“Let’s Talk E-cigarettes” – New Episode Released!

There is a new episode of the “Let’s talk e-cigarettes” podcast available.

You may be familiar with this as I have mentioned it in previous news articles.

The podcast is created by a team of Oxford University researchers and is funded by Cancer Research UK.

The purpose of the podcast is to keep on top of new e-cigarette studies and promote a discussion.

September 2022 Episode

In this episode Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Nicola Lindson interview Harry Tattan-Birch who is from the Department of Behavioural Science and Health at University College London.

Harry discusses his team’s recent Randomised Control Trial studying whether adding E-cigarettes to Varenicline medication helps more people quit smoking than just Varenicline alone. Also he discusses research into Heated Tobacco products.

Also new research literature found between July and September 2022 is discussed.

I have included the podcast below or you can visit this link – https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/september-2022-harry-tattan-birch.

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King’s College London Backs Vaping!

King’s College London has completed an evidence based review for the UK Government Office for Health Improvement and Disparities.

The full report – available here in PDF Format – Nicotine Vaping in England – 2022 – is 1468 pages long – so I won’t go into huge depth but will instead pick out the main headlines.

In the full report it covers all areas from survey and testing methods, legislation, health, NICE guidelines, toxicity reports, policy of other countries, stop smoking services and a hell of a lot more!

Review Details

This is the 8th review in a series of independent reports commissioned originally by Public Health England to evaluate the risks of Nicotine Vaping.

It looked at the following topics…

Health Risks

A combination of human vaping exposure and that of animal and cell studies were used to compare the risks of nicotine vaping against smoking plus the absolute risks of vaping only.

The team established the following conclusions…

in the short and medium term, vaping poses a small fraction of the risks of smoking
vaping is not risk-free, particularly for people who have never smoked
evidence is mostly limited to short and medium term effects and studies assessing longer term vaping (for more than 12 months) are necessary
more standardised and consistent methodologies in future studies would improve interpretation of the evidence
Biomarkers of potentially harmful substance levels in the body showed significantly lower biomarkers associated with cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular risk in vaping compared with smoking.
similar or higher exposure to harmful substances from vaping compared with not using nicotine products
no significant increase of toxicant biomarkers after short-term secondhand exposure to vaping among people who do not smoke or vape
Although this review looked at many studies of biomarkers of potential harm, the team could draw only limited conclusions. However, better-run studies assessing short and medium term risks, found no major causes of concern associated with vaping.

Smoking and Vaping Prevalence

When it comes to young people, data from the ASH-Youth 2022 survey of 11-18 year olds showed that:

current smoking prevalence (including occasional and regular smoking) is 6% in 2022, compared with 4.1% in 2021 and 6.7% in 2020
current vaping prevalence (including occasional and regular vaping) is 8.6% in 2022, compared with 4% in 2021 and 4.8% in 2020
most young people who have never smoked are also not currently vaping (98.3%)
use of disposable vaping products has increased substantially, with 52.8% of current vapers using them in 2022, compared with 7.8% in 2021 and 5.3% in 2020

When it comes to adults, data from several national studies in England showed that:

smoking prevalence in England in 2021 was between 12.7% and 14.9% depending on the survey, which equates to between 5.6 and 6.6 million adults who smoke
vaping prevalence in England in 2021 was between 6.9% and 7.1%, depending on the survey, which equates to between 3.1 and 3.2 million adults who vape
vaping prevalence among adults who have never smoked remained very low, at between 0.6% and 0.7% in 2021
the popularity of disposable vaping products has increased among adults who vape, with 15.2% using them in 2022 compared with 2.2% in 2021
tank type products remained the most popular vaping devices (used by 64.3% of adult vapers in 2022)
vaping products remain the most common aid used by people to help them stop smoking
in stop smoking services in 2020 to 2021, quit attempts involving a vaping product were associated with the highest success rates (64.9% compared with 58.6% for attempts not involving a vaping product)
the stop smoking service data are consistent with the latest evidence from the Cochrane living systematic review on electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation which also shows vaping is effective for stopping smoking.


