San Diego and UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center – and breathe – came up with the ‘shock findings’ in a report published in the JAMA Network Open.

It says:

Our findings suggest that individuals who quit smoking and switched to e-cigarettes or other tobacco products actually increased their risk of a relapse back to smoking over the next year by 8.5 percentage points compared to those who quit using all tobacco products.

Quitting is the most important thing a smoker can do to improve their health, but the evidence indicates that switching to e-cigarettes made it less likely, not more likely, to stay off of cigarettes.

Hands up who’s quit smoking via vaping and not had a relapse?

I think there’ll be plenty of you out there…but hey we aren’t scientists.

Over to a proper scientist and that being the awesome Prof Peter Hajek, Director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit, Queen Mary University of London.

 E-cigarettes Help Smokers QuitProfessor-Peter-Hajek

He was pretty scathing about the findings calling them ‘bizarre’…ha!

Here’s what he had to say:

The press release badly misreports the study findings. It says that ‘smokers who quit but substitute e-cigarettes are more likely to relapse’, but this cohort study found no such effect.

Smokers who quit unaided and those who needed e-cigarettes to help them quit did not differ in their relapse rates!

This was despite the fact that smokers who need help to quit are typically more dependent, with a higher risk of relapse, than those who are able to quit unaided.

Indeed, in this cohort too, unaided quitters were significantly less dependent on their cigarettes than those who quit with the help of e-cigarettes.


Bizarrely, in a separate analysis, the study also mixed people who quit smoking and used e-cigarettes with those who continued to smoke but just switched to a different tobacco product.

This combined group had a higher relapse rate, driven by people who never stopped using tobacco, but this has no bearing on evaluating effects of e-cigarettes.

If anything, the study suggests that e-cigarette use removes the handicap of tobacco dependence, rather than that it causes relapse.

This tallies with other evidence that e-cigarettes are an effective aid to stopping smoking.

Smokers wishing to quit should not be put off trying e-cigs to do so.

As always – don’t believe all you read in the newspapers…and these days that’s pretty much everything, especially around vaping.

So…do e-cigarettes help smokers quit?

Let’s have your thoughts and opinions in the comments below 🙂

Illegal Vape Factories Raided In China

The makers of popular disposable vape Geek Bar say seven factories producing illicit products have been raided and shut down in China.

That means over 100,000 illegal products on their way to the UK market have been seized, building on those destroyed following raids on four other China based factories last month.

fake disposable vapes seized
image via: The Herald

Geek Bar’s chief executive, Allen Yang, told the media:

The scale of fake products is extremely concerning especially given the possible dangers from unregulated e-liquid components and inferior battery.

We take our responsibility very seriously and I hope this sends a clear message to those attempting to manufacture fake products or bring non-compliant ranges into the UK, that their illegal activities will not be tolerated.

As I’ve stated before, most if not all of these counterfeit Geek Bars are being sold in corner shops and NOT reputable vape shops.

Fake Vapes Seized In Scotland

Over in Scotland and Trading Standard officers say they’ve seized £900 worth of illegal disposable vapes and say they contained 50mg strength e-liquids and not the UK legal max of 20mg.

Graeme Paton, Aberdeen City Council Trading Standards manager, said:

Illegal and counterfeit products are flooding into the market and consequently pose a potential health risk to customers.

Inappropriately branded products are also being purposely marketed towards children.

Parents may not realise their children are vaping these unsafe devices – they are brightly coloured and closely resemble highlighter pens or make-up products.

They cost from £5 to £7 each.

I’m not sure even the fake vapes are ‘aimed at children’ – but even so the sheer amount of these illicit disposable vapes is of concern to kids and adults alike.

The UK Vaping Industry Association has a guide for retailers covering the disposable vape market – check the link.

And if you’re into these disposable vapes – please buy from a proper and reputable vape shop.

And please do check out our Best Disposable Vapes guide – the links there go to tried and tested vape stores.

And do read my article: The Disposable Vapes Debate – Vaping Industry Insiders Speak

USA Vape Mail Ban Now In Force

The ban on USPS delivering vape mail in America is now in force.

This is yet another body blow to to vapers over the pond and was something I reported on back in December 2020.

usps vape mail ban
image via: USPS Twitter account

The ruling comes on the back of the catch all Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act passed by Congress last year.

The new rule forbids business to business and business to consumers – except for the states of Alaska and Hawaii.

However, ‘private citizens’ can ship to one an other, with limits…

Other mail carriers have also suggested they will be enforcing a vape mail ban.

Independent postal services are eying up an opportunity, but that comes with pitfalls.

American Vaping Association President Gregory Conley, spoke to Vaping 360 saying the ban was overreach:

USPS never asked Congress to hand them a new unfunded mandate.

The reality is Congress set the overly expansive language and USPS was and is statutorily obliged to apply the law as they wrote it.

There remain more questions than answers about the capabilities of the new private delivery services, simply because they haven’t been seriously tested yet.

Yet another nail in the coffin of vaping in the USA…crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Please check the full details of the USPS vape mail ban.

and finally…Vaping Is the Bomb…Literally!

A bomb disposal unit was dispatched to an address in Ampthill Bedfordshire and homes were evacuated following a vaping bomb scare.

Police were called after an eye witness spotted a pink device with a blue flashing light on top of a road sign…

vaping is the bomb
image via: Becky Griffiths

Becky Griffiths told the local newspaper:

I thought it was an iPod or something but on closer inspection it looked suspicious.

I phoned the police straight away and a while later bomb disposal arrived.

I’m not quite sure what particular vape device this is – but please dispose of them correctly 😉


More vape news on Wednesday!

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