Most of the products hitting the market right now seem to be disposables…but this offering from Innokin shows closed pod systems are still a big part of the industry.

Device specifications:

  • Battery – Rechargeable 450mAh
  • E-liquid Capacity – 2ml Coil
  • Resistance – Aquios 1.1 ohm mesh coil
  • Power Output – 3.6V


Just about as straightforward as your single-use options, the Innobar C1 makes use of pre-filled cartridges that come in a selection of incredible flavours.

The device itself is discreet, has a lightweight feel and easily fits in the palm of your hand; all while maintaining a robust and tough exterior.

The Innobar C1 has no buttons, no airflow control and no screen and uses a small, coloured light on the base to let you know when it is charged.

It also features a modest 450mAh battery that, while small, significantly reduced charging times.

What’s perhaps most impressive about this device is the incorporation of Aquios water-based vaping technology.

This unique addition promised to make a noticeable change to the flavour quality and deliver a faster satisfaction.


How to use the INNOBAR C1

To use, you simply remove the rubber seal on the bottom of the pod then click it into the top of the rechargeable device.

INNOBAR C1 pod flavours

For this review, I tried seven options from the 10-strong collection of flavours…this is how they each faired.

Iced Cosmic

An instantly recognisable taste profile, this flavour was heightened by a wave of icy menthol.

The easy to remember but difficult to define flavour was sweet and true to life, with no nasty aftertastes.

I felt that the addition of menthol gave the energy drink notes a bit of a kick and saw to boost the refreshing effect of this pod.

Pink Lemonade

A ‘go to’ of mine, pink lemonade satisfies my cravings for both sweet and sour.

The e-liquid used in this pod offers powerful tasting citrus, soft red berries and refreshing zest in the perfect quantities.

With just the tiniest touch of ice, the overall flavour was sweet and vibrant.

Strawberry Watermelon

A classic in the vape industry, this rich blend of sweet strawberries and mellow watermelon made for a relaxing yet flavourful vape.

There was an incredible smoothness to it, which was amplified by the lack of iciness.

Rose Lychee

Aromatic, bold and deeply satisfying, the floral and well-rounded notes of rose lingered at the forefront.

The lychee, which was less prevalent but still well done, brought a level of brightness to an otherwise chilled flavour.

Lemon Tart

An intense creaminess is at the very core of this flavour, with light notes of zesty lemon thrown in for good measure.

The combination of both a mellow smoothness and a vibrant citrus element was enough to impress, with the subtle touch cooling agent elevating it to a level I haven’t really experienced before.

Cherry Lemonade

A bright and vivacious energy was present from the very first puff and included a punchy, fresh and sweet mix of cherries.

Complementing the lively cherry notes was a zesty and tongue-tingling wave of citrus…an undeniable winner in my book.

Jungle Juice

The strange combination of intense fruitiness and gentle throat hit made this an intriguing and enjoyable flavour.

A fusion of tart pineapple, juicy green apple, sweet cherries and rich strawberry all combined to create a one of a kind tropical flavour.

Overall thoughts

All in all, I found the Innobar C1 to be a wonderfully concise and affordable device that worked as an alternative to disposables.


  • Impressive new water-based technology
  • Sleek, simple design


  • The battery life was quite short


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