Fruit flavours were the most popular – followed by Mint/Menthol.

The report states that:

Overall, there is a lack of evidence on whether flavourings affect health risks. Vaping products that contain the flavouring chemical cinnamaldehyde are a cause of concern, and regulatory bodies should review its use in e-liquids.

There is limited evidence that some flavourings in vaping products have the potential to alter cellular responses (from animal and cell studies), but less than exposure to tobacco smoke.


According to the report Nicotine levels are generally lower in vaping than smoking, however more experienced vapers can achieve similar levels to smoking.

Existing evidence shows that risk and dependency on nicotine is lower for vaping than smoking but can vary between products.

Harm Perceptions

In 2021 only 34% of adult smokers accurately believed that vaping was less harmful than smoking. Only 11% of smokers knew that hardly any of the risk of smoking was from nicotine.

The report says that inaccurate perceptions need to be addressed!! Woohoo!

Other conclusions…

people’s perceptions about vaping harms can influence their subsequent vaping and smoking behaviour
communicating accurate information about the relative harms of vaping can help to correct misperceptions of vaping, particularly among adults
Interventions on absolute harms of vaping that aim to deter young people need to be carefully designed so they do not misinform people (particularly smokers) about the relative harms of smoking and vaping.

Further Research Recommendations

The report states that there are areas where further research is recommended…

involving people who currently smoke or vape to help shape and design research to ensure research questions are relevant, interpret the evidence and support dissemination
agreeing a common set of biomarkers of exposure and potential harm to be used
standardising the definitions of who is involved in the research, their exposure to vaping and smoking, and how studies report details of the devices involved
agreeing protocols for the different designs of studies used
greater transparency to reduce bias in research, for example pre-registration of study protocols and analytical plans

My Conclusion

I have to say from what I have read this is hugely encouraging for the UK stance on Vaping. Hopefully the enthusiasm to replace smoking with vaping will continue!

You can read more about this in the links below…



Our 2022 Vaping Evidence Review is now out @OHID @SwitchFinder @KingsIoPPN

Full report here 👉 https://t.co/dc8UZiZAmD

Top-line findings here 👇 pic.twitter.com/eDwDqiZ2OZ

— KCL Nicotine Research Group (@KingsNRG) September 29, 2022


The fact that well-known Anti-Vape organisation Bloomberg is actually reporting accurately on this is pretty shocking! Sadly the article in question is pay-walled but it is great to see some positive vaping news from them!

Vaping is far less risky than smoking and has a slightly better success rate than other methods of quitting cigarettes, according to a new study https://t.co/6d3AaM61lv

— Bloomberg (@business) September 29, 2022

Considering Mike Bloomberg has been vocal about how he feels about vaping – this tweet has gone down a storm on Twitter !!

Does @MikeBloomberg also read this? He should inform the #WHO immediately.
We can help you spread scientific evidences and datas! #VapingSavesLives

— Panthernoster ~ every day 350 🇩🇪 die from 🚬 (@panthernoster) September 29, 2022

The irony is killing me!
🙈🙉🙊🤪🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/YmHQ2O7yP6

— Michael Redfearn (@RedfearnMike) September 29, 2022

The irony here is overwhelming: Bloomberg News is reporting accurate information…

…while @MikeBloomberg‘s @BloombergDotOrg invests $152 million per year to promote health misinformation in the tobacco control field, based on his own personal #HarmReduction denialist views. https://t.co/7CTFgqUG3b

— Charles A. Gardner, PhD (@ChaunceyGardner) September 29, 2022

Well, well, well … https://t.co/NxwUpJ0kMZ pic.twitter.com/P6H3u8Cahh

— Martin C (@NannyFreeState) September 29, 2022

As Alanis Morissette would say – “Isn’t it ironic”…

Let me know your conclusions in the comments below!

