British and American Tobacco employs senior doctors as chief medical officer. Is the future of electronic atomization?

British American Tobacco employs senior doctor as chief medical officer

British American Tobacco (BAT) has appointed Hutan ashrafian as chief medical officer, who will be responsible for overall medical governance and ensure that sound medical processes and oversight are applied to all aspects of bat’s clinical research and post marketing surveillance, according to tobaccoreporter on September 18.

British American Tobacco said in a press release that it was committed to reducing the health impact of its business by offering a range of pleasant and less risky products.

According to the company, ashrafian will play a key role in the continued development and expansion of bat’s multi category approach, which will provide consumers with a wide range of potentially low-risk cigarette alternatives, including electronic cigarettes, tobacco heating products and modern oral nicotine sachets.

Specifically, he will provide medical oversight to bat’s Human Research Council and product management board. In other words, the research and development and production of bat new tobacco products will be measured by medical standards.

Ashrafian is a senior clinical scientist and surgeon. He leads a large research and clinical team working at the population and precision medicine level to achieve the highest quality of real-world evidence and translational healthcare. He has extensive experience in developing strategies and national and international health policies with cabinet level politicians, civil servants and heads of state.

Ashrafian received a bachelor’s degree in medicine from University College London, where he received honorary degrees in immunology and cell pathology. His training in surgery also earned him the arris & gale lecturer award from the Royal College of surgeons. He holds a doctorate in computational physiology and metabolic surgery from Imperial College London and an MBA in health economics from Warwick Business School.

British American Tobacco

Relx will establish long-term cooperation with many hospitals in the future

This can not help but remind people that on September 17, at the media open day of “march towards science” held in Shenzhen, relx Yueke announced that it had recently opened the life science laboratory.

This laboratory is located in Shenzhen International Biological valley. Its core is SPF (specific pathogen free) animal laboratory. In addition, there are cell experiment and biochemical experiment area.

The laboratory will systematically study the harm reduction degree of electronic aerosol at the level of human cells and animals, and carry out preclinical safety assessment.

In the future, relx has the following plans:

We will establish a number of scientific laboratories around the world and establish long-term cooperation with many hospitals;

More than 10000 users of Yueke were regularly visited to carry out long-term health scientific assessment;

Cooperate with many professional scientific evaluation institutions to carry out long-term toxicological research, and complete the systematic assessment of inhalation toxicology for the components in Yueke products;

In terms of personnel training, relx will also establish long-term project cooperation with well-known universities, and establish a post doctoral workstation for scientific research on electronic atomizers;

Set up a team of scientists to produce a series of scientific achievements such as domestic and foreign academic journal papers, international conference speeches, etc;

Relx Bioscience Laboratory

There are also electronic cigarette enterprises such as macwell, Jisheng, and platinum, which are also laying out the direction of medical treatment

In addition to the recent report of British American Tobacco and happy moment, in the earlier news, the electronic cigarette enterprises such as mcwell, Jisheng, and buder were all reported to make layout in the direction of medical treatment.

Mcwell: on April 6, 2020, the official website of aim Immunotech, an American immunopharmaceutical company, was updated with a statement that it had signed a material transfer and research agreement (MTA) with Shenzhen smooth Technology Co., Ltd. This time, the purpose of MTA is to conduct a study on the efficacy of smooth inhalation device of aim flagship drug ampligen in China.

Jisheng: in Huicheng news on August 23, 2020, Tang Ansheng, general manager of Jisheng science and technology, once said that the company’s new products were trying the atomization inhalation of traditional Chinese medicine extracts. If this new product “tests water” successfully, the company will continue to cooperate with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine and other universities to develop in the direction of big health industry.

Platinum: in the time finance report on August 24, 2020, CEO Wang Zeqi said: “platinum is a representative of the” technical school “. We are partial to research and development. We make our own cigarette oil and nicotine salt, which are not available in other brands. We should cut into the whole pharmaceutical industry chain and go to the basic research of the whole pharmaceutical industry. “

Medical atomization

Medical standard supervision and medical atomization inhalation are two concepts, the former is the basis, the latter is the application.

From the above cases, the medical direction layout of e-cigarette can be divided into two factions, one is to pursue the detection and supervision of medical standards, the other is to pursue the application of medical atomization.

But the two are not in conflict, even complementary.

To construct and supervise the basic scientific system of e-cigarette industry with medical standards will not only help the public to understand e-cigarette more clearly and scientifically, but also help enterprises to develop and produce stable and high-quality products. After the foundation is laid, the application of medical atomization will be more stable.

At least in a short period of time, it is difficult to realize the application of electronic medical atomization. First, although ultrasonic atomization technology is expected to become a dark horse of low-temperature atomization, it takes time to promote it. Secondly, there is no mature product in the development of atomization liquid medicine.

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