Jouz 20 Heat Not Burn Tobacco( HNB) Cigarette Heating Device Review

The jouz 20 Heat Not Burn Tobacco( HNB) Cigarette Heating Kit is very exquisite and beautiful and has won the German iF Design Award 2019. Minimalist style and exquisite workmanship are extremely addictive!

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Jouz 20 Heat Not Burn Tobacco Cigarette Heating Device can be perfectly compatible with iQOS cartridges, it comes with built-in 1250mAh power and 20 pcs heat sticks with endurance, it features simple one-button operation, vibration reminder, and automatic heating without operation during the smoking process.It is very convenient to use.

[Packaging and parameter measurement]
The package is transparent and intuitive, and the contents can be seen at a glance: a white Heat Not Burn Tobacco Cigarette Heating Device is inlaid in the shaping mold. The dotted leaf shape seems to prompt a green and healthy new life.The two sides of the package are fixed with disposable adhesive tape to ensure that the product received by the user is sealed and unopened.

The list of products includes: 1Jouz 20 HNB Cigarette Heating Device, one cleaning brush, 1MicroUSB charging cable,4disposable alcohol swabs, 2silicone covers, and 1manual. Note that the package does not include heat sticks which need to be purchased by the user due to the strict domestic tobacco monopoly management system.

The user manual instructions in the package are only in English and Japanese and are printed with color graphics. This product is exclusively sold by Jows Japan Co., Ltd. and produced by Shenzhen Zhusi Technology.

Japanese small appliances and accessories are usually very delicate. The small cylinder where the small brush of Jouz 20 Cigarette Heating Device is put looks very delicate. 

It can be opened by pulling the upper cover. It is tight when you open it for the first time. A hairbrush is put on the end, and a cover with a stick is put on the other end.

After opening it (it is tighter, just push it hard), there is a brush head built-in one inner side and a pull rod on the other side. Its design is much more clever.

The actual usage is to insert the side with the brush directly into the heating plate of the device without the protective cover, without removing the brush head.

After inserting it, you can rotate it directly and forcefully, so that the brush head can quickly and comprehensively clean the heating inner tank, which is very convenient.

After cleaning with a brush head, if there is still debris, take out the small pick on the other end and then clean the heating chamber. After finishing all of them, you can assemble them back in order for easy carrying.

let’s measure its measurements: the length is 100.7mm, the diameter is 22.7mm, and it is about the same size as a lipstick.

The overall weight is only 58 grams, which is about the weight of kerosene lighter. It is very easy to use when going out

[Overall appearance and structure]
The overall shape and volume look like a slightly thick lipstick. The shell is a composite flame retardant material similar to that of high-end charging treasures. The surface technology is very fine, and the handgrip is excellent. In addition, Jouz also recently launched a jouz 20 pro model based on the jouz 20, which features a leather appearance. You could buy jouz 20 pro at

On the front, there is a large rounded square key with 3 small dots on it, which is the LED indicator. This is the only operation key in the whole body, which can realize multiple functions: Display the power after a gentle press, press and hold for 2 seconds to start heating, and press and hold for 6 seconds to start the self-cleaning function. The display of the accessory LED lights is quite convenient to operate.

The jouz brand logo is silk-screened on the lower part of the front, and the details of the silk-screen printing are very fine. As can be seen from the macro map below, the surface technology is very delicate, and winning the iF award also shows that its strength is quite unusual.

A closed disc shape is at the bottom with a small dimple on one side.

Press it at the small depression, it will flip to the side, revealing the MicroUSB charging port hidden inside, you can charge by inserting the data cable. This design is quite compelling, and it is also very practical, which can avoid the oxidation of the charging port and other issues. Its built-in power is 1250mAh, which is much larger than the power of the iQOS. It can support the use of 20 heat stick on a single charge and also supports continuous use, which greatly expands its use scene.

The smoke inlet on the top is designed as a metal protection ring, which can avoid deformation caused by high temperatures, which is beautiful and practical. The package is also equipped with 2 silicone plugs, which can protect against dust and effectively prevent foreign objects from entering.

The appearance of the silicone cover with the hidden charging port on the other end means that the device can be in a sealed state, effectively preventing dust and foreign objects from invading, and has a very simple and beautiful appearance.

The upper cover can be pulled out, and the upper cover and downward cover are combined by magnetic suction, and the suction force is quite large, as shown in the following figure, and can even be attracted as a whole without falling. 
Viewed from a cross-section, the heating core is a ceramic heating plate similar to iQOS, it comes with an S-shaped heating circuit inside. The difference is that Jouz 20 is designed as a metal inner protection column with a protective cover on the outside. It is convenient to take out the heat stick. Note that it is directional when placed because the interior comes with a heating sheet design. 

[Jouz 20 heating without burning operation]
Let’s measure the experience of heating and non-combustion. The iQOS Marlboro heat stick is used to insert into the smoke inlet down to the bottom then fixed. Its dimensions are very precise, and the standard iQOS heat sticks (7.5 x 45zmm) is accurately compatible.