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Need empty disposable CBD pod system vape OEM in Japan • VAPE HK

Need empty disposable CBD pod system vape OEM in Japan

As the buyer says,

“We are currently contemplating a business selling pod-style vapes in global.

We are thinking of having partnership like yours for manufacturing the devices.
As we would like to request sample of pod-style vapes, kindly tell us about the following questions.

To make it clear, we would like to get “Disposable pod” and “Rechargeable battery (Device)”.
We actually do not need the flavor or juice in the pod itself.

Our Requirements for battery and pod for CBD vape is below.
Please refer to our product page for colors and design.

– Battery
1. Oxidation technology
2. Three different colors (Midnight Blue, Champagne Gold ,Rose Gold)
3. Hollowed our logo on one side of battery and logo print on the other side
– Pod
1. Metal electroplating with food grade requirements
2. Resistance for CBD oil with heat when inhale
3. Logo printing on the pod”


Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

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Tobacco Giant BAT Invests in Cannabis Startup Alongside Snoop Dogg

BAT has recently reported a 51% rise to 2.05 billion pounds in adjusted sales of its “new categories” product line which includes e-cigarettes, heated tobacco and oral nicotine products.

Along with rapper Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital, BAT has invested in the Berlin-based Sanity Group GmbH. Securing $37.6 million in the deal, it is believed that the cannabis startup will use half the amount towards strengthening Sanity’s medical business, while the rest will be spent on preparing for the potential legalization of recreational marijuana in Germany.

“This funding is an important milestone for us and a strong signal towards the future of cannabis in Germany and Europe,” said Max Narr, chief investment officer at Sanity Group. “Against the backdrop of a challenging global economy, we are proud to have achieved a funding round of this magnitude.”

BAT’s expansion into new categories

In other news, announcing a 2 billion-pound buyback, BATS.L has recently reported a 7% rise in full-year adjusted revenue, and also a dividend increase of 1.0% to 217.8 pence and a 2 billion pound share repurchase programme for 2022.

The tobacco company has also reported a 51% rise to 2.05 billion pounds in adjusted sales of its “new categories” product line which includes e-cigarettes, heated tobacco and oral nicotine products. Despite the fact that this division has not generated any profit yet, BAT said that it was on track to report revenue of 5 billion pounds and profitability by 2025.

“Continued growth in new categories is a cornerstone of BAT’s long-term plans for success,” Third Bridge analyst Ross Hindle said. “With over 1.1 billion smokers still using combustibles, the opportunity to convert consumers towards New Categories is highly attractive.”

Read Further: Bloomberg

Big Tobacco’s Attempts to Become More Sustainable

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Vaping petition reaches 10,000 signatures • VAPE HK

A petition urging the World Health Organisation (WHO) to respect consumer rights and end its lies against vaping has been signed by over 10,000 people. Organisers now want to hit 20,000 signatures by COP10.

Launched during the 2021 Voices4Vape webinar, the Right2Switch petition calls for WHO to ‘stop lying to us and only provide guidance based on sound scientific facts, methodologies and principles.’

Leading Asia Pacific vape advocate, Nancy Loucas, says WHO’s continual insistence that safer nicotine products are as harmful as combustible tobacco and should be banned or heavily restricted is costly millions of smokers’ lives globally.

The petition implores WHO and health authorities around the world to regulate based on sound scientific facts that include consumer participation as part of the decision-making process.

It calls on WHO to stop interfering with the rights of adults to make informed choices regarding their health and wellbeing. It also demands WHO follows its own mandate of ‘we communicate openly with everyone and learn from one another.’

Nancy Loucas, who is Executive Coordinator of the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA), says while WHO continues to dig in on its unjustifiable anti-vaping position, next year presents an opportunity for change.

