Smokers are more likely to quit smoking when they are exposed to electronic cigarettes.


by Martin Smith

Does e-cigarette have a positive impact on smokers? According to a report by the United Press International on November 19th, a new study online found by that people who smoke cigarettes are more likely to quit smoking if they are exposed to e-cigarettes for a long time. The study was published in the BMC Medical Journal on November 13 2019.

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According to reports, the UK Cancer Research Centre funded the study. Researchers at the University of London in the UK surveyed 13,000 smokers in England. The results show that 26% of these people are often in contact with people who smoke e-cigarettes, and 32% of these groups said that they had tried to quit smoking habits in the past year. Less than 27% of those who have long been in contact with people who smoke e-cigarettes want to do so.


According to the researchers, this indicates that the desire on people quit smoking who smoke cigarettes often come into contact with those who smoke e-cigarettes or are exposed to e-cigarette smoke is 20% higher than that of other smokers, and they will try to quit in the near future.

Sarah Jackson, one of the leaders of the study and a member of the University of London’s Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care, said, “Smoky people are more and more exposed to vape .Some people worry that this will lead the UK to ‘normalize smoking’ and weaken the desire of smokers to quit.” Jackson said at the University of London press conference, “Our findings do not indicate that exposure to vapers can weaken smokers’ motivation to quit, so people don’t have to worry about e-cigs affecting their health.”

Jackson said that an important factor in the study was “those who are exposed to e-cigarettes, who may also smoke e-cigarettes themselves.”

A tobacco control expert at the British Cancer Research Centre said, “So far, there is not enough evidence to prove whether e-cigarettes will normalize smoking again. Therefore, people who smoke cigarettes are encouraged to contact vapers for a long time,so helping quitng smoking.”

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