Chicago Votes in Favour of Recreational Marijuana Stores Expansion

Chicago has allowed 18 adult-use cannabis retailers so far, among the 110 statewide.

The move will allow recreational marijuana stores to expand further than the current seven marijuana zones in the municipality. The largest in the state of Illinois, Chicago has allowed 18 adult-use cannabis retailers so far, among the 110 statewide.

While marijuana retailers are now able to open without special approval from Chicago regulators, the approved proposal is also set to banish retailers in the downtown zone where they aren’t meant to be operating.

Concerns about use by minors in NYC

Meanwhile in the city of New York, State Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders agreed to legalize and decriminalize recreational marijuana for adults who are 21 and older, last April. Less than two months after the measure was passed, the state of New York followed suit. However, the New York Post reported that DOH Chief Medical Officer Michelle Morse emailed NYC health officials warning them about a concerning increase in students smoking weed.

Dr. Cathy Ward, a pediatrician with Big Apple Pediatrics said that many teens have shifted from vaping to smoking pot, in line with the availability of flavours. “A lot of them have shifted over to weed, just smoking pot,” she said. “And a lot of them were smoking e-cigarettes and hookah and Juul. I think its availability is been appealing to them. It’s got the different flavors and it’s being marketed to them. So I think that’s why it’s kind of all shifted.”

Ward said that doctors should take a proactive approach and have conversations about smoking during routine check-ups with kids. She added that one way to find out whether they smoke, would asking them about their friends’ habits.

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