Recreational Cannabis Generates Hundreds of Jobs in Guam

“The industry could generate more than $100 million in economic activity and hundreds of jobs”, an economic impact study on the legalization of recreational cannabis in Guam — obtained by the Guam Visitors Bureau and adopted by the Cannabis Control Board — says.

Guam residents could spend about $10 million on cannabis during the industry’s first year, and tourists could spend more than $1 million, the study states.

The cannabis board transmitted the study to the Legislature on Oct. 19. The economic impact study is required under the April 2019 law that legalized recreational marijuana on island.


The study made certain assumptions to calculate the industry’s potential effect on Guam. It used data from Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington to create a Guam model. The study projected that Guam would get 31,500 new visitors during the first year as a result of legalization. It also projected that 35,000 current visitors would partake in the industry.

The study states visitors would consume about 1 gram of cannabis per day during a stay of about three days, at a cost of $6.90 per gram. As a result, Guam’s visitors are expected to spend $1.3 million per year on cannabis, it states.

The study also used Colorado figures to determine that there will be about 14,000 adult cannabis users on Guam. The study estimated Guam adult cannabis consumption at 0.7 grams per day for an average of 141 days per year, multiplied by the same $6.90 per gram cost to reach its figure of $10.2 million spent on cannabis in the first year of legalization.

The study further extrapolates visitor spending in the first year of legalization, and also after the cannabis industry stabilizes.

In addition to the amount spent on cannabis, new visitors coming to Guam will spend $52.5 million on other related expenses such as lodging, retail, food, entertainment, and transportation, according to the study. That number will rise to $80 million when the industry stabilizes, it states.

In summary, the report lists more than $100 million as the potential direct impact of a stabilized industry, with 754 new jobs supported by cannabis spending. There would be an overall total impact of almost $170 million in direct, indirect, and induced output and labor income, and 1,051 new jobs directly and indirectly related to the industry.

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34 Groups Press Congress to Act on Cannabis Decrim

Congress should stop wasting time and decriminalize cannabis, according to an open letter signed by a number of organizations, including a major funder of marijuana reform initiatives.

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) and JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA) led a group of 34 organizations, founded and led by people directly impacted by the country’s criminal legal system, in urging prompt legislative action.

Specifically, they wrote, Congress should support comprehensive marijuana reform by passing the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment & Expungement (MORE) Act (H.R. 3884) when it comes up for a vote on the House floor following the November 2020 election.

Drug war has a human face, cost

With many of the people represented by these organizations having been negatively impacted by these very policies, the letter forces members of Congress to reckon with the human face of the unjust and racist laws they have kept in place over the last 50 years.

The policies the MORE Act seeks to overturn are ones that have robbed these people and their families of economic opportunity, housing, education, federal nutrition assistance such as SNAP and TANF, and in some cases, even their children or immigration status.

“For decades, these communities have paid an extraordinary price for our country’s failed war on drugs. While passage of the MORE Act won’t undo the harm they have experienced, clearly won’t erase their pain, and will not replace their lost wages, security or freedom, it will provide hope and opportunity for a more just future,” said Queen Adesuyi, Policy Manager at the Drug Policy Alliance. “We cannot ask them to sacrifice a moment more. It is time for Congress to hear their voice and take action to undo these policies that have haunted their communities for far too long.”

The letter argues that ending marijuana prohibition through the MORE Act is critical to addressing extensive racial disparities within the criminal legal system and providing economic relief for the communities that have borne the brunt of these draconian drug policies, creating a clear pathway for them to participate and benefit from the legal marijuana economy.

“We all have the right to public safety, and to feel protected in our communities, but the documented racial disparities in marijuana arrests between Black and white users does not reflect our values of equality and fairness,” said DeAnna Hoskins, President and CEO of JustLeadershipUSA. “The fact remains that Black individuals are about four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana activity, despite similar usage rates between Black and white individuals. JustLeadership is proud to partner with the Drug Policy Alliance to urge Congress to take steps necessary to decarcerate the United States and pass the MORE Act now.”

After the unfortunate delay of the MORE Act vote in September, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer provided assurances that the vote would take place before the end of the year.

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Colorado Governor Retweeted Texas Legalized Marijuana

The governor of Colorado Jared Polis has jokingly discouraged Texas about legalizing marijuana in a tweet, saying “it would reduce tourism to Colorado, so make sure to consider Colorado first in any Texas decisions.”

Jared Polis was responding to a report on a new economic analysis that showed how Texas stands to generate billions in tax revenue and tens of thousands of jobs if it enacted the policy change.

