Uwell Yearn starter kit review – DirtyCheck No.48

Warm up

In fact, Uwell’s accelerating and violently advancing the China market, because it has done a good job in overseas market before. Although we are used to calling him Caliburn some what generations, it doesn’t really matter much.

So, let ’s talk about the so-called four-generation Caliburn today,

YEARN, means desire,

Is it the device we crave? Then look down

Uwell Yearn review

Parameters/ Specifications


Material: Zinc alloy, PC + ABS
Size: 86.7mm * 20.2mm * 10.4mm
Net weight: 40.7
Power: 11w
Battery capacity: 370mAh


Samurai black, aurora purple, interstellar gray, starry night blue

Uwell Yearn review

Pod/ Cartridges

Pod capacity: 1.5mL
Resistance value: 1.4ohm
Nicotine salt content: 20mg / 50mg

Pod flavors

Tobacco leaf vanilla, icy mint, passionate mango
Fuji apple, sweet mung bean, ice wine
Nostalgic popsicles, iced watermelon (pre-filled with oil)
And empty [pds (self-fueling)

Pod instructions:

This kit comes with tobacco and apple flavors
Plus purchase
2 pieces of a box of pre-filled POD separately
4 prefilled cotton core POD1 in a box

Uwell Yearn review

Let me talk about the device first

※ Craft

Yearn comes with 4 colors, two crafts
One is the alloy anodizing sandblasting process, which is used on black and gray surface
The other is the use of baking paint process, used in aurora purple and starry night blue
The feeling of baking paint to the product is high-end, such as luxury cars and the like, for example
But when I use it on pod vape, I feel it a little weird
It seems to be splendid, but compared to anodizing, I prefer anodizing,
The use of baking paint on this pod vape is a bold attempt, but it really affects the overall coordination
It is also because of the two materials that lead to the beauty of the air intake and the air intake (not much difference)
Obviously, the anodized sandblasting process is much better than the baking paint process, and it is also more beautiful

Uwell Yearn review

There is also a selection of materials, double-edged sword, pure customer
Uwell chose a zinc alloy, not a lighter aluminum material
Don’t tell me what is expensive and what is resistant
The point is a sense of weight makes it more delicate

※ Pod/ Cartridge

The cartridge uses an activated cartridge design
See illustration for details

Uwell Yearn review

Pro-focs taste adjustment technology
A reasonable configuration makes the taste of e-liquid the best
Long air intake is also more caring


In the process of use, Captain Dirty tried to vape the original tobacco and apple flavor, and the performance was average. In fact, I began to look forward to the taste of apple, because apple flavor is rare in pod vapes. Sure enough, as you wish, it is also very ordinary. The performance of tobacco is also very mediocre. It seems that the UWELL of the original cartridge still needs to be strengthened. It is not recommended to insert the original cartridge filled with e-liquid.

The empty pod used 25mg / 35mg and 6mg e-liquid with a single flavor to try. I have to say that the taste of the first pod is really good, and it belongs to the upper middle level in the industry.

The second refill is a bit terrible, and various problems of condensation of vape juice will come up at once, so in terms of consumption ratio, one-off disposable UWELL cartridges seems reasonable.

Fortunately, the adjustment of the vaping resistance has been done very well, and it is reasonable.

In terms of power, a power of 370mAh seems to be relatively weak, half-day power, mine is less than half a day, and there is no electricity at noon to 3 pm.

Uwell Yearn review


Uwell’s pod vape Yearn is generally in the lower-middle level of the industry, and its pre-filled pods are not able to represent the brand (that is, the tobacco and apples used by Captain Dirty, other cases are not tested). It’s a challenge, it’s an attempt, I don’t judge it for failure and success. The selection of the product itself has to be discussed by readers. But what is certain is that Yearn’s overall sense, that this product itself, is actually a relatively failed.

Fortunately, its own technology and price are reasonable, and its disposable design is acceptable. The taste is above the same level of products, it is still very good, and it’s good looking.

So, my experience is over, what about your experience? I look forward to your feedback and hope you can draw different conclusions.

OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Uwell YEARN Pod System

Uwell Yearn review

Uwell Yearn reviewUwell Yearn review Uwell Yearn review Uwell Yearn review

WHO says e-cigarettes can improve public health

May 31 is the annual World No Tobacco Day. This year ’s theme is “Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from nicotine and tobacco use”. On the eve of World No Tobacco Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a theme report on e-cigarettes, saying that for adult smokers, switching to e-cigarettes can effectively reduce health risks. At the same time, national regulatory authorities should focus on preventing the use of e-cigarettes by young people. “It is recommended that the supervisory layer should fully consider the interests of all parties and find a regulatory balance point.”

The evidence is strong: electronic cigarettes can reduce harm

Scientists are still understanding the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes. In the report, the WHO cited the National Academy of Sciences and the School of Medicine (hereinafter referred to as NASEM) evaluation of e-cigarettes. There is conclusive evidence: “To completely use e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes can reduce the user’s exposure to many toxic and carcinogens produced by the burning of cigarettes.”

