Bou Star Disposables Review

E-liquid Capacity – 2ml
Nicotine Strength – 20mg Salt Nicotine
Puff Amount – 600+ puffs

For this review, I had the pleasure of trying six flavour options from the Bou Star range of disposables.

Here’s how they each held up.

Strawberry Watermelon

With the help of a high-standard mesh coil, this disposable produced an uber concentrated flavour that was, for me, beyond magnificent.

The scintillating note of sweet, well-rounded strawberry took centre stage to begin with and the neatly constructed mouthpiece only emphasised that intense, fruity flavour.

Another key taste component for this disposable was the smooth undertone of watermelon, which wrapped around the more noticeable berry element.

Whilst vaping, I got a subtle hint of iciness which was obvious enough to pick up on but wasn’t overbearing in any way.

Cherry Ice

A remarkably uncomplicated disposable, the notes of cherry in this disposable were powerful and crystal clear.

The memorable candy bite and sour kick came together to create a well-balanced and surprisingly dynamic flavour.

I liked how this flavour seemed to create a bright and cheerful vibe, with little to no flavour dissipation…plus the icy sensation kept it from becoming monotonous and boring.

Cola Ice

The cola flavour profile is quickly taking over as one of my favourites and this one gets the taste down to a tee.

An almost peppery sweetness made this stand out as a good representation of the classic cola palate…though I do have to say that the ‘ice’ aspect was somewhat lacking for me.

There was an understated hint, but not so much that it measured up against the cola flavour with which it shares the name.

Mint Ice

In case you hadn’t guessed by the name, this disposable is definitely one for the menthol fans out there.

As complex as it is cold, the subtly sweet notes of peppermint reminded me of refreshing mint imperials.

There was also a sharp taste of menthol that was both easy to identify and present throughout the whole vaping experience.

And, when paired with the cooling agent, this disposable delivered a tongue-tingling, breath-chilling sensation.

If you like to vape flavours that are all cold and are not compromised by fruity or cakey elements, you are going to want to try this out.

Strawberry Kiwi

Boasting a tropical and sweet set of tastes, this flavour certainly knocked the ball out of the park.

To me, the strawberry acted as the foundation on which the more unique kiwi notes were able to thrive.

I felt like the combination of the two worked really and the sweetness mixed with the acidic flavourings really made this disposable a pleasure to vape.

Blueberry Raspberry

The blueberry here gave a bouncy and sugary taste sensation that was absent of the tartness often associated with other blueberry flavours.

The raspberry, to me, was a little more mellow and akin to blue raspberry rather than a standard pink one.

There was a decent kick of iciness on the exhale, although the coldness never fully overtook the berry flavours.

This was probably my favourite in this line-up, with the complexity and intense flavouring being incredibly easy to vape.

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