What are the similarities and differences between IQOS3.0 multi and QOQ honor

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here we go:

1. IQOS uses electronic heating to control the temperature within a certain range. It heats a special type of cartridge called heat sticks, but it does not burn. Therefore, it is also called heating without burning.

2, it does not produce ash because of heating, smokers would not be troubled by ash any more;

3,no fire danger thanks to heating;

4,no bad breath in yellow teeth and no smell of smoke, ;

5, the key is that the flavor is close to the real smoke, so many people easily switch from traditional cigarettes to IQOS;  the temperature of the smoking utensils is only about 300 °, the harmful substances generated when burning,  no tar, so it is healthier than traditional cigarettes for smokers themselves, and there is no trouble with second-hand smoke for people around them.

Above all, that is why IQOS is going to be popular. How many IQOS is in Japan? The data shows that there are about 47 million people aged 20 to 49 in Japan, and about 9 million people based on 19.3% smoking rate. IQOS sales in Japan are about 2 million, so about one uses IQOS among 4-5 smokers, which shows the popularity of IQOS in Japan. To date, Philip Morris International has spread its product IQOS to more than 30 countries and regions.

The popularity of IQOS not only brings benefits to smokers, but also promotes the development of the industry. More and more tobacco giants invest in heating and not burning electronic cigarettes in order to maintain its leading position and existing advantages, IQOS recently launched two new products – IQOS 3.0 and IQOS3.0 multi. As an upgraded version of IQOS2.4, IQOS3.0 does not break away from the consistent design of IQOS before, and IQOS3.0 multi breaks through the barriers caused by split design.

IQOS has been trying his best to meet consumer expectations, at the same time chinese companies has been steping in the market. Recently, a heat-non-burning electronic cigarette called QOQ honor from Fog and Frog Technology Co.LTD attracted attention.It come with elliptical column appearance, which is the same as iqos and Lil . So what are the similarities and differences between IQOS3.0 multi and QOQ honor?

Same point:

1,  smokeless ash, no fire hazard, low tar, no second-hand smoke hazard, the taste is close to real smoke, the user has no bad breath and no yellow teeth.

2, continuous smoking; similarly, the designers of OQQ honor passed the market research at the beginning of the design. It is necessary to judge the continuous pumping function for the old smokers. The market proves that the continuous smoking function is getting more and more attention.


1, battery lifespan

You could smoke 10 cigarettes by using  IQOS3.0 multi being charged fully,which is just used less than a day for most smokers ; QOQ honors supports 25 cigarettes smoked,it can be used during a day for most smokers after it’s fully charged .

2. The compatibility of the heat sticks

IQOS3.0 multi is designed by Philip Morris International. The IQOS3.0 multi is more compatible with its own heat sticks than other cartridges. QOQ honor come with a adjustable mode, which is compatible with IQOS heat sticks and lil heat sticks. The two companies’ heat sticks account for almost 99% of the market. QOQ honor is designed with a hidden function of “temperature calibration”, which can be easily operated by the user according to the instructions. This function is very useful for the remaining 1% cartridge.

3. The utilization rate of the heat sticks

The outer layer of cigarette is not easy to be baked when smoker use iqos, the QOQ honor heat uniformly radiate to the surrounding,the utilization rate of which has been significantly. In addition, QOQ honor has a special feature – pause function. then the pause function can play a key role in savement on heat sticks,just put down the QOQ honor if you are interrupted when smoking,go back and enjoy it,you would not be worried about the wast of cartridges .

4, The dust cap

The dust cap of IQOS3.0 multi can be rotated automatically. This design is very delicate and practical. This is a highlight of IQOS3.0 multi. The dust cap of QOQ honor is linear sliding and requires manual sliding. ..

5, flavor

The flavor of IQOS3.0 multi is recognized by many people, but many smokers think that the flavor is slight. The QOQ honor flavor is slightly heavier than the IQOS3.0 multi,which is favorable by heavy smokers.

6, material

IQOS3.0 multi body uses plastic material with hand-feel paint, QOQ honor full metal body come with high-bright edge design, e QOQ honor weighs 50 grams more than IQOS3.0.

7, after-sales service.

The IQOS is not sold in China. It can only be repaired at your own expense. QOQ honor is certified by the unified 3C after-sales standard in China. Any after-sales problem can be directly contacted by the brand.

8, IQOS3.0 multi come with type-c charging port, QQQ honor uses a common USB charging port.

Above all, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of IQOS3.0 multi and QOQ honor.


IQOS3.0 multi: heat sticks exclusively;

QOQ honor; adjustable mode, higher compatibility of heat stick; it can be suspended to reduce waste of heat stick; metal body with high-bright edge design; long battery lifespan supports 25 heat sticks; needle heating, durable, easy to clean; can be pumped, convenient after-sales service.


IQOS3.0 multi: short battery lifespan; not compatible with heat sticks of other brands; high maintenance costs.

QOQ honor: The metal body is slightly heavier.

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