There is a lot of evidence that: “The use of e-cigarettes will lead to nicotine dependence, but less dependence than cigarettes; e-cigarette smoke may increase the risk of some diseases in the long term, but the risk is lower than cigarettes; from cigarettes to e-cigarettes can improve the body The health of the organ. ”

The WHO specifically pointed out that the latest research shows that the simultaneous use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes will lead to higher levels of oxidative stress and increase the risk of cardiopulmonary health, so dual use is not recommended.

How to reduce youth usage? Reasonable supervision and scientific cognition

The WHO report shows that countries ’regulatory policies on e-cigarettes will largely affect the use of young people.

The chart data shows that in 2017, the proportion of young people in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom using e-cigarettes within a week was 0.8%, 1.1%, and 0.5%, respectively. However, a year later, the data of Canada and the United States have increased to varying degrees, but the United Kingdom has dropped to 0.4%.

The UK has a relatively mature regulatory system for e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are regarded as a tool to quit smoking and even enter hospitals.

Scientific cognition and use are the premise of reasonable supervision. In the report, the WHO also expended a lot of space on the scientific knowledge of e-cigarettes, with a view to the public having more knowledge about e-cigarettes.

Tests prove that the success rate of smoking cessation is twice that of traditional means

In the report, WHO cited an important research result published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2019: the success rate of e-cigarette quitting smoking has almost doubled.

Study author Peter Hajek selected 886 adult smokers who participated in the British National Quit Service as test subjects, and these people have a clear need to quit smoking. He divided the participants into two groups, one group randomly assigned the smoking cessation products originally provided by the smoking cessation center, and one group provided electronic cigarettes, allowing them to choose their favorite flavors.

After a year of observation and tracking, the success rate of smoking cessation in the e-cigarette group was 18%, and that in the other group was 9.9%. The success rate of e-cigarette smoking cessation is almost twice that of traditional means.

WHO believes that there is currently no conclusion that the use of e-cigarettes will lead to an increase in smoking rates. Experimental results show that young people will increase the possibility of using cigarettes after using e-cigarettes, but WHO pointed out that there is no credible data to prove that there is a causal relationship between this association, and there are also studies that use e-cigarettes and cigarettes are independent of each other and do not interfere of.

Under reasonable regualtion, e-cigarettes will contribute to long-term tobacco control

Based on the above points, WHO makes recommendations (parts) to countries that plan to regulate e-cigarettes:

E-cigarette companies are required to provide medical product-level health declarations in their packaging, authorize their use after scientific review, and pay attention to any unexpected situations that occur after the market shifts to e-cigarettes;

Standardize sales channels (including online sales), strictly enforce laws regarding the minimum age of purchase, restrict minors and adults from obtaining tobacco products, and increase the difficulty and cost for smokers to switch from electronic cigarettes to cigarettes;

The adoption of standardized regulations minimizes the health risks of e-cigarette users:

According to safety production and waste disposal regulations, safely manufacture device and properly dispose of waste cartridges.

Specify the e liquid content and nicotine concentration, and prohibit the addition of carcinogens, mutagens and other harmful substances.

Children’s protective containers are used for the packaging of pods, and the product addiction is clearly indicated in the packaging.

The product uses a tracking function to track the evolution of consumption patterns. Monitor health or safety events in real time.

The report concluded that WHO, NASEM, and CDC (CDC) have realized the potential of e-cigarettes to improve the public health environment.

The key is the reasonable government regulation of e-cigarettes. The goal is to minimize the negative effects of the tobacco epidemic and continue to bring positive effects to public health. At the same time, non-smokers, especially young people, should be avoided from exposure to nicotine, and the interests of smokers should be fully considered to find a regulatory balance.

The report also specifically pointed out that in any context, if the government implements a strong tobacco control policy to reduce or even completely block the opportunities for e-cigarette users to switch to cigarettes, then the government’s long-term tobacco control vision will also benefit.

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

Recently, after launching FreeM fully automatic heat not burn kit, Jiapin Jianyi Technology has launched independent research and development of herbal cartridges to solve the problem that consumers have nowhere to buy heat not burn cartridges.

The cartridge is a non-tobacco cartridge and does not contain tobacco ingredients. Suitable for similar heat not burn devices

Jiapin Jianyi named the cartridge “FreeM herbal molecular cigarette”, which focuses on “free-breathing and enjoyment”.

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

Jiapin Jianyi said that FreeM herbal molecular cartridge body is herbal extract, natural plant molecular particles, taken from licorice, rose, coffee, mint herbs. Although it does not contain tobacco, smoking this stops the craving for cigarettes.

There are currently 4 flavors, these flavors have been given very poetic names: romantic, thinker, spring, classic.

“Romantic” flavor: It is based on rose petals and blueberry and mint leaves, with subtle vitality and romantic aroma.

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

“Thinker” flavor: It is made of the best coffee, rich and fragrant, and the aftertaste is fragrant.

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

“Spring” flavor: It is based on raw jasmine mint leaves, cool and pleasant, and sweet at the entrance.

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

“Classic” flavor: It is made of top-grade licorice, dry and fresh, full of energy.