In November 2023, Panama will host WHO’s 10th FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) Conference of Parties (COP10). The key global meeting will see delegates discuss and make recommendations on safer nicotine products.

“In just over 12 months, international delegates will have their best opportunity to ensure global public health guidance on vaping finally reflects the reality: It’s saving smokers’ lives as an effective and harm reduced smoking cessation tool,” she says.

CAPHRA says about 70 countries have so far ignored WHO’s anti-vaping crusade and regulated vaping, with those countries’ respective smoking rates falling significantly.

“Petitions like this are adding to the growing pressure WHO is now under. It’s well overdue for WHO to follow the evidence, rather than winding up constant, yet often baseless, hysteria,” she says.

The Right2Switch petition can be viewed and signed at https://change.org/v4v-petition

Petitioners say adults have every right to choose how they live their lives – the right to make informed choices for their health, including the choice to use safer nicotine products as an alternative to deadly combustible tobacco.

“A solution to the world’s smoking problem is already here. WHO FCTC needs to act and so let’s aim for 20,000 signatures by COP10 in 2023. Millions of smokers’ lives depend on Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates doing all we can to ensure COP10 delivers evidence-based decisions, not emotional ones,” says Nancy Loucas. 

Boasting nearly 15,000 testimonials, CAPHRA is calling on those who’ve quit cigarettes through smoke-free nicotine alternatives to tell their story on www.righttovape.org

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Study Questions Whether Vaping Promotes Smoking or Smoking Cessation?

After a 24 month check in, 63% of e-cigarettes-only users transitioned to abstinence.

Titled, “Is e-cigarette use associated with persistence or discontinuation of combustible cigarettes? A 24-month longitudinal investigation in young adult binge drinkers,” the study compiled data from 1,002 binge drinkers(58.5% female; M age = 22.14) binge drinkers from the US and Canada, to determine how vaping affected their smoking patterns.

The research team found that dual-product users predominantly transitioned to complete abstinence or exclusively e-cigarette use. In smokers, the most common transition was to abstain, followed by persistence of combustible-only status. After a 24 month check in, 63% of e-cigarettes-only users transitioned to abstinence, with 37% continuing e-cigarettes-only use and 0% transitioning to dual or combustible cigarette use.

In view of the these results the researchers concluded that e-cigarettes yielded positive results. “Dual-product use in young adult binge drinkers was associated with discontinuation of combustible tobacco over time, and e-cigarette-only use was not associated with subsequent combustible tobacco use.”

Vaping regularly aided smoking cessation

Similarly, a recent Australian study titled, “Is smoking reduction and cessation associated with increased e-cigarette use? Findings from a nationally representative sample of adult smokers in Australia,” concluded that while occasional e-cigarette use was not associated with smoking reduction/cessation, daily use was.

“Compared with no current e-cigarette use, daily e-cigarette users reported an increased likelihood for smoking reduction among current daily smokers (RRR = 2.83; 95% CI = 1.53, 5.22) and were more likely to report quitting smoking among past year smokers (RRR = 2.16; 95% CI = 1.30, 3.58). Smoking reduction and cessation for occasional e-cigarette use were not significantly different from no e-cigarette use,” read the study Abstract.

Study Questions The Effectiveness of Vapes For Smoking Cessation

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ALD took part in InterTabac 2022 • VAPE HK

ALD took part in InterTabac 2022ALD has attended the Inter-Tabac 2022 held in Dortmund, Germany from 15-17th September 2022.

And the ALD team has brought their top-notch products and even surprise gifts to their booth showing them to their visitors. Those products include disposable vape Cube, Origin,Triangle, Diamond, pod vape Sentry, Xpllo, Cosima, and CBD vape pens.

Here is their booth address:

Date: 15-17th September 2022
Location: Messe Dortmund GmbH, Strobelallee 45, 44139 Dortmund, Germany
Booth No.: D26

Held annually, InterTabac (Dortmund, Germany) is one of Europe’s top tobacco and e-cigarette exhibitions.

