Press Release: Officially Launched! “1st Disposable Pod Mod” ZOVOO DRAGBAR R6000 Unveils the Mystery

ZOVOO 2022 new product launch was broadcast live worldwide on June 29. ZOVOO released 4 revolutionary new products, GENE TREE Special Edition ceramic core technology, and shared the peak performance in the electronic atomization field. The outstanding performance of ZOVOO has conquered everyone again, attracting the attention of numerous media, partners and global fans!

Let’s take a look at the new products and highlights of the event.

As the first disposable product in the DRAG family, the new DRAGBAR R6000 combines the professional vaping experience with the convenience of disposable products.

With the classic leather texture design of DRAG, it feels more comfortable and delicate. The new airflow adjustment function is adopted, comfortable vaping can be adjusted at will to meet the various needs of users.

As the industry’s first expert-grade disposable device for RDL (Restricted Direct-Lung), it breaks the traditional bottlenecks, like small cloud volume, high homogeneity and low playability, truly satisfies users’ RDL experience and brings a revolutionary stunning experience.

DRAGBAR R6000 has maximum output power 18W and upgraded 18ml super large e-liquid capacity. It is the king of disposables in terms of cloud performance, far ahead of traditional disposable pods, and even better than the open system Pod Mod.

ZOVOO offers the lightest and thinnest ceramic core disposable product– DRAGBAR Z700 GT, which adopts the latest upgraded ceramic core technology, and reconstructs a new thin and light experience.

As the latest nano-microcrystalline ceramic core independently developed by ZOVOO, GENE TREE Special Edition is the first “powder free” ceramic core proprietary patented technology in the industry. Multilayer microhole structure and special process are adopted, GENE TREE Special Edition ensures strong e-liquid control, mute vaping, non-lip-burning experience. At the same time, it achieves a high balance between high degree of reduction and delicate taste, bringing strong taste reduction.

With higher energy conversion efficiency, GENE TREE Special Edition accomplishes a total transcendence, including its super low power, super low battery consumption, more puffs, so that achieves higher energy conversion efficiency and brings you energetics in full range, and upgraded experiences of DRAGBAR Z700 GT as well.

ZOVOO adheres to continuous innovation in technology, leads the new trend of disposable market with more diversified product choices, and climbs to a new peak in the field of electronic atomization.

DRAGBAR F8000, with max 8000 puffs, follows the classic leather design of DRAG, adopts the infinite airflow adjustment system, and matches with high-performance Mesh coil. The perfect combination of fun and performance brings longer-lasting experience.

ZOVOO also released a new VINCIBAR fashion product series. VINCIBAR F2500 adopts Kevlar texture, integrates light and shadow aesthetics, elegant and comfortable. With max 2500 puffs, 15 flavours and Mesh coil design, VINCIBAR F2500 not only has excellent sensory experience, but also brings unique and outstanding taste feast.

ZOVOO is a user-oriented company, it was highly praised by the industry once it was listed at the end of 2021. Now ZOVOO is globally recognized and accepted, becoming favored by consumers. We believe that this online launch will be a new starting point. We look forward to ZOVOO launching more intelligent and forward-looking products in the future to provide better vaping experience for global users!

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Dangerous Chemicals Found in Vaping Products Seized From Australian Vape Shops 

As of October 2021, vapers in Australia are only able to purchase vaping products from pharmacies via prescription.

Following tip-offs from local communities, last October ACT Health in collaboration with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) seized a “large number of vaping products” from three Canberra vape businesses. Upon testing, all products were found to contain nicotine, which has been banned across the country, while two thirds of the products were also found to contain prohibited substances including diacetyl, a flavouring agent believed to cause irreversible lung damage.

“It is especially concerning that two thirds of the products were not labelled as containing nicotine,” said the two groups in a joint statement. “As enforcement options are under consideration, further information on the businesses involved cannot be provided publicly at this stage,” they added.

Last year, Australia’s Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt had announced a new measure banning the importation of vape liquid containing nicotine. A few months later the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced their final decision on the measure, “..the importation of nicotine e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine for vaping will require a doctor’s prescription.”

To this effect, as of October 2021, vapers in Australia are only able to purchase vaping products from pharmacies via prescription. While retailers in neighbouring New Zealand and most other countries are able to responsibly sell nicotine products over the counter, anyone caught violating Australia’s harsh regulations will face steep fines, and in some cases even imprisonment.

