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Bantam Vape’s Exhibit at The Tobacco Plus Expo 2021


Bantam is a manufacturer of artisanal flavours which are built from scratch using only high-quality ingredients. The brand is adamant about their quality and transparency standards, in fact they have employed the SENTRI℠ track and trace system, with which one can simply enter the batch number of an e-liquid bottle to check the content quality.

“Bantam is known for our artisanal flavors that are built from scratch using only high-quality ingredients, as well as our commitment to compliance and transparency.”

During the Tobacco Plus Expo, Bantam showcased its wide array of artisanal flavors including Sour Strawberry, Jasmine Milk Tea and Butterscotch. “Bantam is looking forward to participating again as an exhibitor at the Tobacco Plus Expo. We will be sharing our science-backed, PMTA-filed flavors with buyers and will have brand reps at the event to answer questions face-to-face,” said Bantam Director of Sales Michelle Gottlich, ahead of the expo.  “TPE poses an exciting opportunity to share our high-quality products with other established leaders in the vaping category.”

All of Bantam’s flavours are manufactured in a scientifically sound manner, in certified clean rooms and undergo rigid testing and analysis, which result in smooth, clean-tasting e-liquids that also help preserve vape coils.

“Bantam is known for our artisanal flavors that are built from scratch using only high-quality ingredients, as well as our commitment to compliance and transparency. Joining with an established leader in the vaping category, like AVAIL, poses an exciting opportunity as we continue to expand our retail and online presence; and most importantly, gives our consumers greater access to our products,” says Gottlich.

Bantam and the PMTA process

Meanwhile, a preliminary review of Bantam’s PMTAs was completed by the FDA in November 2020, making its applications eligible for formal substantive review. “Following the receipt of Bantam’s filing letter, it has waited in anticipation for FDA to begin the next step in the PMTA process – formal scientific review,” said Bantam spokesperson Anthony Dillon. “As we approach the one-year anniversary of the filing deadline, this action represents a critical stage in FDA’s consideration of Bantam’s request for a marketing order.”

Bantam E-Liquids Now Available For Sale Through AVAIL Vapor, LLC

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Carl Sweet
Carl Sweet
2 years ago

Hello Admin,
I would like to purchase some of your products and I want you to confirm back to me if mode of payment is accepted by credit card Visa, Master or Amex card and also do you allow pick up by a freight forwarder?

Note that : Am my credit card to pay for this is a United State credit card not foreign.

Best Wishes.
Carl Sweet

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