Polis has been known to quip about the marijuana tourism dollars his state receives from non-residents.

Shortly after he was sworn in last year, the governor said “we get a lot of extra business from people coming into our state” and so “from the economic perspective in Colorado, I’d love other states to go slowly so that we can continue to see all these benefits for Colorado.”

“For years, I’d been sort of countering this sort of dire picture of Colorado,” he said. “But again, if they think that it’s bad, it’s better for us to have less competition at this point. So I mean, if I’m looking at it as governor, I would hope they halt their efforts and send all their business here.”

That said, despite his interest in preserving cannabis tourism for Colorado, during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session in May, he jokingly entertained the idea of using hypnosis to convince Ohio’s governor to advance legalization in the state.

While he’s been quick to note the economic benefits of regulating marijuana sales, Polis has also emphasized the need for restorative justice in the industry. Earlier this month, he exercised new clemency powers to grant nearly 3,000 pardons for people convicted of low-level marijuana possession.

Meanwhile, Polis isn’t alone in touting the fact that his state sells legal marijuana to people who live in places where it is still prohibited.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D), during his State of the State speech earlier this year, talked about how his state’s new recreational cannabis market “gives us a chance to collect tax revenue from the residents of Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa and Indiana.”

Exactly, the state has continued to receive record-breaking cannabis sales for months, including thousand millions of dollars worth to out-of-state residents.

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Judge Orders New York State to Pay Vapor Group’s Attorney Fees

A judge says the state of New York state will now have to reimburse the Vapor Technology Association’s (VTA) attorney fees after the state attempted to ban flavored vaping products last year.

Acting state Supreme Court Justice Catherine Cholakis said wednesday that she agreed that state officials overreached their authority and thus should cover the legal costs associated with fighting the ban.

Several vape shops and the VTA are seeking about $381,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs from the state. Cholakis noted an evidentiary hearing will be set to determine if the amount is accurate, court records show, according to The Journal News.

In the order, Cholakis noted the state Attorney General’s Office lawyers representing New York made a compelling case that the emergency ban “was in response to the serious problems of underage vaping and pulmonary illnesses traced to vaping.”

But in explaining why the state must cover the group’s attorneys fees, she added: “There can be no denying the seriousness of the health issues surrounding vaping. Concern for those issues, however, cannot excuse clearly unconstitutional action.”

Cholakis, however, questioned the amount of money sought by the vaping groups.

New York state’s lawyers “bristle, though, at the amount of costs and fees sought by (the vaping group),” she wrote.

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Consumer’s Wants Charges Against Philippines FDA

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) continues to face backlash from stakeholders who are now threatening to file corruption charges before the Ombudsman following the regulatory agency’s admission of receiving funds from foreign vested interest groups.

The FDA conducted virtual public consultations on the general guidelines for e- cigarettes and heated tobacco products (HTPs) on October 6 and 8, 2020, where a ranking FDA official admitted that the agency received grants from The Union and Bloomberg Initiative after questioning from Nueva Ecija Rep. Estrellita Suansing who noted the potential conflict of interest, according to the

The public consultation described by some stakeholders as “moro-moro” was suspended upon the request of Deputy House Speaker Deogracias Victor Savellano who also moved to conduct a full-blown House of Representatives investigation on the FDA.

Nicotine Consumers Union of the Philippines (NCUP) president Anton Israel said: “If the FDA ignores the views of legitimate and impacted stakeholders and proceeds with the adoption of an administrative order lifted from the playbook of their anti-tobacco patrons, we would be constrained to file an anti-graft case with the Ombudsman.”

Philippine representative to the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) Clarisse Virgino said they were “shocked and aghast by the admission of the FDA that they received money from the Union and Bloomberg Initiative. These groups are known advocates of prohibition for all forms of tobacco products including better alternatives to cigarettes like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.”

Philippine E-Cigarette Industry Association president Joey Dulay said during the last FDA public hearing that, “We are saddened to hear that the proposed FDA Guidelines on the regulation of vapor products was based on the recommendations of only the public health NGOs, we (vapers and industry) are the ones most affected with these guidelines and should be heard and considered also.”

“Upon questioning by Congress representatives present in the hearing, it came out that the FDA has been receiving financial grants of Bloomberg, basing guidelines on medical NGO’s who are known anti-vapor groups, shows partiality. We would like to humbly request the FDA for more fair and impartial conduct of the drafting of the guidelines. That is all we ask, so we may work things together hand in hand please,” Dulay added.

