Saturday, July 13, 2024

Lamborghini vape is having strategic cooperation with NOS Brand

A very bold cross-filed cooperation


On March 22, Lamborghini and NOS held a media conference on brand strategic cooperation in Shenzhen Botton Science Park, marking Lamborghini’s formal strategic alliance with NOS and opening a new situation of “building a dream together and win-win”.

Pan Lincheng, head of Lamborghini Brand China, Liu Nan, general manager of NOS Brand, Liu Qiuming, chairman of Gerry Technology, Anikieva Alice, senior consultant of international exchange of Liya International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., and leaders of industry guests and media reporters attended the conference.

NOS is the brand of Shenzhen Huachang Industrial Co., Ltd., Huachang industry is the first listed company of the Chinese flavor and fragrance industry, Burton Group subsidiary company. It has the world’s most advanced medical device factory, the all enclosed, high standard dust-free workshop, meets the EU standard quality management system and production environment, and ensures the high quality of NOS products.

NOS relies on Bolton Group’s strong strength and abundant resources, as well as the output of R&D and production technology of electronic technology, always adheres to the key point of quality, and acts as the industry brand benchmark, bringing high-quality and healthier life to Chinese consumers.


Lamborghini is a brand with a long history. It has several high-end cross-border products. It has been carrying out technological innovation and brand breakthrough, which coincides with the brand concept pursued by NOS. The cooperation between the two sides is of strategic significance in channel and marketing, and will bring better quality products and more intimate services to more consumers. In the future, the two sides will have unlimited imaginative space in the field of cross-border cooperation.


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