BYD electronics has fully entered the field of electronic atomization and launched beem ceramic atomization core

Since entering the electronic atomization industry, BYD electronics, a manufacturing giant, has been steady and steady in accordance with BYD’s consistent style. It not only has advanced automatic production lines, but also recently launched its own ceramic atomization technology brand “beem” and planning technology brand logo “beem core”. BYD’s share price has also risen sharply for two consecutive days. As of November 11, The share price was HK $27.6, up 6.15%.

BYD electronic cigarette

At present, smore international, Heyuan group, Juwei group, ALD Zhuoling, HCD huachengda, bodi group, Jilu, Skoll, yijiate and other enterprises have launched atomization core technology brands in China. BYD electronics launched the ceramic core technology brand beem. There is speculation in the industry that its purpose is the same as other e-cigarette enterprises. It wants to improve its core competitiveness in the field of e-cigarette through the atomization core technology brand strategy.

Compared with the leadless ceramic atomization core of SIMORE feelm, BYD electronic beem ceramic core adopts the leadless design. Because there is no metal solder joint, it also further avoids the possible heavy metal pollution. The same leadless design in the industry also includes silmo launched by Zhuo Li Neng.

It is reported that beem ceramic atomization core is the first in the world to be applied to a new series of products of maxfel brand. It has the characteristics of optimizing innovative design, patent layout, solving the dry burning pain point of oil leakage, pure and stable atomization performance, coexistence of experience and safety, etc.

According to public information, the trademark “beem core” has been applied for by BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on July 2. At present, the display status is still “under registration”. For brands that cooperate with BYD electronics, cigarette bombs will be marked with the technical logo of “beem core” to confirm the use of beem ceramic atomization technology products.

BYD electronics, as a giant in the traditional manufacturing industry, has a wide range of business. It began to enter the e-cigarette industry at the end of 2020, and completed the patent layout and mass production in the first half of 2021. With many years of deep cultivation in electronic intelligent manufacturing, with a professional team and all-round R & D ability, and paying special attention to product R & D, technological innovation and patent layout, BYD has laid a solid foundation for the entry of BYD electronics into the e-cigarette industry.

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