American research shows that e-cigarettes can reduce the exposure to carcinogens

Recently, Jonathan Fowles, a researcher at the Cancer Institute of Pennsylvania State University and a professor of public health science and psychiatry, found that providing e-cigarettes with a similar amount of nicotine can help reduce smoking and exposure to harmful carcinogens compared with traditional combustible cigarettes.

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This study also shows that when e-cigarettes with nicotine delivery function similar to cigarettes are provided to smokers interested in reducing smoking addiction, they are more likely to significantly reduce tobacco related poisons, such as reducing exhaled carbon monoxide levels.

The study consisted of a randomized controlled trial involving 52 participants who smoked more than 9 cigarettes a day, currently did not use electronic cigarette products and were interested in reducing smoking but not quitting smoking. Participants received either an e-cigarette containing 0, 8 or 36 mg of liquid nicotine per ml, or a plastic tube (shaped like a cigarette) without nicotine or aerosol, and received instructions to reduce smoking.

NNAL (4 – (methylnitrosamine) – 1 – (3-pyridyl) – 1-butanol) in the urine of participants was tested at weeks 0, 4, 12 and 24. They found that participants using e-cigarettes had significantly lower levels of carcinogens at week 24 than those observed under baseline and non-e-cigarette control conditions.

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