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The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Device TQS S1 Launched Today


TQS, an internationally renowned heated tobacco brand, previously revealed that they will release a new HNB product. On April 26th, TQS announced its product details on its brand’s official website, and this highly anticipated product was finally unveiled.

At the new product launch, TQS’ new heating device, the TQS S1 Device, was first introduced to the public. With the world’s first 3D Thermal airflow heating technology, The TQS S1 Heating Device has attracted the attention of the industry, and has also successfully won the favor of smokers. Why are so many people so enthusiastic about this new heating technology? Let’s explore the charm of this new product.

The size of TQS S1 Device is 86*31*19mm, it is a portable HNB device, which is very suitable for young people’s daily travel. Its aluminum alloy shell covered with leather materials is quite dazzling. With ergonomics body design, considerate physical buttons, elegant appearance, and innovative heating way, this compact TQS S1 Device satisfies the imagination of all users. The very important thing is the innovative heating method, no heating blade, no need to clean, no need to worry about broken blades. And it supports 15 sticks for full smoking experience.

 The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Device Launched Today

The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Tech

This newest and most creative technology is impressive because it breaks the mediocrity to create the most professional HNB device for smokers. The revolutionary innovative heating method and porous honeycomb structure ensure more sufficient and uniform heating, and provide 100% pure taste, providing users with the greatest taste satisfaction. When the device vibrates for 0.5 seconds, and the 4 LED light indicates that you can start smoking, the cloud booms like a volcanic eruption, bringing ultimate taste enjoyment and visual impact. Compared with other HNB technologies, the 3D Thermal airflow heating tech makes the stick heat more sufficient, the smoke is smoother, the smoking experience can better meet the needs of users. And compared with other HNB devices, TQS S1’s smoke emission is increased by 30%, the taste is more intense, and the center of the stick will not be burnt at all.

 The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Device Launched Today

The new 3D thermal airflow heating technology of TQS’ brand is the key point of differentiation as it provides a completely new and more convenient for HNB device marketplace. The S1 device from the bottom and peripheral natural airflow into the device heating, 3D surround, to reach the full heating, its operation temperature is about 0-45℃ . This removes the possibility of generation of smoking ash or corrosion, providing for an instant, clean, and great tasting smoking experience.

On the whole, this technology is a revolutionary innovation, and the taste of tobacco sticks will be fully developed. Coupled with the upgraded all-in-one design, it becomes a small and cute device without ash after use. If you are a fan of HNB products, it’s highly recommended to take a try on this new TQS S1 device!

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