The repercussions of the local vape ban

Many tobacco harm reduction experts have highlighted that as a result of this ban many vapers would either switch back to smoking or resort to obtaining their preferred products illicitly. “At present, only a very small number of people vaping have a prescription as is required. Most nicotine supplies are imported without a prescription or purchased from the black market. If compliance with the new arrangements is poor, then some will return to smoking while others will purchase supplies from the black market. Neither are good outcomes,” read a recent article on The Sydney Morning Herald by renowned tobacco control experts Alex Woodak and Colin Mendelsohn.

And unsurprisingly reports of such actions are already circulating. The Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA) is warning consumers to be aware of counterfeit nicotine vaping products being advertised and sold online. Similarly, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has raised concerns about young people still being able to purchase disposable vapes illegally.

Australia: Over $2 Million Worth of Vapes Seized in NSW Health Crackdown

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ZOVOO Dragbar Disposable Vape Powered BY VOOPOO to Hit Bestway UK

Press Release

ZOVOO, the Best Newcomer brand in the vaping industry, will launch its star disposable series DRAGBAR in the UK wholesaler Bestway this month. This Launch serves not only as yet another example of the strength of the ZOVOO brand and its products within the UK, but also serves as a reminder of the high praise ZOVOO receives from its end consumers.izovoo-available-at-bestway-uk

Established in 1976, Bestway Wholesale has grown to become the UK’s largest independent food and drink wholesaler.

The wholesale division has 65 large depots and more than 125000 supply partners for independent retailers and caterers.

The entry into Bestway convenience channel enables ZOVOO to fully carry out its large-scale sales network plans, utilising Bestway’s online and offline retail channels, comprehensive logistics advantages, leading localised customer service and high customer purchasing power, enabling more local consumers to buy DRAGBAR disposable products.

Access to more comprehensive and convenient channels will further stimulate the market power of ZOVOO.zovoo-dragbar-600-bestway

Consumers can buy 10 flavours of DRAGBAR at Bestway, they are Lush Ice, Tobacco, Grape Ice, Mango Ice, Orange Mango Guava, Banana Ice, Strawberry Ice, Peach Ice, Menthol and Green Apple Ice.

DRAGBAR is made by ZOVOO, the sister brand of the highly successful and incredibly popular VOOPOO brand. This disposable is powered using the same cutting-edge technology that has made VOOPOO one of the top vaping brands in UK.

DRAGBAR is the star product series of ZOVOO, which has been enjoyed and loved by users around the world since its launch. ZOVOO team always insists on deeply exploring the needs of local users, innovating and exploring in product design, constantly optimising product details, developing richer flavours, and thus ensuring first-class taste in their products.

This is why DRAGBAR has attracted a growing number of fans in the UK, North America, Europe and other
regions. Zovoo logo

ZOVOO will adhere to the business philosophy of “user-focus”, continue to make breakthroughs and innovations in technology, go all out to expand the market, and provide consumers with more diversified product choices, as well as safer and more pleasant vaping experience.

Look forward to seeing ZOVOO products in more market channels in the future!

For more information visit

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America’s “worst vaping law” struck down by Federal Courts

A State law on vaping in Indiana – dubbed the worst of “crony capitalism and protectionism” by American Vaping Association head Greg Conley, has been partially struck down by a Federal appeals court.

The law, which effectively banned out-of-state eliquid manufacturers from selling in Indiana by imposing detailed security and production process measures on all product sold in the State, was the subject of a scathing review by Judge David Hamilton of the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit:

“The Act is written so as to have extraterritorial reach that is unprecedented, imposing detailed requirements of Indiana law on out-of-state manufacturing operations. The Act regulates the design and operation of out-of-state production facilities, including requirements for sinks, cleaning products, and even the details of contracts with outside security firms and the qualifications of those firms’ personnel. Imposing these Indiana laws on out-of-state manufacturers violates the dormant Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution.”

“These circumstances raise obvious concerns about protectionists purposes and what looks very much like a legislative grant of a monopoly to one favored in-state company in the security business”

The legislation has been shrowded in controversy since its conception, with the FBI investigating allegations of foul play during the process of approving the bill and State Senator Brent Steele – who voted in favor of the bill – taking a job as a lobbyist for the companies that received permits under the scheme.

The bill’s requirements for child-proof packaging, ingredient labeling, and purity were upheld by the Court.

