What are the differences between electronic cigarette and traditional cigarette

It is is beyond doubt that the electronic cigarette was invented by the Chinese. Most of the information and experiments have not found any other harmful ingredients other than nicotine, and the adverse effects on the human body are lower than those of traditional cigarettes. Just follow Buyecigkits.com to find what the differences between electronic cigarette and traditional cigarette are

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Different raw materials: E-cigarettes are microelectronics technology products including atomizers, lithium batteries and cartridges. At present, the cartridge on the market are filled with vape juice, the flavor of which is similar to that of a traditional cigarette, that is why the vape is a non-burning smoke substitute. The raw material for traditional cigarette is tobacco, which is herb a widely grown. The tobacco can be used to make cigarettes, dry smoke, pipe tobacco, cigars, etc.

Different principle of combustion: the principle of e-cigarette is atomization with e-juice, while traditional cigarettes are burned. The temperature can reach 800-1000 degrees; the atomization temperature of the electronic cigarette is only about 170~200 degrees. At such high temperatures, traditional cigarettes produce more than 4,000 kinds of decomposed substances, nearly half of which are unclear. However, the component of the e-juice is only glycerin, water, plant extract, nicotine salt etc.

Different smog: E-cigarettes react differently with traditional cigarettes. The smoke of electronic cigarettes is water vapor, which is large in smoke and small in particle size. The smoke of traditional cigarettes is the property of solid particles. Therefore, the impact of their human lungs is different. The larger the particles, such as PM2.5, which is very harmful to the human body when sucking into the lungs.

Different smell: the electronic cigarette has no odor. After smoking the electronic cigarette, there is no odor in the mouth and clothes, and it will not cause trouble to others,which unlike traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are extremely scented. As long as they pass through the crowd, they know that he is a smoker.

Different flavor: E-cigarettes have a variety of flavors. Traditional cigarettes give users a single tobacco taste.

The influence on others: When the electronic cigarette is smoked, the smoke exhaled in the mouth is a mist that has been atomized. It is a process from liquid to gas, no chemical is produced, so it does not affect the body of others. There are thousands of gases in the smoke that are sprayed out of traditional cigarettes. Most of the substances have strong irritants. At least forty can cause cancer, and these particles can stay in the air for hours, combined with airborne cancerous substances and are greatly harmed by the health of other non-smokers.

So for those who want to quit smoking, you may want to try an e-cigarette, but this is just an auxiliary tool. If you really want to quit smoking, you still have to rely on your own perseverance. When you buy e-cigarettes, you must purchase genuine e-cigarettes from regular channels such as buyecigkits.com.

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