Crackdown On Vape Advertising On TikTok

CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) write the advertising rules which are then enforced by the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency).

On the 29th June 2023 they released an “Enforcement Notice” related to advertising of vaping products on the social media platform “TikTok”.

“Our Code states that ads which have the direct or indirect effect of promoting nicotine containing vaping products and their components, which are not licensed as medicines, are not allowed in most online media, including social (CAP Code 22.12). Our advertising rules reflect the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPRs).

We are aware that some brands are placing – or incentivising third parties to place – content on TikTok relating to vaping products and their components which are labelled as “paid partnership” or “#ad”. We consider this is sufficient to establish that the content is an ad, falling with the remit of the Code.

Therefore, we consider any content tagged with a disclosure label – ‘paid partnership’, or “#ad” – which has the direct or indirect effect of promoting unlicenced vaping products and their components, to be an ad and in breach of the Code (22.12).

Please take immediate action to ensure your advertising complies. If we see continued problems in this area after the 17th July 2023 we will take targeted enforcement action to ensure a level-playing-field across the industry.

This may include – where advertisers are unwilling to comply – working with TikTok and Trading Standards to secure the removal of these ads”

The UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) have published this press release as a response…

CAP has issued an Enforcement Notice instructing vaping companies to follow the advertising rules and remove any ads for vapes that are appearing on social media.

We’re aware that some brands are placing – or incentivising third parties to place – content on TikTok relating to vaping products and their components. We’ve put brands on notice that, if we monitor ongoing problems, we’ll be taking targeted enforcement action.

Following legislation, there are significant restrictions surrounding the advertising of vapes and e-cigarettes. This is reflected in our rules (the Advertising Codes). Ads for nicotine-containing vapes not licensed as medicines are not allowed on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and, crucially, most online media including social media. Ads must be responsible, and that includes not being targeted at or likely to appeal particularly to under-18s.

We know people are concerned about young people vaping and, by extension, ads for vaping products appearing on social media where they shouldn’t and being likely to appeal to or be targeted at under-18s. That’s why we’re taking action, banning ads that break the rules and ensuring they’re quickly removed. And our CEO Guy Parker has spoken about how we’re working with platforms, other regulators and enforcement bodies to ensure young people aren’t being exposed to vape ads on TikTok and other social media where they simply should not be appearing.

This Enforcement Notice makes crystal clear to advertisers/brands the rules that are in place and that if they are using TikTok as a platform to advertise vaping they must stop immediately. This is a high priority issue for us, and we are considering what further action to take in the near future.

Our role is to ensure that vaping ads only appear where they can legally be advertised (to a legitimate adult audience) and are responsible. Currently, they are sometimes being placed in social media and targeted at young people. We’re determined to stamp this out. One vaping ad on these channels is one too many.

Read the full Enforcement Notice here.


🚫 Ads for nicotine-containing vapes not licensed as medicines are not allowed on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and, crucially, most online media including social media.


— UKVIA (@Vaping_Industry) June 30, 2023

⛔️ This Enforcement Notice makes crystal clear to advertisers/brands the rules that are in place and that if they are using TikTok as a platform to advertise vaping they must stop immediately.


— UKVIA (@Vaping_Industry) June 30, 2023

This is a high-priority issue for us, and we are considering what further action to take in the near future.

Read the full enforcement notice here 👇


— UKVIA (@Vaping_Industry) June 30, 2023

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VAPORESSO Unveils Game-Changing Vaping Products VAPORESSO COSS and VAPORESSO ECO at the World Vape Show in Dubai • VAPE HK

DUBAI, UAE, June 21, 2023 — VAPORESSO, a leading brand in the vaping industry, unveils two groundbreaking products, VAPORESSO COSS and VAPORESSO ECO, at the World Vape Show held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from June 21 to 23.


“We are thrilled to introduce VAPORESSO COSS and VAPORESSO ECO to more vapers at the show. These two revolutionary products are set to enhance the vaping experience, with their user-friendly features and eco-friendly design,” said Jimmy Hu, Vice President of VAPORESSO.


The VAPORESSO COSS, VAPORESSO’s latest innovation, is a game-changer in the vaping industry. It addresses the pain points of existing products and offers an intuitive design that caters to the vaping habits of users. The product’s slogan, Convenient Operating, Smart Supplying, embodies its features. The VAPORESSO COSS boasts the smallest size of vaping device and the longest battery life. It also comes with an automatic liquid filling and charging feature. With Coil-oil Separation System, the VAPORESSO COSS ensures a fresh taste without any leakage, and its consistent taste is a unique feature that sets it apart from other products.


