A Summary of Six Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are commonly classified into mod vape, pod vape and HNB. In fact, they can be classified according to different working theories, vapor volume, reusability and so on. Let’s have a look at the six basic kinds of vapes.

1. Classified according to the vaping principle

HNB products: The main working principle is low-temperature heating, which releases smoke through heating new tobacco. Its main feature is that a new type of tobacco like cigarette needs to be inserted in the vape device.

E-liquid filling vape: The e-liquid is atomized by electric heating to generate smoke.

HNB products

2. Classified by e-liquid

CBD vapes (herbal / wax / oil vaporizers): Cannabis bisphenol (CBD) is a component of cannabis. CBD has been proved to be independent, not addictive and hallucinogenic. It can improve sleep quality and relax the body and mind. It is classified as vape containing CBD.


Nicotine vapes: the main components of the vape juicec are vegetable glycerol (VG) propylene glycol (PG), essence, nicotine. It’s nicotine containing vape.


Nicotine-free vapes: Nicotine-free electronic cigarette contains no nicotine.

3. Classified by the vapor volume

Pod vapes: Like Relx, Silmo, Yooz

Mod vapes: Large box type vapes with complicated design. Playfulness and cool appearance make it a lot of fans.

mod vape pod vape

4. Classified by reusability

Disposable vapes: vape that cannot be recharged and reused, discarded and useless when the smoke is exhausted

Disposable cartridge vapes: The cartridge is separated from the device. The vape has a battery which can be recharged and reused. When the cartridge is used up, the cartridge is replaced without changing the vape device.

E-liquid filling vapes: It can be recycled, the life of the vape device is long, and the e liquid in the cartridge can be refilled for 3-6 times for continuous use.

5. Classified by shape

Cigarette-like vape (Conventional-look devices): The size and appearance of the vape is the same as real cigarette. When vaping, the vape lamp has the same effect as the ash end.

cigarette look

Modern vape: All kinds of shapes can be found, but the shapes are not restricted to cigarettes.

Electronic hookahs: A hookah is a type of water pipe. It uses charcoal to burn a tobacco mixture, then pulls the tobacco smoke through water and into a mouthpiece for users to inhale 125 times. A hookah powered by electricity is more efficient than the traditional ones.

Electronic hookahs


6. Classified by vape juice storage and conduction system

Resistance coil atomization vape: E juice is absorbed by cotton core or fibre rope, and the vape juice in the tank is introduced into the heating coil. When the coil is heated, the e liquid can be evaporated.

88119807-close-up-twisted-coils-for-e-cig-or-electronic-cigarette-for-vape-devices-rda-prebuild-coil-clapton- coil vape

Porous ceramic atomization vape: There is heating resistance on porous ceramics, which integrates vape juice conduction and heating. Resistance on ceramics electrically heates vape juice to emit smoke. In order to provide a better vape atomization taste, the porous ceramic atomization core has evolved into the third generation thick film printing, and the latter thick film printing atomization core may be a trend.

ceramic chip


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ALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

Hey, vapers!

We are proud to inform you that ALD will attend Vapitaly in Verona (Italy) on 18th-20th of May 2019. As the fifth edition of Vapitaly, it is the ideal meeting point for companies, vape shops and consumers.

ALD will be waiting for you on booth A22, and we welcome you to try out our innovative technology products or just come and say hi.

Of course, ALD has prepared so much for this upcoming show to offer you an unsurpassed vaping experiece.

ALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

Revolutionary Vaping Solution Silmo 3.0 Will Show up on Vapitaly 2019

SILMO™ is an electronic atomization technology brand owned by ALD GROUP LIMITED. Silmo 3.0 is the first heating coil that offically released by SILMO™, which came out of comprehensive research and endless tests. By introducing advanced cellular ceramic material and metal thick-film printing technology into vaping industry, it has tackled the technical bottleneck of the industry and pioneers vaping to a healthier and sustainable future.

To feel the real magical power of Silmo 3.0, please come to booth A22 to test our newest products.

ALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

Most importantly, we had prepared a big surprise for people who come to our booth…

Amazing Vape GiveawayALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

ALD Team

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British American Tobacco plans to introduce a new tobacco heating device in the United States

British American Tobacco (BAT) was founded in 1902, headquartered in London, UK. It is the second largest tobacco listed company in the world. As an international tobacco company, its global market share has reached 15%. And it has more than 80 factories in 64 countries around the world, and they are leading in more than 50 markets. Recently, British American Tobacco Group announced that it expects to introduce a new tobacco heating device in the United States by the end of this year. The aim is to surpass the world’s largest cigarette producer, Philip Morris (PMI).

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the sale of new heating tobacco equipment, and its share price has risen 5% since the announcement of the plan. BAT’s biggest competitor is Philip Morris. Heat not burn devices are a very competitive product for businesses, and also a better choice for smokers.

Nicandro Durante, chief executive of British and American Tobacco, was delighted that they were the first tobacco company to launch a tobacco heating product. Although PMI has similar products, it is still awaiting FDA approval. Nicandro Durante revealed that it is expected to test products in a small area of the United States by the end of this year, and that it is expected to be fully marketed in 2019.

For British American Tobacco, the U.S. and U.K. markets are the most competitive places in the vape industry. The development speed of electronic cigarettes here is much faster than that of other countries, and consumer consumption capacity is also stronger. However, according to the current development trend, the Asian region also has great potential for development. The changes in China, Korea, Japan and other markets have been closely watched by the industry.

Canadian BC Liberal Party introduced a private law to protect teenagers from the scourge of vapes

Qu Jiebing, a provincial councilor from Richmond, said the popularity of e-cigarettes among young people in the province was shocking. It is estimated that one in three students in 10 to 12 classes in middle schools vape. The figures are far superior to traditional cigarettes. To attract teenagers to vape and make huge profits, vape traders add flavors such as vanilla, mint and fruit to vape juice. However, more and more studies have proved that vaping is not only more addictive, but also contains many harmful substances, such as nicotine, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, propylene glycol, diethylene glycol, cotinine and quinoline, which seriously affect the brain development of minors.

canadian new vap law


Qu Jiebing stressed that if the trend continues, there will be a large number of young people in the province poisoned by electronic cigarettes. The situation has reached a very serious level, but there is still no restriction on electronic cigarettes by the New Democratic Government. As a result, Todd Stoneston, a provincial councillor from the BC Liberal Party Kamloops-South Thompson District, introduced a “Private Act to Protect Minors from E-Cigarettes” in the provincial council today, demanding immediate action by the government to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes.

The bill includes amending the current tobacco product control law, prohibiting the sale of vape juice with added flavor, tightening the control over the retail sales of electronic cigarette products so as to restrict supply, stipulating that adult-only tobacco stores, electronic cigarette specialty stores, designating pharmacies to sell electronic cigarette products, and increasing penalties for violations. The bill extends the previous BC Liberal Party government’s policy of restricting teenagers’access to electronic cigarette products.

Qu Jiebing said that in order to protect adolescents from the harm of e-cigarettes in different communities, including Richmond Province, the government was urged to take immediate action to pass the bill and implement prevention and support programs in primary and secondary schools throughout the province to educate adolescents about the harm of e-cigarette products.

Imperial Brands will be launched in Japan

Imperial Brands, the parent company of Blu vape, has announced that it will launch its latest HNB product, Pulze, in Fukuoka Prefecture, western Japan, on May 6, to become the fourth tobacco giant to enter Japan in the hope of attracting customers who are not satisfied with existing alternatives to cigarettes.

Pulze has two modes of high temperature and low temperature, each charge can last 20 cigarette bombs.

Multinational tobacco companies such as Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japanese Tobacco International are actively entering the heat not burn market. At first, Imperial Brands avoided this product type, but then began to pay attention to it.

Imperial Brands believes that by fiscal year 2020, Japan’s market value of heat no burn will reach 2 billion US dollars, so it hopes to land in Japan to have a try in this sub-area.

imperial tobacco

“Pulze is consistent with the company’s development strategy,” Phillips said. “We founded Fontem Ventures in 2012. The company was founded to keep abreast of market trends. About six years ago, we began to study this kind of product in depth. We believe that Imperial Brands has the ability to provide high quality products to global consumers.”

“There are more opportunities for heat not burn products globally. And we should also enter this field. In 2018, Imperial Brands tested a new Mylu product with zero nicotine content in the Japanese market. After receiving good market feedback, we were ready to launch the product throughout Japan.”