Learn more from ALD official site

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Legalisation will control youth vaping in Thailand • VAPE HK

“Legalising and regulating vaping will give Thailand greater control over youth vaping. The ongoing ban is only making it worse,” says Asa Saligupta, Director of ECST (ENDS Cigarette Smoke Thailand).

His comments follow recent statements by Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul that continuing with Thailand’s vaping ban will protect the youth.

“Driving vaping underground only makes it more attractive to young people. Further, a total absence of regulatory control enables the black market to thrive with no product safety standards whatsoever. Vaping bans are not a solution nor are they sustainable,” says Mr Saligupta.

With draft legislation already available to Thailand’s parliament, the ECST Director remains confident that safer nicotine products will be regulated. He says most politicians and the public remain supportive of lifting the country’s failed vaping ban.

ECST notes that despite the Public Health Minister’s recent comments, the Digital Economy and Society Minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, government officials, and public health experts know exactly what needs to be done to address Thailand’s smoking epidemic.

“Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) advocates will keep quietly working behind the scenes. Regulation will give consumers better protection, encourage more smokers to quit deadly cigarettes, and ensure we have much better control over youth vaping with a strict purchase age,” he says.

Mr Saligupta says sadly the Public Health Minister has been lobbied hard by the likes of Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth). ECST believes, however, there’s a real chance of the stalled vaping bill being passed after the general election expected later this year.

“Smoking kills about 50,000 Thai people every year. Continuing Thailand’s harsh ban and penalties on vape products will only mean more smoking-related illnesses and premature deaths. It’s crazy when legalising and regulating vaping now have widespread support across Thailand,” he says.

Ignoring the World Health Organization’s (WHO) anti-vape agenda, nearly 70 countries have now adopted regulatory frameworks on safer nicotine products, leading to dramatic declines in their overall smoking rates.

“All we ask is that Thailand follows the evidence. Unfortunately, our country sits among an increasingly isolated crowd which continue to follow the WHO’s totally discredited advice. In reality, vaping is the most successful smoking cessation tool we have and is miles safer than smoking cigarettes. As a reformed smoker, vaping has simply saved my life. Legal and regulated access to e-cigarettes is now well overdue,” says Asa Saligupta.

ECST is a member of CAPHRA (Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates). CAPHRA says Asia Pacific is making great strides in crushing tobacco and enabling smokers to switch to safer nicotine products.

“The Philippines has recently lifted its vaping ban, regulating the importation, manufacture, sale, and marketing of vaping products. Thailand will get there thanks to the sheer weight of scientific evidence and the hard work of THR advocates like ECST,” says Nancy Loucas, Executive Coordinator of CAPHRA.

The Right2Switch petition urging the WHO to respect consumer rights and end its lies against vaping has now been signed by over 10,000 people. It can be viewed and signed at https://change.org/v4v-petition

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ZOVOO shines at InterTabac Germany and Philippine Vape Festival • VAPE HK

Recently, ZOVOO global tour was successfully held in the Germany and the Philippines, which was highly praised by local fans.

As an innovative leader in the field of disposable e-cigarettes, ZOVOO brought a number of new disposable products to both event sites and gained many overseas business opportunities.

InterTabac 2022 – Dortmund, Germany

On September 17th, InterTabac 2022 ended successfully with the enthusiastic participation of German e-cigarette fans. More than 400 VAPE brands from around the world gathered at the event, with more than 20,000 visitors.


ZOVOO has brought a number of new products to the event, including DRAGBAR Z700 GT, an ultra-thin ceramic core device, DRAGBAR 600S, which combines ingenious technology and intelligent innovation, CUBEBAR 600, which has a unique shape and excellent taste, and DRAGBAR B5000, a hot new product with Mesh Coil.

