China, Tomorrow’s Biggest CBD Market – Paul Rosen

Recently, there are editorials regarding the international CBD industry’s viewpoints on Chinese market. They target the dim CBD market in China in the short and middle run. However, in the long run, the potential of it can hardly be underestimated for those who own strategic insight.

If there is a question on where the biggest CBD market is, nobody will renounce it is in China. But when it goes further on “when”, people won’t reply without hesitation.

At 4 p.m. 11/17, PST, (8 a.m. 11/18, CST), Paul Rosen, former CEO of Cronos, invites global specialists of CBD industry and hold the webinar to depict the prospect of Chinese CBD market and provide suggestions in investment and running.

Paul Rosen is a renowned professional entrepreneur and management consultant. Over the past five years, he has become one of the most active and diversified investors in Canada’s emerging marijuana industry. He is the CEO of Global Go, a global marijuana consulting firm, and the founder and managing director of Breakwater Venture Capital, a Toronto based private venture capital and consulting firm. Paul is also the founder, CEO and chairman of Tidal Royalty Corporation, which specializes in the emerging regulated U.S. marijuana industry.

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There are no barriers in the way for China becoming the biggest CBD materials production country concerning current Chinese government policies on industrial hemp. It also complies with the its position as the main manufacturing country. And there are 2 pivotal tasks needed to handle for the next step. One is to export CBD materials and products globally; the other is to actively push the domestic consumption policies loosen.  

The panelists of the webinar include Nicholas Chen who is from PAMIR Law Group, as well as many other experienced specialists over the world.

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