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

Jiapin Jianyi said that FreeM herbal molecular cigarette reduces throat stimulation and dependence compared to tobacco leaf cartridges. When smoking, you can feel the accumulation and diffusion of tens of thousands of ultrafine molecules in the mouth, which is up to user’s satisfaction.

“Close your eyes slightly, or stand in a rose bush, or like a fine mellow coffee, or see a beautiful lady, such as sweet licorice, cool like mint.”

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

In order to further enhance the effect of reducing coke and harm, FreeM herbal molecular cartridge uses a polymer sieve filter. This filter is added between the filter tip and the herbal particles.

According to reports, this filter has the functions of filtering, heat dissipation and cooling, effectively blocking harmful components such as tar from the flue gas.

The cartridge body is food grade paper, and at the same time, the plant fiber paper tube does not contain plastic components, and can be recycled and degraded after use.

FreeM heat not burn cartridge is launched in China

“This is in line with the sustainable development concept of our parent companies Shun Hao shares and Dongfeng shares, innovative development, green and worry-free.” Jiapin Jianyi said.

Jiapin Jianyi focuses on low-temperature heat not burn and non-tobacco non-combustible products, creating a core industrial chain consisting of three parts: R & D, supply chain and marketing. The launch of FreeM herbal molecular cigarettes is conducive to further expanding the domestic market, horizontally extending the industrial chain, and creating a new blue ocean of non-tobacco.

Currently, it’s not on market for sale.

Unspoken rules of cannabis extraction technology

As industrial cannabis gradually became the focus of the capital market, commercial giants scrambled to enter, and the value of industrial cannabis extract, cannabinoids, was quickly tapped. There are many types of cannabinoids, and the molecular structure is complex. The extraction technology has become a technical barrier for the industrial cannabis industry, and it is also the core weight of the company’s strength and competitiveness.

Cannabinoid refers to the active ingredient found in Cannabis cannabis, and its receptor system (endogenous cannabinoid system) is present in both mammalian nervous and immune systems. At present, there are more than 130 known cannabinoids, mainly cannabidiol CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol THC, cannabis dilute CBC, cannabidiol CBN, and cannabidiol CBG.

Taking CBD and THC as examples, the physical and chemical properties of the two are very close, and the extraction process is very difficult; the CBD oil products that people often use, only 5% -19% of the active ingredients can be absorbed. In order to achieve better product use, the extraction method of cannabinoids is essential.

How to extract cannabinoids?

CO2 extraction

Carbon dioxide extraction method is divided into supercritical, subcritical and “medium key” categories, does not involve the use of chemical solvents to achieve the purpose of protecting CBD and other beneficial compounds.

CO2 extraction

Solvent extraction

Solvent extraction usually uses ethanol and butane as solvents and extracts from the cannabis plant adjuvant. The combination of the two is good, simple and easy to operate, and can be operated at home. This method uses solvent extraction throughout the process to ensure the extraction rate and purity, avoiding the use and residue of toxic organic solvents such as petroleum ether, and ensuring product safety.

Solvent extraction cbd

Olive oil extraction

Heating the plant at a specific temperature for a period of time activates the plant’s chemicals, adds olive oil, and heats for a period of time to finally obtain cannabinoids.

Olive oil extraction

Dry ice extraction

Cut the cannabis plant into chunks and put it in a bucket, cover with ice, invert, and then filter the mixture multiple times with a mesh bag to finally dry the extract until it becomes a powder. This method requires time and effort, but can also be operated at home.

Drikold extraction

In addition, there are many ways to obtain transgenic cannabis, biosynthesis, and chemical synthesis to obtain cannabinoids. The above four are conventional extraction methods.

The goal of cannabinoid extraction technology is to improve the extraction rate and purity of cannabinoids, remove THC residues as much as possible, avoid the use of toxic organic solvents, ensure product safety and environmental protection, and reduce costs as much as possible. In the current method of obtaining cannabinoids, technically sophisticated extraction methods still occupy the mainstream position, and biosynthesis and chemical synthesis are the main directions for obtaining cannabinoids in the future.

Are there advantages and disadvantages of extraction technology?

The extraction of cannabinoids must go through three steps: rough processing, precision processing and purification.

Rough processing refers to the extraction of all cannabinoids (including THC) from industrial cannabis, commonly known as “crude extract”, which cannot be used directly; filtering the crude extract, filtering out THC and other cannabinoids, and obtaining accurate cannabinoids according to demand The refined cannabinoid products can basically meet the market demand; if you want to obtain a higher purity cannabinoid single product, you can carry out the purification operation, through the process of crystallization-purification-recrystallization-repurification, and ultimately get very high purity cannabinoids single product.

Next, let’s take a look at the extraction effect of the solvent extraction method (PS: cannabinoid content is highest in female flowers and leaves in hemp plants).

