How to use electronic cigarettes safely

After more than ten years, electronic cigarettes industry have developed rapidly. One of the most concerned is the safety issues that may occur during the use of electronic cigarettes. In fact, as long as the user can operate in accordance with the manual of each electronic cigarette, its safety is still guaranteed. At the same time, there are still some details that must be paid attention to when using, carrying and storing electronic cigarettes and related items.

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Points to note when using e-cigarettes

1. Pay attention to the proper placement of e-liquids, and beware of excessive discomfort caused by nicotine

After e-liquidization of e-liquid, the nicotine in the e-liquid can enable users to achieve the effect of removing addiction, but excessive absorption of nicotine can cause users to feel unwell. In particular, excessive consumption of e-liquid may even cause poisoning. The safety bottle cap of e-liquid is just to prevent such situations. At the same time, proper storage and storage of e-liquid can prevent the e-liquid from oxidizing.

2. Don’t use battery with broken skin, leaking liquid or poor quality 

Many vapers should notice that the e-cigarette comes with a caution card on battery safety at the factory to remind users not to use broken or leaking batteries, and inferior batteries are not recommended for everyone. Selecting a good high-quality power battery can not only ensure the safety, but also allow the device to display the best output capacity.

3. Turn off or lock the keys when carrying electronic cigarettes when you go out to prevent accidentally touching the switch.

Electronic cigarette devices with physical buttons are very prone to accidental contact with the fire button when being carried. Prolonged ignition may cause the coils to burn or even overheat. Common voltage regulators are capable of shutting down or locking the keys, while the mechanical lever can choose to lock the keys or directly remove the battery and put it in the battery box for carrying.

4. Pay attention to the vape juice leakage when the atomizer is carried out, and the vape juice leakage needs to be handled in time.

The leak of the atomizer will generally flow out from the airflow at the bottom of the atomizer. The e-liquid can occasionally penetrate the device from the 510 interface between the atomizer and mod and cause damage to the device or immerse the battery. The e-liquid leak from the atomizer needs to be wiped in time to prevent these situations, the airflow shall be completely closed when the tank atomizer is carried out in case of leakage. 

5. In the case of non-competitive competition, the mechanical rod and the dripping  atomizer do not need to pursue the extreme state.

Many mechanical lever vapers who prefer to the big smoke thanks to the dripping atomizer switch to coils with lower resistance in order to pursue a more extreme experience. Frequent use of the ultra-low-resistance coil on the mechanical rod can easily overwhelm the battery, making the battery getting hot or even more dangerous. In fact, as far as the battery lifespan and ejuice consumption is concerned, the mechanical rods and dripping atomizers does not need to be equipped with a coil with low resistance.

Many security problems occured because of the carelessness of the vaper. A little attention can actually avoid these problems. E-cigarettes are just like electronic products such as mobile phones. As long as you follow the instructions in daily use and pay attention to some details , electronic cigarettes can completely guarantee your own safety. After reading so much safety knowledge, quickly choose a safe and healthy electronic cigarette.

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