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Unconfirmed Reports say That The FDA is Planning to Reject Juul PMTAs

Many health and anti-vape groups have been pressuring the FDA to flat out reject any applications by Juul. In fact earlier this year, several anti-tobacco groups sent a letter to the FDA urging it to take action on the outstanding PMTAs and encouraging the agency to deny applications for flavoured vaping products.

“We write to urge the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expedite decisions on the premarket tobacco product applications (PMTAs) still pending before the agency involving the flavored e-cigarette products, including those with menthol flavoring and, based on the best available scientific evidence, deny the pending applications for all non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes in order to protect the nation’s young people from the health harms of these products,” said the letter, which was signed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Heart Association, and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids among others.

While entities such as the American Lung Association (ALA) and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said they are “deeply disappointed” that the FDA was still studying a percentage of the applications, including Juul’s. ECigIntelligence revealed that the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has gone as far as saying that it intends to take the agency to court if it did not “immediately clarify” the timeline and reason for these delays.

The FDA should take into account that Juul has helped millions quit smoking

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal has just reported that the FDA is actually planning to reject Juul’s PMTAs and pull the brand off the US market. “The Juul product has helped millions of smokers switch to a reduced risk alternative,” said Matt Culley, a content creator on the board of the Smoke Free Alternatives Consumer Advocacy (CASAA). “That alone should be enough for an FDA authorization. That being said, Juul has made some mistakes along the way, and they’re being forced into a group full of small businesses who are on the outside looking in.”

“The silver lining is that Juul has the money to fight the FDA, and this could potentially benefit some of the smaller businesses without a voice,” he told Filter. “The news has also clearly put vaping back in the national discussion.” While the FDA has already rejected thousands of PMTA applications and approved others, in a recent statement it said that “there’s more work to be done to complete our remaining reviews.”

In other news, given the PMTA uncertainty of the past months, and the fact that over the years Juul has been plagued by lawsuits, adverse health claims and accusations of targeting younger consumers, in October Altria stock (NYSE: MO) dropped by 3% and was at one point trading close to $49 per share.

Evart School District Joins Evergrowing Lawsuit Against JUUL

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Please Dispose Of Your Vapes Properly – Or This Happens…

I live in Shropshire – so this story is very close to home for me…

Bomb Scare

The story starts as a “suspicious package” was found on the Muller (Yoghurt) factory site in Market Drayton Shropshire.

Muller Market Drayton
Image courtesy of the Shropshire Star

The police responded and the Bomb disposal experts from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) service also were in attendance.

What Caused This?

Well sadly the whole issue was caused by a broken vape!

It was then discovered that there was no risk to the public and all the cordons around the site were removed and the local branch of McDonalds could re-open.

What Have We Learned Today?

Please be careful when disposing of vapes – this was a huge waste of time and resources and probably scared quite a few people too.

Read the full story here – Shropshire Star – Bomb Squad in Market Drayton: Package Outside Muller was “Broken Vape” say police.

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Press Release: Peak Performance! The ZOVOO 2022 Global Online Launch Will Be Held Soon

ZOVOO 2022 Global Online Product Launch will kick off at 10 PM (GMT+8) on June 29. ZOVOO will climb to a new peak in the vaping field with the new experience that the disposable vaping products comprehensively surpass, and define a new pattern of disposable vapes in the new era.

After ZOVOO officially released the invitation letter for the 2022 global online product launch, some overseas media have also displayed the invitation letter on their social media recently. The event will be officially held on June 29 with the theme of “Peak Performance”.

Users can watch the online event from ZOVOO official website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. ZOVOO will officially release the self-developed new generation of GENE TREE ceramic core technology and release the revolutionary new product DRAGBAR R6000, which is known as the 1st Disposable Pod Mod in the industry. We observed that the invitation letter said, “1000 Testers Wanted”. Everyone please pay attention to ZOVOO official Instagram (@zovoo_official). ZOVOO will select 1000 new product testers, and the selected users will have the opportunity to try the new products.

ZOVOO has been making big moves lately. ZOVOO made an amazing appearance at the Vaper Expo UK last month with DRAGBAR Star collection. With innovative and upgraded vaping technology and good brand reputation, ZOVOO won the “Best Newcomer” in the Vapouround Awards. Just six months after its listing, ZOVOO successfully emerged as a dark horse in the industry, won unanimous recognition and gained high attention from users.