Virgino reminded the FDA that the solicitation or acceptance of gifts is prohibited under Republic Act No. 6713, or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, especially if it involves a piece of regulation: Section 7 of RA 6713 prohibits public officials and employees from soliciting or aaccepting, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value from any person in the course of their official duties or in connection with any operation being regulated by, or any transaction which may be affected by the functions of their office. It is clear that funds received from anti-vaping groups would jeopardize FDA’s treatment of tobacco harm reduction products such as e-cigarettes and HTPs,” she said.

FDA’s acceptance of the grant is a clear case of conflict of interest driven solely by financial considerations, according to Israel. “We know this government is uncompromising with corruption and President Duterte will not tolerate this abuse of authority,” he said.

Virgino said the FDA as a regulatory agency should be an independent body free from the influence of any foreign or local institution that tries to push their own interests.

“It is supposed to safeguard public health, and not become a subordinate to moneyed foreign groups,” she said.

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‘Draconian Ban’ on Flavored E-Cigs Challenged in California

California’s ban on flavored e-cigarettes and other tobacco products is being challenged by several tobacco companies. Reynolds American Inc. (RAI) and its subsidiaries, alongside three other entities, called the ban “draconian” and want the law overturned.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the ban Aug. 28. Opponents filed a petition to put the question to voters in a referendum to overturn it shortly after its passage. The lawsuit could prevent enforcement of the ban if successful.

Helix Innovations LLC, Neighborhood Market Association Inc and Morija LLC (Vapin’ the 619) have joined RAI in a lawsuit they hope will overturn the law. The lawsuit was filed Oct. 9 in the U.S. District Court of Southern California.

The filing names Xavier Becerra, attorney general of California, and Summer Stephan, district attorney for the County of San Diego, as defendants.

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FDA Will Make List of PMTA Applicants Available to The Public

As the infamous May 12th PreMarket Tobacco Application Authorization (PMTA) deadline was fast approaching, a number of entities including Altria Group Inc. and tobacco association NATO, had asked the FDA to push the deadline back due to the complications caused by the current pandemic.

To this effect, on March 30th the agency had filed a request for a 120-day extension on the deadline. As a result on April 3rd, Judge Paul Grimm of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, agreed to the request and moved the deadline to September 9th, 2020.

Approximately 2,000 applications have been received

There are over 400 million eligible items that would need to apply in order to stay on the market.

Subsequently, the FDA has recently announced that the normally secretive process will be made public, and the agency will be publishing a list of all the products subject to the deadline which have filed applications. The announcement was made by Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, via a blog post last month.

The FDA has already received applications for approximately 2,000 e-cigarettes and other newly regulated tobacco products. Zeller pointed out that there are over 400 million eligible items that would need to apply in order to stay on the market.

FDA to carry out “substantive scientific review” with regards to Juul’s submission

Last month, Juul Labs submitted its PMTA. The company’s submission included a “comprehensive scientific evidence for the JUUL Device and JUUL pods in Virginia Tobacco and Menthol flavors at nicotine concentrations of 5%, 3% and information on data-driven measures to address underage use of its products.”

“We will continue to follow the PMTA process and look forward to this next step as the FDA commences substantive review of the application,” said Juul Labs Chief Regulatory Officer Joe Murillo in a statement. Subsequently, the FDA has now notified the manufacturer that it will be carrying out a “substantive scientific review,” according to an announcement by Juul.

Similarly, Fontem US LLC submitted its documents last April, well ahead of the set deadline. The submissions included data from a comprehensive range of laboratory and clinical scientific studies on the myblue range,  together with product analyses, behavioral data, health risk information, and information on the impact to both users and non-users of tobacco products.

Last Week’s PMTA Deadline: A tragic Doomsday For Many Vape Firms

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Kiwi Vape Group Says NZ is Missing Out by Skipping Stoptober

Stoptober, a yearly campaign created by Public Health England (PHE) launched in 2012, encourages smokers in the UK and across the globe to quit smoking for the month of October. The idea behind it is that if they manage to quit smoking for a month they would be filled with renewed confidence, as research has indicated that if a smoker can quit for 28 days, they are more likely to quit for good.

This year’s Stoptober will look and feel quite different to previous campaigns. Firstly, it will carry the new ‘Better Health’ branding which has been created to support a national health reset moment that launched at the end of July with a focus on obesity. This new branding approach responds to new challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it’s had on people’s health behaviours,” reads the campaign’s intro.

