Is e-cigarette suitable for you? What are the 15 guides for beginners

A questionnaire survey on the e-cigarette online forum showed hat there are nearly 90% smokers who have quit smoking and throw traditional cigarettes after using e-cigarettes successfully. Although this high proportion of numbers is doomed to controversy, it highlights that e-cigarettes can certainly help people quit smoking definitely.

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Since e-cigarettes are so attractive, then is it possible for us to enter this market casually? of course not,Next, just follow which is one of the online ecig shop offering the electric cigarette products free shipping over the world to get the the 15 guides for vaper beginners that must be understood when getting started with e-cigarettes, here we go.

1. How should I start?

Before be a vaper, we recommend that you have a detailed understanding of e-cigarettes and various peripherals, and carefully read each line of this post. Many starters complain about buying those wrong or expensive or knockoffs etc, that is entirely because they didn’t learn about the relevant knowledge before.

2. How do the vapor starters choose the right one?

You would better switch to a pressure-regulated e-cigarette. This type of rod is the safest and has the function of short circuit protection. The mechanical rod does not have short-circuit protection and voltage regulation function for vaping beginners,not to mention the ones made by unauthorized ecig company.

3. How to distinguish the quality of electronic cigarettes?

A is not bad, B is good, which one is better? A large range of ecigarettes brands and models, flooding on the market, no one is sure to decide the final choice for you, just choose the brand electronic cigarettes manufacturers, because the one manufactured by brand factory is likely to be popular among the vapers, you could turn to them to ask for help.

4. Is there a difference between e-cigarettes and smoking?

Almost the same,in addition to traditional smoking methods,you could vape into your lung directly safely.

5. What is MOD?

The full name of MOD is Modification, which comes from the enhanced program of computer games. There are many combinations of electronic cigarettes in the accessories, stainless steel tube acrylic tube, ceramic base and so on. Any behavior that can change the appearance or function of the atomizer is called MOD. Generally speaking, it’s similar to car modification. This is also part of the charm of e-cigarette development.

6. How many categories of e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes have experienced three major stages from birth to development. The first stage was the earliest battery-bar electronic cigarette. Due to low calorific value and unsuccessful ejuice, it has now withdrawn from the mainstream. The second stage is the EGO stage. The real ejuice-saving e-cigarette is born, which is an important change in the history of e-cigarettes. It makes it possible to replace traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. We are currently undergoing a third phase, the era of ecigs with cleaning Atomizer and rebuildable atomizers including rebuildable drip atomizer and rebuildable tank atomizer. And a variety of e-cigarette related phrases is enjoying a great popularity, such as mechanical rods, build wire, big smoke, leakage and firing ejuice etc. During this period, e-cigarettes are transforming from physical enjoyment into spiritual enjoyment

7. What is a cartridge?

The cartridge is equivalent to a disposable contact lens, and is an electronic cigarette consumable integrated with ejuice and atomizer. Once it is exhausted, it needs to be replaced. At present,it is withdrawing from the historical stage.

8. Does the electronic cigarette produce second-hand smoke? Is the smoke of the electronic cigarette the same as the smoke of the cigarette?

The smoke of e-cigarettes is completely different from the smoke of cigarettes. One is liquid and the other is solid. The smoke of electronic cigarettes is more similar to the state of water vapor, although the second-hand smoke of electronic cigarettes has never caused trouble to others, we also believe that it is impolite to cause trouble to others at any time yet.

9. Does e-cigarette have an unpleasant smell on the body?

Some vapers smell the smoke oil on their bodies, which is caused by incomplete atomization of ejuice or improper installation of other equipments, please choose the brand ejuice authorized.

10. Is e-cigarette cheap or traditional cigarette cheaper?

As far as the budget is concerned, e-cigarette is similar to a small-scale investment that continues after a one-time investment. If you are an heavy vaper and immersed in diy atomizer and mod etc; e-cigarettes are no more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes perhaps, but they are indeed more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes.

11. How does e-cigarette work?

The current in the battery shorts the heating wire instantaneously. The high temperature generated by the heating wire short-circuited vaporizes the eliquid and turns it into vape, which is sucked into the mouth.

12. Where can I use e-cigarettes? Is it possible in public places?

There is currently no law that stipulates that electronic cigarettes are not allowed in public places. However, public opinion is still unclear about e-cigarette guidance. In order not to add a psychological burden to the people around you, please try not to use e-cigarettes in public places. If you really want to show the spiritual needs of vape, please join the e-smoke party.

13. Is e-cigarette really helpful for quitting smoking?

The withdrawal of smoking addiction relies mainly on the willpower of the individual. If you have strong self-control, you can quit smoking completely without smoking. E-cigarette products are more like a substitute for smoking cessation, providing some help on the road to quitting smoking. Fortunately, more and more vapers have gotten rid of smoking. Frankly speaking, that’s just the result of your own efforts instead of ecigs.

14. Does the electronic cigarette contain nicotine?

A large selections of ejuice contain nicotine, if you swtich to use a nicotine product that does not contain nicotine at first, the withdrawal response may be very strong. However, all of the ejuice indicates the content of nicotine on the instructions. At the beginning of smoking cessation, you should choose those with a relatively high nicotine content, such as 18MG, and then slowly transition to 12MG, 6MG, 0MG,

15. Is the vaping flavor as the same as that of smoking a real cigarette?

The vaping flavor is completely different from the smoking real cigarettes flavor. E-cigarettes do not have the strong stimulating feeling of cigarettes, and have their own style. It may be softer. If you are a smoker who likes to smoke poor quality tobacco, the e-cigarette may disappoint you, because the flavor of ejuice of electronic cigarette is different from traditional tobacco.

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