High-performance liquid detection map of floral and medicinal materials (Figure 1)
High-performance liquid detection map of floral and medicinal materials (Figure 1)
High-performance liquid detection map of floral and medicinal materials (Figure 1)
High-performance liquid chromatogram of the extract of hemp flower and leaf medicinal materials extracted with ethanol (Figure 2)

Remarks: 1 [Cannabidiol CBDV], 2 [Cannabidiol CBG], 3 [Cannabidiol CBD], 4 [Tetrahydrocannabinol THCV], 5 [Tetrahydrocannabinol THC]

[Experimental conclusion] According to the high-performance liquid chromatograms of the above-mentioned cannabis floral medicinal herbs and cannabis floral medicinal herbs extracts, after extracting the cannabis floral medicinal herbs through the ethanol solvent, all the five effective components of cannabinoids were proposed, and other impurities The ingredients are not extracted, and the extraction method is efficient and stable. Therefore, the extraction method using ethanol as a solvent is a reliable extraction method.

Cannabinoid extract
Cannabinoid extract

What about other extraction methods? Please listen to the experts:

Ernie DeMartino, CEO of ASA Process Solutions, headquartered in Texas, USA, has been involved in the design of various system equipment. He has 45 years of experience in the field of industrial cannabis extraction methods. Ernie DeMartino said that the extraction method depends on the amount of cannabis processed and the cannabis terminal For the product, if the quantity of the mosaic raw material to be treated is small, the carbon dioxide extraction method can be used, and if the quantity of the mosaic raw material to be treated is large, the solvent extraction method can be selected. Either way, as long as it can ensure the best results of extracting products, it is economical and practical.

What technology is commonly used in the industry?

At present, the extraction methods commonly used in the industry are carbon dioxide supercritical extraction and solvent extraction.

CBD oil
CBD oil

Carbon dioxide supercritical extraction is the use of supercritical carbon dioxide to dissolve cannabinoids under pressure and temperature to selectively extract components with different polarities, boiling points, and molecular weights. The extracts obtained corresponding to each pressure range are not necessarily single, and then the supercritical fluid is transformed into ordinary gas by means of depressurization and temperature increase to precipitate and purify the required cannabinoids. In the field of industrial cannabis, this extraction method is suitable for individuals, households, or small-scale extraction companies; large-scale specialized extraction factories often use solvent extraction methods, because their technology is stable and suitable for large-scale operations, and the solvents used are food grade Of ethanol is the most healthy and economical.

CBD powder
CBD powder

This is The Ultimate Rule of Industrial Cannabis Extraction Technology

Did you get it?

Marsupod pcc kit review – business-oriented style to capture your heart – DirtyCheck No.47


Hey yo This is your Captain Dirty, I am very happy to share the product with you again
Today I bring you the Marsupod pcc kit from Uwell
Familiar friends call him Ma Su Box, Cari Jump 5th generations
What is it worth saying, let’s continue to talk.

Marsupod pcc kit review


Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UWELL) is a brand operator of health fashion electronic consumer products integrating R & D, production, sales and service, and is also a leader in the new generation of China vape industry. The company has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy of “integrity, diligence, innovation, and experience”, and is committed to promoting the brand in a more diversified form, delivering products to consumers through more convenient and efficient channels. Its service has won the trust and praise of many users worldwide. Now UWELL has gradually grown into the backbone of the vape industry, and has attracted much attention in the market with its excellent design concepts and excellent quality, leading the development direction of the industry.

PS: Because this is the first cooperation, let me talk about it a little bit.

Content in box

1 * Marsupod pcc device
1 * Charging storage box
1 * Manual
1 * USB charging cable


Marsupod pcc kit review

The product is divided into two parts, charging box and device
Charging box parameters:
Material: Polycarbonate, PC + ABS, POM
Dimensions: 25.2mm x 43.0mm x 76.5mm
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Device parameters:
Material: PCTG, Polycarbonate, Silicone
Dimensions: 10.6mm x 18.4mm x 65.4mm
Tank capacity: 1.3ml
Maximum output oagiuz: 11 W
Resistance: 1.2Ω
Battery capacity: 150 mAh

Marsupod pcc kit review

Captain Dirty says:
The overall feeling is that the material is light
Although there is a charging case, the whole is still relatively small
The only drawback is that the texture doesn’t feel very good
Something is absent in texture, also because of the material
I feel that the whole is not so delicate

Marsupod pcc kit review


Let’s split the experience into 2 parts

Touching experience

Above box and device match well and are very delicate
The match of various links works perfect
Including the connection of the device in the charging case when the device is inserted
And after inserting the device
The battery box can automatically close, every detail of the tank are very good.
The small size of the pod vape device is highly recognizable
Don’t worry about the power, it’s stable for two to three days.
It’s okay to work 4 or 5 days for folks with less frequent vaping.

Marsupod pcc kit review

User experience

UWELL’s Pro-FOCS technology, let’s talk about it without understanding this technology
In the opinion of Captain Dirty, in addition to some harder techniques for regulating the box
Pod vape’s technology is an empty talk
The feeling of Marsupod pcc here is indeed very good.
Such a small size with such vapor amount, awesome
But the consumption speed of the pod is too fast
When I run out of 3 pods, I tell me directly that it was time to change pods
The best taste is the first pod, after the second pod
Whether it is consumption speed or condensation comes too fast

Marsupod pcc kit review


In the 200-300 yuan pod vape range, Captain Dirty feels that Marsupod pcc kit has his advantages and too many disadvantages (is this not nonsense?)
The advantage is that the overall experience of the product is better than that of the single pod on the market.
Taste and DIY are also one of its advantages. Although it is not obvious, we still have to admit this thing
The disadvantage is that the product material is not so fine. However, it reduces costs and brings everyone good things.

