What are the detailed solution on common questions on using IQOS

Mnay starters are troubled by how to use the iqos,Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the electronic cigarette products free shipping over the world would like to share some qa(questions and answers) and detaliled solutions on how to us it

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First of all,we shall get to know what the iqos system is and how to use it,pls check out the detailed graphic description below

After figuring out the basic components of iqos and instruction, now we are getting into the qa, here we go

1. What is the difference between IQOS2.4 (second generation) and IQOS 2.4Plus (three generations)?

A: There are several improvements: heating improvement, charging shortening, high-brightness light, vibration notification

Appearance: IQOS 2.0 button come with the gold polished case, IQOS 2.4plus button come with a matte case

2. How does the IQOS cigarette nicotine content compare with ordinary cigarettes?

A: At present, the IQOS heat stick does not indicate the nicotine content.

3, IOQS holder, IQOS accessories problem

A: The IQOS holder can be purchased and used separately if broken.

But 2.4, 2.4plus holders are not universal

4. Why does the light on the top of the pocket charger battery status LED  turn green when the new IQOS is connected to the charger?

A: First, is the plug used for IQOS exclusively? the lights  turn green when using non-conforming charging plug

Second, you should first connect the power cord to the IQOS host, then plug the power cord into the charging. On the contrary, it will also  turn orange

5. If the holder/charger indicator lights turn red, what should I do?

A: Put the holder into the charger, cover the hatch, and press the power button and reset button on the charger for 10 seconds. Then release your hand and the machine will restart, the red light will disappear at this time.

6, how to charge iqos electronic cigarette

A: This e-cigarette charger is pretty similar to the charging treasure, both of which is connected by the Android mobile phone via micro USB interface, as well as four battery indicator lights connecting the charging head, the electronic pocket charger  is similar to a normal cigarette case, and the electronic cigarette is inserted into the pocket charger for charging. After vaping, it is required to be charged for 4 minutes to be smoked again to avoid addiction to smoking addiction.

7. How long does the iqos e-cigarette change the heat stick?

A: The light prompt when the iqos heat sticks is exhausted.

8. What kind of flavor

A: Just one flavor, unfortunately,the iqos heat sticks is specially configured with the iqos heater. Changing the heatstick can cause damage to the mainframe. Similarly, the iqos heat sticks can not be extinguished like a cigarette.

9. How long can an electronic cigarette heat stick be used?

A: Ordinary cigarettes can pump about 150 months,how long it takes is based on how often you use.

10. How many e-cigarettes in a pack?

A: twenty

11. What should I do with iqos e-cigarette once?

A: Each set of iQos products contains a pocket charger and a holder. The steps are as follows:

(1)Put the heating rod into the charger to charge, the green light on the pocket charger starts to flash, and the charging is displayed at this time.

(2)About 40 minutes or so, the green light is no longer flashing, and the light is automatically turned off later. At this time, IQOS is charged fully.

(3)Press the metal key at the top of the pocket charger, take out the holder, insert a heat stick into the holder, and do not stop inserting until the heat stick filter aligned with the top of the IQOS holder cap.

(4)Press the heater switch and the green light flashes. About 2-3 seconds, release your finger, the heating rod starts to flash and heat. After about 20 seconds, the heat stick is always lit green, and it can be used normally.

(5)It takes about 1 minute to smoke a cigarette normally. When the light of the heating rod shows red, it can also suck 1-2, then extinguish.

(6) Pull the heating rod up and down or left and right to remove the waste cartridge.

12. What is the difference between the Japanese and European versions?

First, IQOS is produced by Philip Morris (Philip Morris International), one of the world’s largest tobacco companies. Its Marlboro and Paramount are independent brands of the company.

The IQOS is designed by a Swiss company whose heating rods are made in Germany, the outer boxes are made in Italy, the power cords and plugs are in Shenzhen, China, and finally assembled in Malaysia. So the lineage is European.

Secondly, when selling in each region, the language of the IQOS is different, and the power plugs in Europe are different from those in Asia and Japan (the round head in Europe and the flathead in Japan). The machines themselves are exactly the same.

13. Why does the outer box display orange when just connected to the power supply?

A: First check, is the plug used for IQOS? If it is a power plug of another brand, the light will be orange. Secondly, you should first connect the power cord to the IQOS host, then plug the power plug into the charging. On the contrary, it will also appear orange.

14. When the heating rod is placed in the charging box, the light at the top of the outer box will turn red.

A: Your heating rod is broken. Go and buy an accessory. If the seller promises to return to the factory,

15. Should I put it in the box for charging after used?

Yes, otherwise there is no full charge. The light of the heat stick turns red when it is taken out and cannot be used normally.

16. Why the light turns off after vaping a cigarette?

A: The iQOS designed needs to be put back into the charging compartment for charging every time after it is used. The charging is completed in about 5 minutes.

17. How long can a heat stick be used, can the heat stick be used repeatedly?

A: No, it cannot be used repeatedly. How long a heat stick can be used depends on how often you vape.

18. Can I insert the heat stick to charge the heater?

A: No, you can’t charge it, it will damage the heating chip.

19. How to use it for the first time, do you need to charge?

A: It can be used directly. There will be pre-stored power at the factory, and all the batteries can be charged for 3-5 hours after use.

20. Do I need to remove the holder when charging the charging compartment?

A: No, no need to take it out. The heating holder can be charged without being placed in a charging compartment.

21. How long is the iQOS lifespan?

A: The iQOS charging bin can be charged about 7300 times. After charging, it will need to be charged more frequently.

22. Can I use conventional cigarettes as a heater stick?

A: No. The iQOS heater stick is specially designed so that regular smoke cannot be used as a heat stick.

23. Why does it display a red light when used for the second time?

A: The iQOS holder can only be used once every time after it is charged, please put it back in the charging compartment for 5 minutes.

24. Why can’t I load a heat stick in the second time?

A: Check if the used heat stick is blocked inside, and please clean it up in time.

25. Can I take my plane with me?

A: Similar charging treasures vary according to airline regulations.



About the IQOS status indicator description

1 IQOS body charging status indicator

● Greenlight is off: Charging ● Green light on Charging

● The yellow light does not light up: Charging (may not be in good contact with the portable charger)

● Red light does not light: Charging (maybe faulty)

2 pocket charger charging status indicator

● Greenlight is off: Charging

● All green lights are on: Charging is complete

● A green light is on at the bottom: To be charged

3 automatic heating cleaning status indicator

● The yellow light is on: After the IQOS is charged, it automatically starts cleaning.

● The green light is off: the IQOS  is cleaning.

● The IQOS main body charging status indicator and the automatic heating cleaning status indicator is not lit. The IQOS pocket charger may have a fault and no light: standby or stop. The charging is completely broken.

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