Canadian e-cigarette Association talks on e-cigarette compliance: Norway’s smoking rate fell by half and Iceland’s by 40%

The advantages of tobacco control Canada (CVA) have been described as part of the tobacco control strategy for many times. Leading experts in technology, public health policy and science attended the 2021 Asian harm reduction forum to discuss the tobacco harm reduction (THR) strategies deployed by countries.

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As the e-cigarette post has recorded, the results of using to reduce tobacco harm are shocking.

“For decades, we have known the risk of smoking. We have known that it is smoke, not nicotine. We also know that we can provide nicotine in a way that is least risky.” Professor David sveno, chairman of the center for health law, policy and ethics at the University of Ottawa and adjunct professor of law, said.

As a result, many people in Sweden have been allowed to smoke less cigarettes and diseases in just three years. When they are allowed to smoke more widely in the European Union, they will now have the lowest rate of snuff related smoking and diseases in just three years By about 40 percent. ” He said.

For decades, Canada has tried to control smoking through education and taxation, but with little effect. The decline in the smoking rate generally slowed down, and the annual decline was small before smokers adopted e-cigarettes more mainstream. The popularity of e-cigarettes peaked in 2019, resulting in a sharp decline of 7.5% in cigarette sales.

“Harm reduction is one of the four pillars of Canada’s drug and substance policy. Policies such as flavor restrictions and taxes that make e-cigarettes less attractive to smokers are inconsistent with this policy. In fact, Canada has accepted nominal harm reduction, but not in substance,” said Darryl tempest of the CVA Government Relations Committee.

The positive results of embracing tobacco harm reduction are obvious. Through balanced policies and clear messages to smokers, the reduction of smoking rates in Canada can be accelerated.

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