ZOVOO has demonstrated part of GENE TREE technology at recent shows. We see that the newly upgraded GENE TREE has further improved the reduction degree of ceramic cores, extended the life of ceramic cores, and brought users a more natural and pleasant vaping experience. Industry speculation is that the event will officially announce the technology, as well as more detailed data to show the revolutionary experience breakthrough it brings.

Our editors guess that ZOVOO will release new disposable products with GENE TREE technology. When we got in touch with the ZOVOO PR team, it was told that ZOVOO will be releasing four new disposable products, including the 1st disposable Pod Mod DRAGBAR R6000, a ceramic core product called DRAGBAR Z700 GT. In addition, there are two new products, DRAGBAR F8000 and VINCIBAR F2500, but the official did not give specific features, just told us to keep paying attention to ZOVOO new product launch, which will reveal the mystery for all new products.

ZOVOO will take the new product launch as an opportunity to invite users around the world to jointly create and witness the peak performance of ZOVOO in the new era of vaping on June 29. More surprises are worth our expectation!

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BAT’s Sales Forecasts Rely on Strong Demand For “New Categories” Products

BAT added that an additional 3.6 million customers used its vaping, tobacco heating and oral nicotine products by September 2021.

The tobacco company said that 2021 has been a “pivotal year” with regards to a high demand for its “new categories” products. Its shares, down 3% this year, rose 1.75% to 2,671 pence in morning trading after it flagged a possible share buyback.

BAT added that an additional 3.6 million customers used its vaping, tobacco heating and oral nicotine products by September 2021, bringing its total non-combustible user base to 17.1 million. “2021 is the pivotal year in our transformation journey,” said CEO Jack Bowles said in a statement.

Speaking during a webinar on Tobacco Harm Reduction, BAT’s competitor Philip Morris International Limited (PMI), urged all current adult cigarette smokers to switch to alternative nicotine products. “Smoking causes serious disease, and the best way to avoid the harms of smoking is never to start, or to quit. For decades, tobacco control has focused on strict fiscal, marketing and other measures to deter initiation and to encourage cessation,” said Andre Catantzopoulos.

“Nicotine, while addictive and not risk-free, is not the primary cause of smoking related diseases. The primary cause is the harmful chemicals released or generated by the burning of tobacco and contained in the smoke,” he added.

The former CEO said that a smoke-free future is attainable, and that PMI needs the cooperation of governments and civil society to reach a consensus that with proper oversight and regulation, alternative nicotine products can be part of an effective tobacco policy. “Thanks to rapid advances in science and technology, and strong PMI commitment, these products are now a reality,” he said. Philip Morris (PM.N) has spent over $8 billion on reduced risk products since it began developing them a decade ago, and approximately 30% of its revenue now comes from such products.

To this effect said the company’s current CEO Jacek Olczak, recently said that the company plans to reach their target of having 50% of their sales from smoke-free products by 2025 through organic revenue growth, rather than mergers and acquisitions.

BAT-PMI lawsuit

In May 2020, tobacco giant British American Tobacco (BAT) sued PMI in the United States and Germany, alleging that the tobacco heating technology used in PMI’s HnB device IQOS, had infringed its patents.In September 2021, the ITC ruled in favour of BAT, saying that PMI and Altria must stop the sale and import of IQOS in the US, following a signature from President Joe Biden.

PMI said it planned to appeal the trade agency’s decision, and an Altria spokesperson said the two companies were working together on contingency plans. “We continue to believe RJR’s patents are invalid and that IQOS does not infringe those patents,” an Altria spokesperson said in a statement to CNBC at the time.However, the stipulated deadline passed without any action by the Biden administration, hence the ban went into effect.

Naturally, Philip Morris is disappointed with the result. “Our contingency plans to return IQOS to the U.S. market are underway,” said the company an emailed statement as quoted by Bloomberg. “The U.S. patent office is also reviewing certain claims of the patents in question with initial rulings expected in 2022, albeit subject to an appeal process.”

Read Further: Reuters

PMI: Adult Smokers Urged To Switch To Safer Nicotine Products

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VAPORESSO – The Vaper Expo UK


“Inspired by vapers, designed for vapers.”

VAPORESSO launches TWO NEW products.

VAPORESSO is putting innovation, reliability and style into the vape market with the launch of LUXE X and GEN PT60 | 80 S.

