Canadian Lung Association: social media will continue to promote the use of e-cigarettes among adolescents

According to vapingpost, recently, the Canadian Lung Association said that despite new regulations restricting the promotion of smoking products, influential online celebrities (KOL) in social media will continue to promote the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers through product promotion.

Earlier this year, Canada’s health minister, Patty Hajdu, announced a ban on advertising electronic cigarettes in places that minors can see, such as billboards and convenience stores. The Minister of Health pointed out that the latest statistics show that the number of students using e-cigarettes in schools has doubled. “The new measures announced today will help, but more needs to be done.”

Last month, a Health Canada briefing announced a ban on the display of e-cigarettes in any public place or platform that young people can see or hear. In addition, from the beginning of the month, any advertising on display must convey health warnings about the health risks associated with the product, even in places where teenagers cannot access.

The ban only applies to provinces / regions that have not yet implemented such restrictions, and Health Canada said it was also considering additional regulatory measures to further limit the content and taste of nicotine in smoking products. However, the Lung Association is concerned that these measures are not enough and that social influencers will continue to drive teenagers to try smoking.

Julia Hartley, a spokesman for the association, said the new restrictions would certainly have a positive impact. “I think it’s going to control some of the Facebook or tiktok type ads that are happening that many parents don’t know about now,” she said

Hartley added that the new restrictions may not prevent influencers on social media from publishing videos about smoking. “Influential people have a huge impact on young people, and now they are almost considered celebrities, and it’s hard for regulators to grasp that.”

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