Marsupod pcc kit review

I understand so
So, is Marsupod suitable for our purchase?
Captain Dirty recommend this, if you are a player, please give up, because Marsupod may not be able to meet your requirements to show off,
If you are a newbie, you know little about pod vape, it’s OK.
Marsupod’s style is particularly business-oriented, and the black-blue gradient is fashionable
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy Marsupod pcc kit

Marsupod pcc kit reviewMarsupod pcc kit review Marsupod pcc kit review

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog

E-cigarettes are big business, and China is the market with enormous potential. With most e-cigarette start-ups, either being founded in China or catering to its large consumer base, a small start-up named AIRSCREAM has taken the road less travelled by. They have deliberately refrained from putting resources into this market.

Today we sit down with the CEO of AIRSCREAM, Sam O to find out more about their peculiar business choices, AIRSCREAM’s origin story, and the future of the vaping industry.


Depends on who you ask.

To an outsider, it can be another e-cigarette start-up that opened its doors in July 2018. We are among the few that persisted.

To our customers, AIRSCREAM is the push they needed to start their journey to quit smoking.

To our team, it is a start-up that is promising, stable enough to be independent, but still resource-poor, so they must stretch their imagination and solve problems creatively.

To the founders, it is a dream to eliminate cigarettes. AIRSCREAM is a means to that end.

And to our competitors, AIRSCREAM is a brand that has succeed mysteriously to be the leading brand in a few of the markets that we are available now.

Why AIRSCREAM? Is it the cigarette companies who are screaming?

We are not that big yet to make them scream. We are an independent and resource-poor start-up. But we have our fingers crossed for the future.

As for the name, it is derived from our core mission. We provide our customers with an alternative to smoking that really works. We make e- cigarettes more affordable for our customers. We are their solution to the nagging smoking pangs they get. When they regain control of their life, we want to see them excited and scream with joy.
So, that’s who’s screaming.

Why did you pick the vaping business? What attracted you to it?

I have been a part of the vaping business before AIRSCREAM. I have served as the Commercial Director with a leading European Vape Company. During my corporate stint, the gap between customer needs and market offerings was evident to me. It was quite frustrating to know the problems and not being able to fix them when you know how to. I conceived the idea for an international vaping brand then.

It materialized when I met my co-founder and Chief Branding Officer, Mr. Yeoh KS. As a serial entrepreneur, he identified what was going on, pushed me to leave the job, and incubated the idea. And AIRSCREAM was born in July 2018.

Since then we have curated a team of ambitious professionals with 10+ years of experience across the vaping and FMCG sectors.

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog

What makes you push to produce a better product?

Since 2018, AIRSCREAM has been pushing for a design that resonates with the customer. Our goal is simple – create a vape that trumps the cigarette

experience. Our goals drive us, and the journey so far has been encouraging too.
In 2018, there was a swarm of vape start-ups with special focus on closed system pods (CSV). We were a part of it. To make a mark, we had to move quickly with whatever resources we had. We did and commercialized AirsPops 1.0 in January 2019. We got a lot of good publicity from the 2019 Middle East Vape Show in Bahrain where we were awarded “Best Closed System Pods” among a lot of good competitors.

The next push came in December of 2019 when we got our permit to sell across the EU. By November 2019 we opened a distribution centre for EU in Bristol, UK. So, 15 months from launch, AirsPops 1.0 is available across 50+ markets. It could have grown bigger, but lockdowns were effective in most countries due to COVID19 since early 2020.

The biggest push of them all was the trust our customers placed in us. In the very first year, AIRSCREAM sold $10 million worth of products to consumers looking to vape instead of smoke. They now have a product in their pocket that is not raiding it and helping them get off smoking. Seeing your dream taking shape is the most significant push of them all. And we are prepared to take the future head-on.

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog

Even after so many accolades, why do you call yourself an underdog?

The numbers might look big, but when you do away with the costs of the kind of product we make and the small team manage it all, we are still not out of the deep end.

We are not a VC-funded start-ups. While staying independent allows us to retain control, it does create a lot of financial restraints as well. We just do not have the same access to funding as our rivals who are either based out of China or serve the Chinese market. Laan based in Shenzen is promoted by former WeChat employees, Beijing-based Yooz has been founded by the media entrepreneur, Cai Yuedong, and then there is RELX that has recently secured $75 million funding from Yuri Milner and Sequoia China.

AIRSCREAM is UK-based and runs on our private funds. We also receive small investments from our suppliers who are intrigued by our product concepts in lieu of minority ownership in AIRSCREAM. But that is not in the tone of millions.

Our direct competitors are tobacco companies with big pockets and well-funded vape start-ups. So, securing store shelves, FMCG channels, and marketing spaces is always a challenge. We have to rely on independent stores, online listings, and our other partners who trust our brand. And trust- building takes time.

Team size is another factor. We are not a conglomerate with ten different
departments taking care of all aspects of the business. We are a team of 17 professionals spread across 7 countries. In fact, as far as I know, we are the smallest team to run a Vape start-up of this scale. Of course, each one of us wears multiple hats. It works because we are passionate about the product and true to the goal, we have set for ourselves.