This year the campaign also seeks to be more successful by addressing the needs of different age groups differently. “Secondly, this year we will focus on two distinct audiences who we know from our research have different views and motivations toward making a quit attempt: a primary audience of smokers aged 35 to 60 and a secondary audience of younger smokers aged 18 to 34 (both focusing on C2DE socio-economic groups).”

Stoptober gets results

“New Zealand’s rate might be lower at 12.5%, and we may have kept Covid-19 largely at bay, but let’s not forget 5,000 Kiwis still die every year from smoking-related illnesses.”

In the UK, the campaign is fully supported by a number of health entities including the NHS, Ash, the British Lung Foundation, the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK. AVCA co-director Nancy Loucas, said that while New Zealand should be commended for its Government-funded ‘Vaping To Quit Smoking’ campaign, dropping Stoptober will still prove counterproductive to reducing local smoking rates.

“Stoptober gets some real cut-through in the UK, helping many smokers to successfully quit. In New Zealand we hear a lot about ‘Dry July’ every year. However, it’s time the Government once again got in behind Stoptober, with this year presenting a unique opportunity given Covid-19,” she said.

Smoking cessation is currently more important than ever

Loucas added that given the current pandemic, decreasing smoking rates is more important than ever. “Given the global pandemic, it’s well established that the best thing smokers can do to protect their heath and boost their immune system is to kick their cigarettes. In fact, more now want to as Covid-19 has made people much more cognisant of their personal health and vulnerability to illness.”

“Over two million British smokers have made a ‘quit attempt’ since Stoptober began eight years ago, and today their overall smoking rate is 13.9% – a record low. New Zealand’s rate might be lower at 12.5%, and we may have kept Covid-19 largely at bay, but let’s not forget 5,000 Kiwis still die every year from smoking-related illnesses. 2020 would’ve been a perfect year for the Ministry of Health to get in behind Stoptober, but unfortunately they completely missed the boat,” added Loucas.

UK Government Cancels Stop Smoking Campaign Due to Budget Cuts

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The Best Pre-Filled Vape Kits

Standard vaping devices allow you to re-fill with any liquid you choose. Devices like this are called “open systems” and generally open systems are what we recommend to new vapers, since they offer the best value and choice over time.

But if you have dexterity issues or simply want a plug-and-play experience that matches that of cigarettes, a pre-filled device (also known as a “closed system”) could be an attractive option.

Since closed devices are pre-filled with e-liquid, they tend to be more costly to run in the long term when compared with open systems. This is especially true of disposable devices, where the whole system is thrown away once its been depleted.

The up-front cost of closed systems tends to be low though, so they can still serve as a good introduction to vaping.

Here are our top picks for pre-filled vape kits.

Dot Pro

Dot Pro Tobacco vape

Price: £12.99

The Dot Pro is a collaboration between Liberty Flights and Vampire Vape.

This is a very simple pre-filled device that stands out for two reasons. Firstly, all of the pods are pre-filled with Vampire Vape e-liquids which are some of the UK’s most popular flavours and the selection on offer should cater to just about any transitioning smoker.

Secondly, Liberty Flights and Vampire Vape have combined their distribution networks to make sure that the device and its pods are widely available, which is essential with any pre-filled system.

The device itself, along with one pre-filled pod comes in at £12.99, which is quite reasonable.

Dinner Lady Disposable

Dinner Lady Disposable vape

Price: £14.99 (Pack of Three)

Instead of using a removable pre-filled pod, this system from multi-award-winning Dinner Lady is fully integrated. Simply remove the packaging and you can start vaping.

We like this device because it’s available in a wide range of critically-acclaimed flavours and can easily be stored as a back up in case your main device breaks or runs out of charge.

Although the running costs of this device are quite high at about £5 per day, this can still be a valid choice in the short term for a transitioning smoker. It can also be a good option for those who are travelling or attending events where they don’t want to risk losing a more expensive open system.

Vype Epen 3

Vype Epen 3 and pods

Price: £4.99

The Epen 3 is part of Vype’s current starter kit line up. It’s a simple closed system, with a larger than average built in battery that should last most users a full day of vaping, especially when using a high nicotine strength e-liquid.

Vype regularly runs promotions for new customers so you may be able to snap up this device with two pods for as little as £4.99.

Vype’s flavours aren’t quite as complex as those offered by Vampire Vape or Dinner Lady but if you enjoy simplicity, the price point is difficult to ignore.

Header Image by Sarah J. from Pixabay

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Cannabis Thursday News: Mississippi Marijuana Initiative Group Gets Cease & Desist – Letter From Trump Campaign

Mississippi Marijuana Initiative Group Gets Cease & Desist – Letter From Trump Campaign

hightimes – The Trump campaign has requested that the president’s name be removed from the literature promoting a pro-medical marijuana initiative.

