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What is the difference between cotton coil, ceramic coil and quartz coil



by Martin Smith

As the most important part especially pod cartridges of electronic cigarettes,  the coils has been valued by the majority of vapers. What are the differences between the current coils? How to choose them?Just follow to check out what the differences,here we go.

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Nowadays, the vape pod system kits on the market mostly come with cotton coils and ceramic coils,the quartz coil is basically used for those with vapor box mod.

First, the cotton coil is easy to burn, you have no choice but to change the coil, the service lifespan is short , the cotton coil is ejuice-absorbing, it can not be cleaned, all of the pod are throwaway.

The ceramic coil is very resistant to high temperatures, and easy to heat. It would not dry burning after 5-10 seconds even if there is no ejuice filling. If the power is too high. It can be washed directly with water and used again. Some pod kits including Mlife M9 Pod System Vape Starter Kit  that can be repeatedly filled with vape juice come with ceramic coil. 

At present, the power box mod kits basically come with a ceramic coil and a quartz coil. The quartz coil is a bit more advanced than the ceramic coil. Quartz and ceramics are inert materials, and it is difficult to chemically react with other substances at high temperatures. Quartz is more advanced,  of course, the price is more expensive.

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