We have a long racecourse laid down before us. There are a lot of challenges, but the underdog is motivated and will certainly doing its best to stay in the race.

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog

What keeps the underdog running?

I cannot isolate one factor that makes AIRSCREAM run like clockwork. There are many variables in this equation.

Our team is definitely the biggest one. It might sound repetitive, but not just AIRSCREAM, any start-ups is as successful as the people running it. Our people have brought us where we are today, and they will fuel us to the finish line.

Their passion infuses a positive energy in our organization. It is always buzzing in the office with ideas being tossed around and good ideas being supported to come forth. The best part is that they are resourceful enough to work with what they have and use their ingenuity to produce good results.

You can’t artificially create such a culture. This culture is organic and stems from people who really believe in what they are doing. When we hire, we look for people who understand the industry and believe in our vision. I love going to work because I work with such people, and this emotion runs across AIRSCREAM.

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog

We focus on the mindset of the customer. It is easy to put another vape product on the market. But, we want to offer a product that our customers pick up instead of a cigarette. It should be as easy as a cigarette to use and light on the pocket. With AIRSCREAM, the idea is not to be different for the sake of standing out but offering a good product that the customer can use every day.

Given that AIRSCREAM is a new brand, it is obvious that our business partners would not want to feature it on their shelves. They are looking to make a sale. So, we help them achieve that objective. Our experienced commercial team advises them on how they can grow their business with AIRSCREAM and make more sales. Our granular approach brings us loyal partners and increased sales per partner.

Given that we have created an international market for AIRSCREAM, we also put a lot of thought in our packaging. If we do not get the best shelves, we circumvent that problem by attracting our customers to whatever shelf we are on with our packaging. We are also cautious about keeping our packaging as per the local market rules. In fact, no other small company has accomplished that. This has been made possible by our small but experienced team. This is where the experience comes in.

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog

How do you survive the uncertainty that comes with this business?

Entrepreneurs have to be prepared for uncertainty. The fact that we have a serial entrepreneur on board certainly helps. We have structured our business model to be robust.

First off, don’t forget that while a lean team comes with its cons, there are
many pros to it too. A lean team is extremely agile. When we are hit with a challenge, we can quickly move people around and reallocate resources. Since we are still small, we do not have any high overhead costs either. So, those have not been an issue for us yet.

Secondly, we are not exposed to the volatility of the Chinese market. I would
not call this a strategy as much as a constraint, but we have tried to make the best out of it. So, any regulatory changes in the Chinese markets, supply chain shocks, or new competitors (since China is a major vape market) does not impact us as much. We simply do not have the funds to market in such a competitive market and that allows us to focus on getting our products into the European stores. That has been our core market from the beginning and the regulatory changes are never as sudden as that of China.

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog
Thirdly, we have a lot of support from our network of suppliers, our customers, and other people in the industry. These are the individuals who believe in the core values of AIRSCREAM and support it through challenges. Finally, we have a sound product in place. It was the initial product concept for AIRSCREAM that brought us all on board this journey. The dream team that the product helped bring together can bounce back from anything. We developed the first prototype for months, but the results did not impress us.

So, we quickly went back to the drawing board and redesigned. With the base concept in place and our iterations, AirsPops 1.0 was ready in 2 months for the Oceanic Vape Show in 2018. The team at AIRSCREAM is its best defence against uncertainties.

Where do you see AIRSCREAM in the future?

That’s a heavy question.

As we work on AIRSCREAM, we find that we are capable of producing an even better product. We see there is a lot of room to improve and we are working in that direction. In the short term, our goal is to keep at it. We want to test our limits and improve on the quality and the user experiences.

It is crucial for us to deploy longer product pipelines and more people working on them to produce the results we want. To fulfil this goal and get more talent on-board, we will also be looking to capture more channels of funding. To preserve the vision, our investors should also believe in our vision, concepts, and principles. Our track record is solid, and our future is promising, and our investors should be able to see that if we keep up what we are doing, an underdog like AIRSCREAM can come out as the winner.

AIRSCREAM – Vaping’s Underdog

In the long term, we want to become a leading brand in the world of vaping by helping smokers to bring down their dependence on cigarettes or even eliminate its use. We want to change the industry paradigm and transform the perspective towards vaping. At AIRSCREAM, we also want to support our brilliant team members to pursue their own start-up dreams too. AIRSCREAM would be a success story because of the contributions of these people. They believed in AIRSCREAM, and they should know that AIRSCREAM would believe in their entrepreneurial dreams too.