The backers of a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in Mississippi have received a cease-and-desist letter from President Trump’s reelection campaign. The letter was sent to Mississippians for Compassionate Care, the group backing Initiative 65, in response to a campaign mailer sent to Republican voters.

Bountiful Farms Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opening in Natick

patch – Natick’s first medical cannabis dispensary is planning to open on Thursday, which comes as the town is in the midst of a process to let recreational cannabis stores open.

Bountiful Farms announced Oct. 22 the opening in a series of social media posts. The dispensary is located along Mercer Road just off of Route 9. The store negotiated a host-community agreement with Natick.

Bountiful farms medical marijuana dispensary – patch

ImEPIK Launches Cannabis Edibles Safety Course

cannabisindustryjournal – ImEPIK is a research-based online training company that is known for digital safety training in the food industry, offering courses on things like preventive controls. The company announced that they are launching their first class dedicated to the cannabis industry.

The two-part Cannabis Edibles Safety Course is designed to help edibles manufacturers put the quality and safety of their products above all. The course gets into prerequisite programs, the principles of hazard analysis and provides an intro to the company’s “Pyramid of Edible Safety.”

Seed to Sale System Provider to Help Track WV’s Legal Medical Cannabis

wowktv – CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The medical cannabis program Metrc will be West Virginia’s new Seed to Sale system provider. The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources announced that this new track-and-trace program will ensure the safety of its medical cannabis products.

Medical cannabis flowers – wowktv

National Cannabis Industry Association Urges DEA to Rescind Interim Hemp Rule

mgretailer – The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) submitted comments to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) this week in response to a request for comment on an interim final rule (IFR). After considering the rule and hearing widespread concern from its members and the hemp industry at large, NCIA is urging the DEA to immediately rescind this rule.

Cannabis Entrepreneur, NBA Champion John Salley Joins Anthos Group

benzinga – NBAchampion and cannabis entrepreneur John Salley has joined The Anthos Group as the vice president of business development.

The Anthos Group is a fully integrated wellness company with expertise in plant-based clinical science and consumer goods, with a focus on CBD products. Salley’s first task will be to help launch TIDL Sport, a new brand focused on fitness relief and recovery for athletes.

John salley tidl has joined The Anthos Group – benzinga

Cannabis Control Commission Approves Policy Changes to Proposed Regulations for Adult-Use Delivery in Massachusetts

cannabisdispensarymag – Cannabis Control Commission on Oct. 20 approved additional policy changes to its draft regulations that establish two Marijuana Establishment types authorized to provide limited delivery services to adult-use cannabis consumers in the Commonwealth.

A final vote on all modifications to Massachusetts’ adult and medical use of marijuana regulations will occur at a subsequent public meeting slated for Oct. 29.

Man Arrested for Growing 108 Cannabis Plants in Samut Prakan

thethaiger – Police arrested an Argentinian man for growing cannabis at his house in Samut Prakan, just southeast of Bangkok. 35 year old Sagas Nur told police he planned to produce cannabis oil.

Medical marijuana is legalised – with limitations – while recreational marijuana is still classified as a category 5 narcotic. Sagas is facing charges of producing a category 5 narcotic. He could face 2 to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to 1,500,000 baht.

Man growing cannabis at his house – thethaiger

LA Cannabis Department Accepting Applications for Distribution, Delivery, Manufacturing, Testing

abc7 – The city of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation began accepting applications for cannabis delivery, distribution, manufacturing, and testing labs Tuesday.

Licenses for testing, manufacturing and distribution are available to anyone who is approved, but delivery licenses are currently limited to previously verified social equity applicants.

Lawsuit Filed over Maine Marijuana Retail Licenses

greenstate – BANGOR, Maine (AP) – Two small Maine-based marijuana businesses are suing the agency that oversees recreational marijuana operations, arguing state licenses were illegally awarded to out-of-state owners.

State law requires owners of marijuana operations to live in Maine and to have filed state income taxes for four years. But the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy ignored the requirement, based on the state attorney general’s conclusion that it’s unlikely to hold up to legal scrutiny.

Maine marijuana retail licenses – greenstate

This Election, Americans Will once again Show Their Support for Marijuana Legalization

thehill – Millions of Americans will head to the polls in the coming days and cast votes on whether or not to legalize the use of marijuana in their states. If past is precedent, most — if not all — of these statewide ballot measures will be enacted into law.

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