Myblu vape

Myblu vape

As we all know, Japan is the most developed market in the world for heat not burn products. Five years ago, Philip Morris International launched its iQOS in Japan for the first time. British American Tobacco and Japanese Tobacco subsequently launched their own products. Japan is thus the best place for the global trial for heat not burn products.

Global restrictions on smoking are becoming increasingly stringent, consumers are constantly turning to relatively healthy products, and tobacco giants are under increasing pressure. So HNB becomes a promising area of subdivision.

Although the growth momentum of BNB tobacco in Japan has slowed down, the market of new equipment may change this situation. Euromonitor International predicts that Japan’s share of heating tobacco market will increase from 17% in 2018 to 26% in 2022.

It is repoted that in addition to Pulze equipment, Imperial Brand is also developing a hybrid device, Nixx. This is an atomizing device containing tobacco. Nixx can provide consumers with abundant tastes by soaking tobacco in e liquid.

Phillips said in the second half of 2018: “After Puzle, Nixx plans to be launched in the first half of 2019. Japan will be an ideal market for this product.

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

2019 is a different year. ALD has launched a revolutionary vaping solution Silmo 3.0 which ushers a new atomization era. All new advanced time is coming and ALD always creates the latest things for you.

As we know that getting to know about products through internet is not enough always. To attend Vaper Expo UK will be a great opportunity to get close to ALD.

The Vaper Expo UK 2019 to be held on May 3rd-5th is around the corner. This exhibition will attract over 20,000 visitors around all corners of the globe and display more than 500 brands, including vape companies, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and more. In the Europe’s largest vaping convention, you will definitely see ALD team. ALD, as a leading high-tech enterprise in vaping industry, will be present at the EXPO together with the latest and most innovative products as always.

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

What Can You Expect from ALD During the Show?

—–New Vaping Solution Silmo 3.0

ALD is proud to announce that Silmo 3.0 is the world’s next generation ceramic heating element for its advanced material, unique structure and innovative process. Being released on Mar 2019, it has been widely lauded as an excellently designed and revolutionary heating coil.

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

Silmo 3.0 adopts cellular ceramic material, unique structure design to increase the total coil surface area and heating area for more intense and purer flavors. Besides, it heat-up and cool-down faster than traditional cotton & fiber coil, extending coil life and maximizing vape satisfaction.

Silmo 3.0 becomes the first to achieve fully automated production of the heating coil with mature modular design, which innovatively combines the A-class user experience, process control consistency and manufacturing automation.

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

Ready to meet SILMOTM? Go to the Vaper EXPO UK and find us at D340 booth!

You will check our latest product with built-in Silmo 3.0, such as 2312-V2, 2403, 2412, etc.

Here is not only business deals but also the most exciting and high-tech items. We cannot wait to have a great time with you!

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

ALD Team

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SILMO™, a new subsidiary brand of ALD, has launched its new site

Silmo, ALD’s new subsidiary brand, has launched its new site.

ALD-Silmo-3-0-new-tech-2019.jpg_300x300 silmo vape

Visit Silmo Official Site by clicking the following link: http://www.silmotech.com/

Silmo official video introduction



SILMO™, More Than Pure

SILMO™ is a technology brand owned by ALD GROUP LIMITED.

Incorporating cellular ceramic material and metal thick-film printing technology into vaping industry.

Breaking the technical bottleneck and leading the development of industry to a healthy and sustainable process.silmotech ald


Natural Taste

With Silmo 3.0, we offer you the purest and the most enjoyable vaping experience you ever want.

Safe and Reliable

Withstand high temperature, keep e-liquid away from cotton or chemical fiber, and eliminate the volatilization of harmful substances.

High Stability

Silmo 3.0 adopts modular design to ensure the high consistency and stability of the heating coil and to realize fully automated production.

SILMO 3.0 ald

About ALD Group

Approaching the “Invisible King” of Electronic Cigarette Enterprises

ALD Group Limited, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen.

A high-tech enterprise specializes and leads in research and applications of electronic atomization technology.

ALD’s business covers ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HnB (Heat-Not-Burn device).

silmo 3.0 ald factory

silmo 3.0 ald laboratory

silmo 3.0 ald factory

silmo 3.0 ald factory

silmo 3.0 ald factory

silmo 3.0 ald factory

Visit ALD official site – Notice: Other sites of ALD are all fake sites:



ALD is taking part in the Vaper Expo UK – Pod vape GIVEAWAY in UK

Silmo, a famous subsidiary brand from the invisible vape king company ALD group, is taking part in the Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham during May 3rd – 5th, 2019.