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MOTI MOJO disposable vape review – flavors work as good as appearance

Appearance: The appearance is the biggest highlight of this product. According to the official description, the design inspiration of this product is OLOID, which can be “rolled” and the most beautiful face. This product won the German Green Product Award, which is an annual award for green creative products initiated by companies in Germany. It is also an international competition for creative and sustainable design products and concepts. At first glance, the appearance of the inside device gave me the impression that the shape is quite unusual. Probably this is the beauty of the irregular arc. Having said that, everything has two sides, and the unusual beauty always brings people some weird associations. As for “shoehorns” and “shoe lasts”, what is the relationship between the traditional working people’s products and MOTI MOJO, please find more fun somewhere else. 10/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Leakage: Disposable vapes basically do not have this problem, and this disposable one does not have this problem 10/10

Condensate: Personal vaping has not encountered the situation of condensation. 10/10

Burnt core: Normal frequency vaping doesn’t cause this. 10/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Spit back: No spit back found. 10/10

Taste reduction and throat satisfaction: This one-off pod uses an independent e-liquid tank, and the oil-coated cotton is enclosed in the enclosed cabin, which is relatively cleaner and hygienic.

Coke: The nicotine content is 50mg / ml, and the sense of satisfaction of the throat is moderate. Compared with the reloading type, this new product emphasizes the original taste of cola soda at once, and no longer emphasizes the floral fragrance. The unique carbonated taste of Coke has converged and behaved properly. The air bubble feeling is relatively inferior to the ceramic core in this respect because it is a cotton core. This taste is still the consistent style of MOTI, with a high degree of sweetness, supplemented by a weak cooling, thereby expressing the taste of iced cola. The direction of the fragrance is generally consistent with the taste of the cool cola of MOTI pod system. 7.5 / 10

Popsicle: The nicotine content is 50mg / ml, and the throat satisfaction is moderate. The entrance is the perfect old sugar popsicle, the direction is accurate. Continuous smoking of the fragrance is similar to the feeling of banana smoothie, it is the satisfaction of eating old popsicles when I was a child, and the memories of the old days. The sweetness is high and the setting is perfect for this taste, full and rich. The only shortcoming is that the coolness accumulates along with the sweetness and it is greasy. It is recommended to reduce the coolness a bit. 8/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Iced pineapple: Nicotine content 50mg / ml, moderate throat hit and satisfaction. The emphasis is on the sweet fragrance of pineapple pulp juice, natural fragrance, the first bite into the lungs is like a full bite of pineapple juice exploded in the mouth. The coolness is low, and the highlight is the sweetness of the pineapple. Great flavor! 9/10

Mung bean smoothie: nicotine content 50mg / ml, moderate throat satisfaction. The direction of sweet mung bean ice dessert is very good. The coolness is above average, and the fragrance stays in the mouth for a long time. 7.5 / 10

Classic tobacco: nicotine content 50mg / ml, strong throat hit. The typical nut tobacco, roasted bean flavor with flue-cured tobacco, does not have an unpleasant tar smell, overall nut aroma is very rich and dominating. I’ m personally not very used to tobacco, but this taste of tobacco does not make me feel unable to vape. 7/10

Endurance: The official data is 1.6ml of e-liquid, 250 mAh battery, can produce about 200 puffs. This item is related to the vaping intensity and frequency and is for reference only. 7/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance


At present, the appearance of homogenization in the pod vape market is serious, either U disk or stylus shape, there is really nothing new. The appearance of the new one-off pod vape of the MOTI is really different. This device has a fascinating and differentiated experience. It is ergonomic in its hand and looks like a spaceship in a science fiction movie. It’s bright. The taste is consistent with the fragrance style route of MOTI’s own starter kit products, and there is not much difference in vaping. I am very interested in consumer feedback after this product is put on the market. I feel that a lot of customers will be gained from this unique appearance. People have strange psychology, and the new MOTI MOJO is worth enjoying. 9/10

Where to buy MOTI MOJO disposable vape 

5 Ways CBD Can Make You Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the most critical survival activities that help maintain our physical and mental well being. Without a proper sleep cycle, the body may so much so that it becomes restless, fatigued, and may lead to health complications. Some of the health complications in severe cases can even lead to death.

There are many sleep-related disorders. These complications have become more and more prevalent. Every year millions of people are diagnosed with sleep-related ailments and are suffering to a grave extent. It has become one of the biggest challenges for medical professionals and researchers to find treatments that are customized to cure these widely ranged sleep-related diseases.

Various sleeping agents and other sedatives come with a high number of adverse side effects that can bring changes that might potentially damage the human body. Recently in the quest for a more effective treatment, CBD or cannabidiol has emerged as an up-and-coming contender. Many studies on CBD and its effect on sleep have shown positive results that indicate a high potential of CBD in helping people sleep better. Also, with the advent of many different companies and corporate houses coming up with a variety of different quality CBD products such as shatter Canada, has made it a feasible option to consider for treating sleeplessness. Let’s delve into more specific details as to how CBD can help people catch up with some sound sleep.

Anxiety Reduction Capability

Many suffer from an anxiety-related issue that prevents people from having a night of good sleep. Often they wake up several times during ]the night or even undergo the torment of seizures during sleep. People suffering from these commonly have lower hormones such as Cortisol. CBD Canada helps to enhance the stress-controlling hormone, Cortisol. It boosts the production of this hormone and impacts the non-REM sleep helping the person fall deeper into sleep. With the help of CBD, the hormonal balance of the body is restored even under immense external stress and can provide better sleep without any worry.

