Can electronic cigarettes really cause cancer?

For a product imported into the lungs, people are most concerned about safety issues, let alone “cigarettes” containing nicotine products.

“Electronic cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes” and other rumors are endless, but it is convincing to list some chemical terms that ordinary people do not understand.

But according to authoritative research:

1. Even after investing a lot of research, there is still no evidence to prove that e-cigarettes are related to cancer or other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2. There is strong evidence that the risk of exposure to toxic and carcinogenic substances is greatly reduced by replacing cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.

3. There is subtle evidence that electronic cigarettes have an impact on human respiratory system, but they are still far superior to ordinary cigarettes.

The research concludes that the harm of electronic cigarettes is far lower than that of cigarettes. Compared with cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not “burn” and most products do not contain 7,000 harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke.

But! The products produced by a few completely unregulated enterprises still contain “harmful substances”. In the mixed market, there will inevitably be unreliable equipment circulation, so it is particularly important to choose a trusted brand of electronic cigarettes.

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