The VAPORESSO ECO emphasizes the value of being eco-friendly, economical, and eco-self. It is refillable and rechargeable. Along with its larger capacity, longer battery life, reduced heavy metal content, and leather paper packaging that can be reused and recycled, the VAPORESSO ECO is more cost-saving, eco-friendly, and safer for both the environment and humans when compared to disposable products. The product’s daily usage costs are reduced by 60%, making it accessible to a wider audience with a range of bright colors.


In addition to VAPORESSO COSS and VAPORESSO ECO, VAPORESSO also has an IP counter featuring its highly popular XROS Series and LUXE X Series, along with a special display counter for its TARGET Series and GEN Series.


VAPORESSO’s presence at the World Vape Show in Dubai, along with its latest and classic offerings, once again demonstrates the brand’s dedication to creating innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products with cutting-edge vaping technology to meet the evolving needs of the global vaping community.




VAPORESSO was created in 2015 and is dedicated to establishing a smoke-free world while raising the quality of life for its users. Based on its continuous innovation, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, VAPORESSO creates products that can fit all levels and styles of vapers.

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Chinese and European Vape Associations Sign Code for Responsible Marketing

The Code for Responsible Marketing contains 14 mandatory principles, including:

“Warnings: E-cigarette advertisement must contain clear warnings and references that the ad is exclusively intended for adult smokers and vapers.
Placement: E-cigarettes may not be advertised in establishments or at events which are mainly frequented by children and teenagers.
A minimum distance of 100 meters must be maintained to the main entrance of schools.
Appeal to minors: E-cigarette advertising abstains from using cartoon characters and other fictional characters that could trigger the interest of minors.
Product design: The products must not be designed in any way to be particularly appealing to minors. Appealing in this context is the presentation using comic figures, the depiction of candies and generally any visual representation that can attract the attention of minors in a special way.
Health Professions: Advertisement for e-cigarettes does not contain persons, who represent health occupations or create the impression that the products would have a medical effect.”

IEVA President Dustin Dahlmann, underlined that while the group recognizes the health benefits of vapes as smoking cessation tools, their potential harm to non-smoking teens must also be addressed. “As confident as we are that e-cigarettes have significant harm reduction potential, we also recognize that they must be marketed responsibly. The signatories therefore only address adult smokers and e-cigarette users with their advertising and marketing to inform them about the products. Youth protection is imperative for us. We are very glad that we agreed on this with our dear colleagues from China.”

IEVA campaigns

The IEVA has also recently launched a new campaign aimed at educating smokers about the benefits and potential of vaping products as harm reduction and smoking cessation tools. While last year, the association also released an informational website for adult smokers and policy makers who want to learn more about vaping. Called, the aim of the website is providing factual information about vaping products, how they work, and the health benefits smokers would gain by switching from using regular cigarettes to vapes.

“The more smokers understand about vaping, the more likely they are to switch to this less harmful alternative to cigarettes. That’s why we’re pleased to launch, a resource designed for adult smokers and policy makers who want to understand the fundamentals of vaping,” said Dahlmann at the time. “With so much misinformation out there about vaping, and so many incorrectly believing it to be just as bad as smoking, we hope to clear the air by laying out basic facts in an accessible way.”

The Third Edition of “Ride for Vape”

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The Davinci ARTIQ (510) Cartridge Vaporizer • VAPE HK


The ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer is a unique and innovative cartridge vaporizer designed to provide maximum flavor and comfort with its cleverly concealed chamber, extended airpath, and adjustable temperature settings. Whether you’re looking for a discreet device to take on the go or something powerful enough to get the job done, the ARTIQ is the perfect choice.

Design and Features

The design of the ARTIQ is sleek and modern, featuring a fully concealed chamber with an elongated airpath that helps to reduce heat by up to 90%. This allows for much cooler vapor which provides a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, the device has three temperature settings (preheat, low/medium/high) so you can find your perfect level of vaporization. It also has haptic feedback that helps you ensure that you get just the right amount of draw each time. And, it comes with pass-through charging so you never have to be without it – just plug in via USB Type-C.

To use this device all you need is a standard 510 cartridge – no additional accessories are required as everything is included in the box including cleaning tools, extra magnetic collars, extra gasket seals and even a USB Type-C cable for charging. The battery life on this device is quite impressive as well– lasting around 500 draws from a single charge – meaning it’s great if you plan on using it often or taking it on trips.

ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer on DeskDavinci ARTIQ Cartridge VaporizerWHAT’S IN THE ARTIQ CARTRIDGE VAPORIZER BOX1X ARTIQ cartridge vaporizer1X USB Type-C CableCleaning tools2x extra magnetic collars2x extra gasket seals1x User Manual


The performance of this vaporizer speaks for itself – delivering truly cool vapor every time thanks to its unique design features such as its elongated airpath which provides an average vapor temperature of 84°F (28°C) compared to other top loading 510 devices which produce temperatures upwards of 153°F (67°C). Plus, its adjustable temperature settings mean that each session can be tailored perfectly depending on what kind of experience you’re after – whether it’s big clouds or minimal use.

Overall, there’s no denying that the ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful device that delivers delicious flavor every time without compromising safety standards or convenience factor. So why not give it a try today?


Four heat modes to choose from:  Preheat: 1.8v  Low: 2.8v  Medium: 3.2v  High: 3.6v

Artic Cartridge Vaporizer Specs

Features: Cools Vapor by 90%, 4 heat modes, haptic heartbeat feedbackHeating Method: Cartridges are user-suppliedHeat-Up Time: 3 secondsBattery: Type 760 mAH internal battery, rechargeable.Communication: 1 light plus haptic feedbackCapacity: Most 0.5g to 1.0g cartridgesSafety: Heavy Metals Tested. Rohs Certified.Dimensions: 24mm x 42mm x 90mmWeight: 150gWarranty: 1 year

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Industry leaders convened to discuss the future of e-cigarettes in Indonesia

At the recent Indonesia exhibition, Geekvape collaborated with Indonesian industry leaders to discuss and reveal future trends in the market.

Here is the link:

Below is a summary of their key views and insights on future industry trends:


Q1. Can you tell me about the current trends in the Indonesian market by category?

Wholesaler – Santo (Jualvape): “The current trend is towards POD, AIO, and MOD systems. And for disposable in market maybe good but only in Bali and center Jakarta.”

Retailer – Dewi (6V9 Bali): “In my area, POD and MOD systems are popular but disposable products are emerging. Although not a professional field here, I am ready to enter the disposable market.”

E-liquid dealer – Paiy (Clouds Heaven Makassar ): “For the Indonesian vape market, especially in Makassar, POD systems are currently booming.”


Q2. What do you think of the future of different segments – eg disposables vs pods vs advanced open systems?

Wholesaler – Budi (vapebay): “The high tax and lack of customer education make it difficult to sell disposable products this year.”

Retailer – Esji ( Oracle vape store Bali): “I believe that in the future, pod and disposable systems will achieve a balance in the market due to their simplicity. If the liquid runs out, just replace it; if the cartridge tastes bad, just change it. Indonesian people prefer simple things over complicated ones.”

E-liquid dealer – Andri (Vapehitz): “No matter which kind, let the customer choose for themselves, it is the user’s choice. In my store, we still don’t sell disposables because they are expensive and wasteful. Disposable products may not be popular in some cities but could be more common in larger ones.”


Q3. In your opinion, what are Indonesian consumers’ purchasing habits and considerations to be taken into account?

Retailer – Andy (Vapestore Pekalongan): “For first price, next service to customers, must think about customer satisfaction.”

Retailer – Aji and Nunu (Agata vape)

Aji: “First, whether there are new devices, second, there are cheap ones, and the newest and viral.”

Nunu: “Usually cheap, new, viral, and good colors, where I really like bright colors.”

Retailer – Sandi and Riki (GM Vapor Palu)

Sandi: “First cheap, which is again a trend, and color models.”

Riki: “Usually price, the second is the color model, the third is product durability.”


Q4. Do you have any knowledge and insights to share with those who work in the Indonesian e-cigarette industry?

Wholesaler – Budi (JVS): “He should be consistent and work hard, manage his new store well, and focus on it.”

Retailer – Juna (Junavape Bali): “If you want to start your business in this industry, you need to fully understand your products. It’s not just about selling them, but also educating your customers. Make sure your customer is your best friend and not the other way around.”

E-liquid Dealer – Adit (Tokovapeku/preva): “Don’t open new store if u don’t have prepare, Knows market in your location first, which product your area love it, don’t be people pleaser.”


Q5. How exactly does vaping help people quit smoking cigarettes?

Retailer – Wayne (SarangVape): “We can’t blame smokers or vapers for their choices in life, let’s not make them different from each other and respect what they like.”

Retailer – Tyo (DaggerVape): “It depends on the individual, as vaping can be helpful or not.”