Relaxed Body State

Cramps and muscle pains are often the biggest reasons why people normally don’t sleep properly. One might have heard people complaining about muscle pulls, destroying their sleep cycles, not only for a day but for weeks. CBD is, however, known to ease muscles in the body and relax them, which helps them cool down. For those who suffer tremors from Parkinson’s or the torment of Huntington’s disease, regular consumption of CBD resulted in significant improvement without muscle pain while being provided with better sleep.

5 Ways CBD can make you Sleep Better
Image Source: Pixabay.com

No More Nightmares

Despite any concrete studies to prove that CBD can reduce nightmares, it has been reported that people who take regular doses of 2-2.5 mg of CBD regularly have experienced lesser disturbance from nightmares. Nightmares usually happen to those who suffer from complications that arise from the REM sleep cycle. With CBD, however, the REM sleep stage is altered with more sleep receptors helping people sleep deeper. This drastically reduces the frequency of nightmares and helps people sleep better at night.

Trauma Relief

Sleep problems as a result of trauma, both mental or physical, affect many people. Post-traumatic stress disorders  (PTSD) can lead to insomnia and improper sleep cycles. These disorders usually disturb all sleep stages in emphasis to the REM cycle. Their mental function is compromised in this due process, and sleep becomes scarce. In fact, CBD has actually been able to help people with PTSD. It reduces anxiety, traumatic stress, and regulates the flow of rich blood to the brain for better cognitive function. It even helps people with different types of trauma by providing regulated proper sleep cycles that result in accelerated recovery.For instant relief,shop for CBD oil online at CBDfx.com and reap the benefits.

Lesser Somnolence

The sleep and wake receptors of the body are very crucial in maintaining proper cycles. In the case of their deficit, it would lead to an imbalance of sleeping trends. Imbalance in sleep can be day-sleepiness and insomnia, which can wreak havoc for many people. CBD helps to regulate the sleep receptors to prevent the same from happening and also prevents the hindering of productivity and stops  health complications that may arise from these erratic sleep cycles. Overall the biological clock that runs within the body is properly functional. This maintains the regular life activities of the person in an intact state.

Other advantages, such as the ability to relieve pain and anti-inflammatory properties that aim to suppress pain instead of providing a sedative effect, along with its close to none side effects, have proclaimed CBD as a savior for many. In all, to what extent CBD can fight the battle against sleep disorders may vary. However, due to the few reasons mentioned above, CBD has shown promise to relieve those who suffer from adverse and dire symptoms of different sleep disorders and help them go to sleep at night without any worry

Myst Labs S1 new flavor review – Mojito Party flavor brings me to paradise

This time Heinrich received four new flavors of the internal test pods of Myst Labs S1. Watch how Heinrich says about the specific flavor performance of each pod:

Taste and throat satisfaction: the capacity of each pod is 1.3ml, the ceramic core of the heating material, the resistance value is 1.5Ω, which is the same as the currently available cartridges.

Frost grape: The nicotine content is 17mg / ml, and the feeling of throat sensation is moderate. Inspired by the research and development of Canadian ice wine, the direction of the reduction of grapes is not only simple fruits, but more like wine-brewed grapes, which can taste obvious tannin. It’s a great job and a perfect complement. The grapes in this direction are very novel, and the performance is dazzling. 9/10Myst Labs S1 new flavor review - Mojito Party flavor brings me to paradise

Ice lychee: The nicotine content is 17mg / ml. Naturally fresh, more emphasis is on the fullness and richness of the lychee juice, which is fresh and sweet, and soft in the throat. The sweetness is relatively high, no matter how sweet it is for a fruit like lychee, this is the full-bodied taste of lychee I think, satisfied! 9.5 / 10Myst Labs S1 new flavor review - Mojito Party flavor brings me to paradise

Mojito Party: The nicotine content is 17mg / ml, and the throat hit is moderate. The base is rum, with a light oak barrel aging flavor, complemented by mint leaf lemon juice, with a strong sense of layering, continuous vaping makes you clearly experience the unique fragrance of maple syrup and nutmeg. Excellent wine tastes, can be called a perfect performance. 10/10Myst Labs S1 new flavor review - Mojito Party flavor brings me to paradise

Northeast Ice Slash: The content of nicotine is 17mg / ml, and the sense of throat satifaction is moderate. It’s the style of old popsicles when vaping, the sweetness and coolness are moderate, and the normal performance. It’s a little confusing that continuous vaping actually gave me the feeling of toothpaste, what happened? ? ? 5.5 / 10Myst Labs S1 new flavor review - Mojito Party flavor brings me to paradise


Myst Labs’ Mojito Party and Frost Grape flavoring style are innovative, have their own independent flavoring style route, and the overall performance is not bad. Ice Lychee fresh sweetness is also in place, especially the sweetness setting is very comfortable, for some specific fruits need high sweetness support. These three tastes brought me a good feeling of vaping, which was quite pleasantly surprised, which greatly exceeded my expectations. As for the Northeast Ice Slash, I personally feel that it is not so dazzling, and my original vaping is truly bad. The toothpaste smell produced by continuous vaping is a bit unacceptable to me, and I hope they can improve the flavor with this problem. 8.5 / 10

Where to buy Myst Labs S1 new flavors