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The world’s largest VAPE Party – Shenzhen IECIE has ended perfectly. UWELL appreciates that every vaper and customer who came to the booth to participate in our events. Because of you, the vape expo has achieved its success. Thank you for moving forward with us.

Uwell Expo

Compared with “summer carnival” of previous Shenzhen IECIE, the Shenzhen IECIE 2020 was postponed due to the impact of the pandemic, which gave people a sense of “Winter is coming.”

Considering that most overseas brands and vapers are unable to join the IECIE, many domestic brands reduced the booth area on the eve of the IECIE to save budget.

However, after 5-year growth, UWELL has the ability and confidence to overcome this dilemma. UWELL actively prepared and further improved brand promotion and events for this IECIE, so that global vapers, fans and customers can feel the warmth from the brand, and make the company philosophy “I wish U well ” no longer just an empty promise, but an optimistic attitude that we will be there for you whether the market environment is good or bad.

UWELL adopted a spacious design to ensure that it is more comfortable and relaxing to enjoy the show. Each stand displays a different series of products, from pod systems to sub-ohm tank kits.

Our theme for IECIE is “Flavor Factory”. UWELL highlights the common label of the series of products – the ultimate flavor. A brand-new series of gifts based on the theme have been designed: T-shirts, hats, bags, mouse pads, etc.

With excellent flavor and coil lifespan, CALIBURN and CALIBURN KOKO, which are popular around the world, will also continue to accompany vapers in this exhibition.

At the same time, UWELL also introduced some new products for the Vape Expo – our first sub-ohm tank kit in 2020 – the WHIRL II kit, Valyrian POD, and the upcoming Tripod PCC kit. With high-quality manufacturing and great flavor, none of them will let you down.
Uwell Valyrian pod system

UWELL has been preparing for this exhibition for a long time. Spacious booths, high-profile hot products, the latest cool products, and rich and interesting on-site activities ensure that the on-site booth crowds are endless.

UWELL hopes that everyone can have an optimistic attitude and firm belief in moving forward side by side through this exhibition. We will spend this special period together.

Together, we look forward to meeting again in the coming year to welcome a more grand and more exciting VAPE event.

Find out more about the latest product releases and news on the Uwell website.

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