Both kits, the LUXE X and GEN PT60 | 80 S feature the VAPORESSO innovative new heating technology COREX, which offers a more accurate flavour reproduction.  It is the future of vaping with the patented Morph-Mesh Structure for more even heating and a stronger flavour boost to provide the most flavourful vapor.  The cumulus cotton, formed by a complex microfibre structure, is designed to be fluffier for a higher liquid delivery, ensuring a more consistent and longer vape experience.  The COREX technology adds to the VAPORESSO existing technology including the AXON Chip which is a smart and powerful vape chip to deliver more, know more and do more and the SSS Leak-resistant technology which means anti-leak and anti-mess.

John Dunne, director general of the UK Vaping Industry Association, said: “The UK Government has set a goal for the country to be smoke free by 2030, with vaping playing a major role in this ambition.  We support all our members, including Vaporesso, who are developing vape products that meet UK regulations and pose considerably less risk than smoking, helping the millions of smokers in the UK to quit their habits.”

LUXE X – Seeing the Future

See the future with the chic and stylish design of the LUXE-X. 

With vapers at the heart of the design, the LUXE X features top technology to give more clouds and better flavour while looking great.

GEN PT60 | 80 S – Beat the Tank

The VAPORESSO GEN PT60 | 80 S, it is the first vape kit on the market to have an integrated top airflow and top filling system. It features leak free technology Double Top, Triple S, Quarter leak resistance, an industry first of its kind.  The X-tank means one tank fits all kits offering full compatibility. Beat the Tank with the VAPORESSO GEN PT60 | 80 S, it features all this technology and style and is yet more cost effective than leading competitors.

For Further information on VAPORESSO Contact:

Grace Dewhurst – Phone – 07850 448 408 Email – [email protected] 

Nia Thomas – Phone – 07723 019 767 Email – [email protected] 

Background information of VAPORESSO

VAPORESSO was created in 2015 and is dedicated to establishing a smoke-free world while raising the quality of life for our users.  Based on our continuous innovation, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, VAPORESSO creates products that can fit all levels and styles of vapers.  VAPORESSO strives to be able to help as many people as possible.  The chairman and CEO Simon Lai was a smoker for 11 years, before turned to vaping. “When we started VAPORESSO, we had a big dream to make switching to vaping as easy as possible for everyone.” – CEO Simon Lai.  SMOORE is the parent company of VAPORESSO, which is the largest global vaping device provider. SMOORE is the first to be publicly listed in the industry, with a valuation of over 25 billion USD, which set a significant milestone in history.

Find more information in

The post VAPORESSO – The Vaper Expo UK appeared first on Vapouround.

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Oh Dear ITV – WHO Told You That?

Oh dear what have ITV been up to?

If you are not familiar with ITV – they are one of the main 5 free to air terrestrial TV channels here in the UK.

itv news

Like many of the channels they also have their own news pages. The article in question is here – Is vaping seen as safe now a new health report advises it as a way to stop smoking?

The article does seem quite positive towards vaping in places with paragraphs such as…

“The NHS says vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking nicotine because they don’t burn tobacco, and don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide – two of the most damaging elements in tobacco smoke.”

“”At a rough estimate, it is expected to be under 5% of the risks of smoking if vaping continues over the long term,” Prof Peter Hajek, Director of the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London, told ITV News.”Smokers who switch to vaping avoid almost all health risks associated with smoking. It makes sense to recommend such a switch, especially to smokers who find quitting difficult.””

But sadly it did veer into horses**t territory when it started spouting the “EVALI” myth.

EVALI ( E-cigarette or Vaping produce use Associated Lung Injury) was a lung disease which had an outbreak mainly in the USA and was caused by dodgy THC (Cannabis) cartridges.

New York State Department of Health)
Image via New York State DOH

Sadly the impact of EVALI was that it made people scared of vaping. This is still the case since 2019.

Anyway the ITV article repeated this crap and even got a quote from the well known anti-vaping organisation WHO (World Health Organisation).

“In recent times e-cigarettes and vaping have been linked to an outbreak of lung injury in the USA,” the WHO states on its website.

“E-cigarette emissions typically contain nicotine and other toxic substances that are harmful to both users, and non-users who are exposed to the aerosols second-hand.””

Again vaping nicotine was not the issue in the EVALI cases – it was people buying and using dodgy Vitamin E Acetate infused cartridges.

Our late lovely Neil H wrote an article about this in 2019 – Vaping is not about to kill you – but black market THC cartridges might.

All I can suggest is that ITV need to have a sit in the corner and have a good word with themselves…

And ignore WHO.

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