Retailer – Algus (vapormania medan): “The cost of vaping is mostly cheaper than smoking cigarettes, and it’s also a healthier alternative. If smokers knew this, I believe they would switch to vaping.”


According to the analysis of industry leaders, in Indonesia’s e-cigarette market, the current trend is still dominated by the POD system, followed by MOD. Disposables are only popular in central Jakarta and some resort areas like Bali. In the future market, pods and disposables will maintain a balance, and the Indonesian e-cigarette market is booming.

Geekvape Sea sale director Alan Wong said Indonesia is one of the largest e-cigarette markets in Southeast Asia, which has achieved rapid growth in the past few years and is expected to continue to expand in the future. The pod vape will remain a mainstream product for a long time to come. To meet market trends, Geekvape introduced the Q series, designed specifically for Indonesian users’ preferences in appearance, taste, cartridge compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. With its superior product strength, GEEKVAPE is able to gain a large market share by 2023. According to his estimates, GEEKVAPE should be in the top five in the Indonesian market.

full geekvape wenax q vape device range in six colours

Alan Wong emphasized the importance of the Indonesian market to Geekvape and plans to increase investment in R&D, design, marketing, sales, and warehousing. The focus is on improving user experience, benefiting partners, promoting industry growth and healthy development.

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GEEKVAPE Showcases New Products Featuring Cutting-edge VPU Technology at the Dubai World Vape Show

This year, the World Vape Show was held at the Dubai World Trade Center from June 21 to 23. During the vape show, Geekvape, the market leader in e-cigarettes, debuted two of its most innovative products, the Geekvape Wenax Q and the GEEKBAR Meloso Ultra, both of which feature cutting-edge VPU technology. Potti Lan, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of GEEKVAPE, informed us of the current status and trends of the Middle East e-cigarette market as well as its current development.

GEEKVAPE is in the top three on the Middle East market, with a distinct segmentation trend

According to Potti Lan, GEEKVAPE entered the Middle East e-cigarette market in 2019, and as the Middle East market began to develop rapidly in 2020, GEEKVAPE was able to acquire a large market share by 2023 thanks to its superior product strength. According to his estimation, GEEKVAPE should position itself in the top three on the Middle Eastern market.

GEEKVAPE primarily promotes two new products at the vape show: Wenax Q and Aegis Hero Classic. According to Potti Lan, GEEKVAPE has a distinct positioning strategy for product development. For instance, the new Wenax Q is an advanced pod system aimed at entry-level users, with excellent aerosol volume and throat hit, which may satisfy entry-level users but also provides new options for advanced users. Concurrently, the method they use for filling e-liquids on top of the Q cartridge is more convenient, and the automatic power matching function is more convenient for novice users. The Aegis Hero Classic is designed to be more portable and lighter for professional vapers seeking convenience.

Large puffs dominate the Middle Eastern market, with advanced and disposable products coexisting

Potti Lan notes that the number of puffs on the Middle Eastern market has progressively increased from 2,000 to 3,000 and 4,000, that the number of disposable puffs is now approaching 8,000, and that there are even products with more than 12,000 puffs. GEEKBAR has also introduced a disposable vape with 10,000 puffs in order to keep up with the latest trend in the industry.

The Meloso Ultra is a disposable vape with a large capacity and a digital screen that is ideal for those who need to use it for an extended period of time or for long-distance travel. The Meloso Max’s gradient color scheme and metallic embellishments make it more portable and suited for social gatherings.

Equipped with cutting-edge VPU technology for an enhanced vaping experience

According to Potti Lan, all four exhibited products have been equipped with GEEKVAPE’s most recent atomization system solution, the VPU, which is analogous to a “CPU” in the technology field. The VPU is a comprehensive solution to the main pain points in the field of atomization, including vaping experience, safety performance, and unit process control. The VPU provides more uniform and reliable heat generation and ensures that the e-cigarette’s flavor remains consistent during continuous use.

Potti Lan thinks that the Middle Eastern market has both advanced and disposable vape devices and that both are expanding quickly. People started using advanced vape devices when the market initially started, therefore, introducing an advanced vape device was an efficient method for establishing a presence in the Middle Eastern market and shaping consumer preferences, according to him.

Although disposable vapes are currently gaining popularity, Potti Lan pointed out that these devices have a number of inherent faults, such as a high cost, a negative impact on the environment, and worries over compliance. He stated that there are some product risks as well as issues with regulatory compliance, and that some disposable vape manufacturers do not have complete production and research expertise. GEEKBAR’s products are built on GEEKVAPE’s well-established knowledge of innovative vape devices, which can improve the user experience while guaranteeing product quality and safety.

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