Silmo booth number: D340

Address: Unit 7, Two Woods Trading Est, Quarry Bank, West Midlands, DY5 2YX, UK

silmotech the Vaper Expo UK invitation

About The Vaper Expo (Official introduction)
The Vaper Expo UK is now recognised as the largest and most important vaping event in Europe and is considered to be the must-attend expo for UK and International manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. We are proud to introduce and unite leading key players in the industry, to act as the platform for launching new products and services, and serve as the central European hub for the vaping industry.

About Ald Limited Group
The largest vape factory and manufacturer in the world with a capacity of 2 million vapes per month. Tired of doing OEM for over 10 years, and now decide to brand its own pod vape, Silmo.

Recent Ald Limited Group activity:

Instagram Giveaway. Click this link of Ald Limited Group Instagram to claim your free pod vape Silmo before the end of the activity.

instagram giveaway silmo aldgroup

Vape has become the best-emerging industry with the greatest potential after Pokémon Go in Japan

Japan has followed the example of the United Kingdom to include electronic cigarettes in the management of pharmaceutical products. Since 2010, it has completely banned the use of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, that is, electronic cigarettes can be legally sold and used in Japan, but the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine is illegal.

Jouz S debuts in Tokyo, Japan

Nevertheless, the development of e-cigarettes in Japan is hardly affected by too much policy. The overall development of e-cigarettes is more and more mature, and people in Japan are more and more welcome to e-cigarettes. According to the national data of Japan, the output value of electronic cigarettes in Japan in 2016 is 250 billion yen, and the official estimate is that it will reach its peak in 2024. The total output value is expected to reach 5 trillion yen, mainly due to several aspects:

1. E-cigarette users continue to nibble at the market share of cigarettes. In just one year from 2016 to 2017, the number of Japanese smokers decreased by two percentage points.

2. Influenced by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Japan has launched a nationwide campaign to ban smoking, with fewer and fewer places to smoke.

3. A series of reasons, such as health concept, environmental concept and cigarette tax increase.

japan vape industry

With the rapid growth of Japanese electronic cigarette (Pod vapes, heat not burn tobacco products) market, vape market penetration is increasing, and the number of users is rising, becoming the most latent emerging industry after the Pokémon Go. For vape enterprises like jouz, this will be a very huge and precious market, it is worth seizing the opportunity to intensify intensive cultivation and develope.

It is reported that the only international electronic tobacco exposition in Japan in 2019 will be held in Pavilion 4 of Tokyo Chiba Museum International Exhibition Center from May 23 to 25. It is expected that 180 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition. Nearly 4,500 wholesalers, duty-free shops and grocery retail channels, online stores and vape industry media will gather at the event. Vape Expo Japan 2019 will build a bridge for global VAPE manufacturers to communicate with Japanese VAPE distributors and physical stores, and work together to tap the potential of this growing market.

Vape Expo Japan 2019

According to the organizers, many world-renowned VAPE manufacturers have signed up for Vape Expo Japan, such as Smok, Joyetech, Eleaf, Hiliq, Kamry, Mlife, Vaptio, MOX, Yunnan Tobacco, Huabao Group, Jinjia Group, and so on. There still are many more other participants not listed here.

Vape Expo Japan 2019 participants

Contact Vape Expo Japan official here: http://vapeexpojp.com/en/vape.html

ALD Silmo 3.0 pod vape vaping solution is launched on 28th March 2019 in China – Recruiting dealers worldwide

On the morning of March 28, 2019, ALD (卓力能) Kexing Operating Center launched a new generation of atomizing vape ALD Silmo 3.0. After more than two years of arduous exploration, examination, researching and precipitation of the first two generations of products, the brand-new atomized heater ALD Silmo 3.0 elaborated by ALD R&D is finally launched.