ZOVOO made a sparkling debut at InterTabac 2022 in Germany

Among them, DRAGBAR 600S and DRAGBAR Z700 GT gained a high degree of topics and strong cooperation intention, and became the star products of the whole event.

Germany is one of the world’s largest markets for e-cigarette products, and has always attached importance to the high quality of products and services.

In InterTabac 2022, ZOVOO showed the latest products and technological achievements, achieved efficient docking with dealers, and promoted ZOVOO brand to local consumers, which is full of positive significance to the layout of ZOVOO in the German market.

Philippine Vape Festival – Manila, Philippines

On September 18, the Philippine Vape Festival 2022 ended successfully. As the most popular Disposable VAPE brand in Southeast Asia, ZOVOO has brought numerous products to the event and stood out among many international brands!

ZOVOO made a sparkling debut at InterTabac 2022 in Germany

The rich product lines of ZOVOO attracted the attention of local dealers and retailers, especially DRAGBAR hot-selling products, DRAGBAR R6000 and DRAGBAR F8000, which gained a high topic and strong intention of cooperation.

ZOVOO made a sparkling debut at InterTabac 2022 in Germany

It is the ZOVOO team’s in-depth mining of user needs, innovative exploration of appearance, optimization of product details and guarantee of taste that make ZOVOO products continue to be loved by global users and define a new pattern of disposable e-cigarettes.

ZOVOO takes “By your side” as brand slogan, and always adheres to the business philosophy of “user-focus”, trying to provide global consumers with richer and diversified product choices, as well as safer and more pleasant product experience.

ZOVOO will continue to pursue innovation and breakthrough in technology, go all out to explore the market. For more information, please visit https://www.izovoo.com/ and follow ZOVOO on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

Media contact: [email protected]

Warning: This product may be used in conjunction with e-liquids containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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UK Vape Giant VOOPOO Moves into Pole Position with BTCC

Press Release

This weekend saw the Silverstone round of BTCC conclude, as one of the most watched racing events in the UK this race was attended by nearly 50,000 spectators and broadcast to a further 500 million viewers worldwide.

Race ready with VOOPOO

As the UK‘s No. 1 vape brand, VOOPOO is proud to back the professional racing driver Will Powell, Will is in his early career as an up-and-coming British Touring Car Champion, will comes from a strong background in GT racing and on top of this Will also own and operates the race team Motus One.

Track side Wills car had the VOOPOO logo prominently displayed for fans to see. With a strong combination of vape brand and competitive sports, it showed the determination of VOOPOO and users to stay together. Just as the driver WILL praised VOOPOO, “I started vaping to stop smoking conventional cigarettes and found the VOOPOO range to be the best choice.”

Shows team colours with VOOPOO models

As the day commenced the two VOOPOO models engaged with the audience to show off the newly released products from VOOPOO the DRAG H80S and DRAG E60. As the two latest models from the DRAG series, they were widely loved by users once they came out, this was also the first time they were shown to users in the UK.

According to many industry leaders, it is certain to be a top selling product from VOOPOO with rich taste, experience, unique appearance, and the new ECO mode.

Since the release of the DRAG product that is loved by users around the world since 2017, VOOPOO has always adhered to the user-centric approach and is committed to becoming an expert in the e-cigarette category.

At present, VOOPOO has created four major product series of ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI, V, covering MOD, to PODMOD, and POD multi-type products. VOOPOO hopes to bring every user the ultimate vaping experience and unforgettable vaping moments through each product that has been carefully developed.

And remember “Quit Smoking, chose VOOPOO”.


VOOPOO was established in 2017 and has rapidly risen through DRAG products, which have been widely acclaimed globally in a short period of time. As a high-tech enterprise with R&D,design, manufacturing, and branding, VOOPOO has four major product series — ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI, and V. Currently, VOOPOO has a presence in more than 70 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Website: https://www.voopoo.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voopootech_official/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voopooglobal
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/VOOPOO
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@voopoofans

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