Why does the electronic cigarette explode and how to prevent the electronic cigarette from exploding


Many vaper staters are afraid of exposure to e-cigarettes, because they often hear about e-cigarette explosions. E-cigarettes come with batteries, all of electronic devices with batteries have the risk of explosion,so does the E-cigarettes.However,you don’t have to worry about it, it will not explode as long as you use a safely certified electronic cigarette produced by a regular manufacturer. Buyecigkits.com deliberately analyzes why electronic cigarettes explode and how to avoid explosions in order to make everyone use electronic cigarettes safely .



1.Battery failure

Almost 80% of the accidents are related to the battery failure of the electronic cigarette. Generally, the inferior battery materials have many problems, such as poor incoming materials, poor circulation, poor zero strain, unstable discharge voltage, and easy decomposition of the electrolyte. A short circuit in the battery caused an explosion.


2.Too high external environment temperature 


If the electronic cigarette does not come with a good heat dissipation design and overheat control system, the internal heat of the electronic cigarette cannot be dissipated timely and effectively, which may cause a fire and explosion accident. If the electronic cigarette is placed close to a high temperature object, or if it is placed in a vehicle or in the confined space of the pocket for a long time,  it is not conducive to heat dissipation, which will increase the possibility of explosion.


3.Charger without overcharge protection


The charger of the inferior electronic cigarette product does not come with the overcharge protection function. It is very likely to cause the battery to explode, leak, or even explode once the overheating causes the cigarette chip to fail.


4.The quality of the process and assembly


The safety clearance between the electrode and the battery rod is relatively small, and it is easy to cause a short circuit during the contact process.


Above all, the inferior products are more prone to problems, so the vapers especially staters must switch to the formal channels when purchasing equipment, and do not venture to buy three non-formal products for informal channels.


How to prevent e-cigarette explosion


In addition to purchasing fromregular channel ,how to use is also important:


1. Charged with the original factory configured charger


2. Don’t let the e-cigarette be charged all night.


3.Please replace it If the battery starts to heat up.


4. Please do not use it when charging


5. Do not modify the disassembly product in any way


6. If it is damaged, leaked or wet, do not use the battery and dispose of it properly

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