How to deal with Relx E-juice leakage


by Martin Smith

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The official answer is as follows

First of all, please determine whether the leakage is condensate or e-juice.Vape juice with nicotine is light yellow liquid,dark brown liquid is condensate.The generation of condensate is inevitable.Relx improves the airway structure in the pod cartridges of each generation of products, and the internal friction particles can easily catch the condensate and effectively block the condensate suction port.

How to handle condensate

1.Wipe the connection between the pod cartridge and the battery device with a paper towel

2.Gently flick the pod cartridge downward to throw out the accumulated condensate

The following situations will cause the risk of e-juice leakage from the pod cartridge, please pay attention when using:

The e-liquid leakage is usually caused by the leakage-proof silicone ring around the outside of the pod base under extreme temperature or air pressure conditions, which will cause contraction, resulting in a gap between the base and the shell, resulting in vape juice leakage. When encountered in the following situations, please do so

1. Extreme temperature and air pressure

Please place the cartridges and the battery device separately. The cartridges should be stored in a sealed package and away from other items

2. E-juice leakage due to bumps and damage

Please be careful during the use.If it is damaged due to improper use, it is recommended to replace it with the corresponding official pod cartridges of Relx.

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