Jouz 20 is not designed to switch on and off, that is, it is naturally in a low power standby state. Press and hold the square operation button for 2 seconds, the device will vibrate, then immediately release your finger, the LED light will start flashing, indicating that the preheating has started. Note that the pressing time should not be too long. If you press it for more than 4 seconds, the heating will be canceled. If you press it for more than 6 seconds, the self-cleaning state will be started.

After about 20 seconds, when the LEDs are turned on in sequence until all three LEDs are on, and accompanied by a vibration reminder, indicating that the pre-heating is completed, smoking can begin. By smoking in this way, you get almost the same taste as smoking cigarettes, and there is no soot at all.

The smoking process does not need to press any button. The device has two criteria for judging termination: 5.5 minutes, or 14 puffs (first come, first stop). The Jouz 20 HNB Cigarette Heating Device will vibrate for 5 minutes after heating, or 12 puffs. , Reminding that the heating is about to end, only 1 LED lights up, and then suck for 30 seconds, or 2 puffs, the LED light goes out, and the machine enters the standby mode. When the host is working (pre-heating or heating), press and hold the key for 2 seconds to cancel the current operation and enter the standby state.

After smoking, pay attention to the correct method of removing the stick. Pull out the upper cover together with the heat stick instead of pulling out the heat stick directly, which is the effect shown in the figure below. This can prevent the shredded tobacco from being completely scattered.

After that, the heat stick is removed from the upper cover to ensure that the sticks is still intact after being removed, and will not be messed up.

Take a look at its heating state. From this final form, you can also judge its heating texture. Its taste is similar to iQOS. The taste of smoke is full and powerful. It gives full play to the taste of Marlboro heat sticks, and the experience is quite excellent!

After dismantling the heat sticks, the overall view has basically been zoomed yellow, and the heating effect is no problem.

Let’s take apart and look at it. The overall heating is still very thorough. Except there are some primary colors on the outermost tobacco paper. The others have basically been heated to a dark brown burnt color. This can also give full play to the function of the heat stick and avoid waste. Of course, more importantly, it can bring a full and full mouthfeel.

Several features found in the test:
1. After the actual measurement of jouz 20, the next cycle can be started immediately, that is, after the actual measurement of one heat sitck is completed, the second new heat stick is inserted immediately. This operation is no problem and meets the smoking addiction of the heavy smokers.
2. For the same heat sitck, it can be heated for several cycles without pulling it out after heating, which is equivalent to smoking a cigarette all the way to the butt and then desperately taking a few sips. However, the taste started to fade in the second cycle.
3. Jouz 20’s heat control is very good. During the entire use process, the shell body has almost no heat, only the upper heating area is slightly hot. Be careful not to hold the upper part before and after use.
4. Finally, jouz 20 also has a very practical cleaning function: in standby mode, pull out the cigarette cap, press and hold the operation button for 6 seconds to turn on the automatic cleaning function, that is, use high power to burn off the remaining liquid or cigarette paper and clean. During the process, the three LED lights flash for 30 seconds at the same time. After the cleaning is completed, the indicator lights will turn off. After that, use a brush to clean the residual ash. Self-cleaning is recommended after every 20 sticks.

【experience feelings】
Jouz 20’s measurement is very small, holding it in the hand like a slightly thicker lipstick, weighing only 58 grams, it feels no burden at all. This will be very convenient whether it is used at home or carried away. You do not need to press any key after the preheating operation is completed. It is easy to smoke cigarettes directly after ignition.

The previous test section has been mentioned many times. This method of heating and non-combustion of the heatstick has at least three benefits: 1. The smoker does not need to adapt to accept it; Very healthy; 3, do not burn so there are no soot troubles, there will be no problems and risks brought by open flames. The jouz 20 fully exerts the function of this kind of heat stick. The measured taste, smoke volume, temperature, and endurance are all satisfactory.

In terms of heating efficiency and ease of use, jouz 20 is completely comparable to iQOS, and even due to different design concepts, it has additional advantages over iQOS, such as built-in 1250mAh power, so it does not need to draw one like iQOS. Of course, the iQOS design does not allow users to continuously smoke to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. Each has its own strengths, depending on user preferences. In addition, its hidden MicroUSB charging port design, charging reliability and compatibility are higher, after the number of iQOS battery cycles, and contact aging will bring such problems, compared to the Jouz 20 ’s,this design is more secure in life.

In terms of battery life, the 1250mAh battery can support the use of 20 cigarettes, and the actual measurement of the 18 or so is no problem. In this way, a pack of cigarettes can be managed with one charge and used outside. It can be recharged in about two and a half hours, and the speed is easy to accept.

In terms of slots, jouz 20 has experienced a few days, and the performance in all aspects is excellent. The only thing to spit is that it has no shutdown design. Although there have been no problems for the time being, it is still a little worried, and it is recommended that it can Add a 5 times double-click to turn off the function.

【to sum up】
As the winner of the German iF Award 2019, I personally think that the Jouz 20 deserves its name. Whether it is fine workmanship, small size, or excellent taste, powerful endurance, or even a hidden charging port and a humanized brush design, it has brought users a very good experience, good looks, good taste, easy to use, after experiencing several HNB-type devices, personally think that jouz 20 is worth a five-star recommendation!

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