About SILMO™

SILMO™, an electronic atomization technology with independent intellectual property rights owned by ALD, has tackled the technical bottleneck of the industry through the introduction of advanced cellular ceramic material and metal thick-film printing technology into vaping industry.

silmo pdf official

Download the Silmo official product introduction PDF:


About Silmo 3.0

Silmo 3.0 is the first heating coil that officially launched by SILMO™. Created specifically for low-power vaping devices, Silmo 3.0 not only produces the ultimate taste of all E-liquids and CBD oils, but also perfectly gives a full play of the amazing power of low-power heating coils.

SILMO™, a new subsidiary brand of ALD, has launched its new site

Original & Ultimate Taste

Benefited from a unique structure design, Silmo 3.0 boasts multiple advantages——fast oil conducting, large contact surface with e-liquid, controllable heating distribution, and heating uniformity.

With SILMO 3.0, we offer you the purest and the most authentic vaping experience you ever want.

Safe & Reliable

Compared to the cotton & fiber coil used in ordinary vaping devices, Silmo 3.0 adopts the newest cellular ceramic material which can withstand high temperature, keep e-liquid away from cotton or chemical fiber, and eliminate the volatilization of harmful substances.

With a precise design of heating elements, Silmo 3.0 can always maintain stable temperature. The structure of no pins frees Silmo 3.0 from pollution in welding processes.

It keeps E-liquids pure and stable at storage and produces natural and rich puffs during usage.

SILMO 3.0 ald

Lauch Conference:

At the moment Chief Engineer of ALD lifted up the red curtain for the Silmo, he won an ocean of applause from the amazed people. Silmo 3.0, the first new vape heater is launched by SILMO™, has been officially unveiled now.

Silmo 3.0 has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of electronic atomization technology. It is specially designed for low-power atomizing equipment. It not only keeps the best taste of various kinds of e liquids, but also deduces the explosive power of low-power heater perfectly.

Based on the mature modular process design, Silmo 3.0 has become the first to achieve fully automated production of the heating coil, which significantly improves the consistency and stability, and innovatively combines the A-class user experience, process control consistency and manufacturing automation.

SILMO 3.0 ald

Based on the mature modular process design, not like the raw Relx, Silmo 3.0 took the lead in realizing the full-automatic production of the heater, significantly improving the consistency and stability of the heater, and creatively breaking through the technical bottleneck that has plagued the electronic atomization industry for Over 10 years.

Keep 100% original & delicious e juice taste

Silmo 3.0’s unique drainage groove design and special heating body shape make it have the characteristics of fast e-liquid conduction, fast heating, large heating area, uniform heat distribution and so on, to ensure that users can feel the pure and rich taste from the first inhaling.

SILMO 3.0 ald

Safe, reliable, pure and natural

Silmo 3.0 adopts pure cotton-free structure, away from cotton fiber impurities; advanced ceramic matrix resists ultra-high temperature and does not volatilize harmful substances; precise design of heating medium realizes structure temperature control; no pin design, away from welding pollution – during storage, the atomizing liquid is pure and stable; when working, the atomizing alcohol is natural.

SILMO 3.0 ald

High vape juice consistency and heating stability

With advanced cellular ceramic material, Silmo 3.0 can be massively shaped, printed and cut, realizes fully automated production. Utilizing contact and conductive structure design, Silmo 3.0 does not require artificially welding.

Silmo 3.0 adopts modular design to ensure the high consistency and stability of the heating coil.

SILMO 3.0 ald


Silmo 3.0 low power atomization technology solution will lead the revolution of new generation atomization technology.

About ALD

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, ALD Group Limited (“ALD”), a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in electronic atomization technology research and applications, has always been an active player in the business of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HnB (Heat-Not-Burn device).

Supported by its powerful R&D and manufacturing center in Shenzhen, ALD has been expanding sales continuously around the world and has established a solid strategic partnership with multiple internationally well-known brands, as well as multinational tobacco giants.

ALD is equipped with an over 20,000 square meters’ modern manufacturing center, more than 100 senior engineers, and over 2,000 skilled workers. The monthly vaporizer production capacity reaches 14 million pcs, which ensures a stable supply to clients worldwide with reliable one-stop service. And ALD is recruiting dealers worldwide, welcome to contact them on their official site.

SILMO™, a new subsidiary brand of ALD, has launched its new site


ALD Silmo Exhibition Official Statement:

Silmo 3.0 will make its first appearance at the IECIE exhibition in Shenzhen from April 14 to 16, 2019.

They sincerely invite their partners to come and visit (booth number #6C17).