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Hello everyone, we meet again. I am very happy to share the product with you on the last day of 2019. New Year is coming soon. Captain Dirty will not recommend any device here. The focus is on the e-liquid because of the New Year since there is no express delivery, and everyone will certainly stock a variety of e-liquids, so what e-liquid is good and what e-liquid is not good to vape on?
Today’s protagonist, the well-known business card “CAFE RACER VAPE“, its subsidiary product “Lucky 13” and “Lucky bitch” e-liquid have been deeply rooted in the hearts of most friends. With the popularization of pod nicotine salt, what we are going to talk today is the nicotine salt oil of the Salty Bastard series, let’s go.

Product Introduction

Product packaging

The product packaging is a bit different from the previous Salty Bastad. The previous one was 3 bottles of 10mL, which is convenient for everyone to carry out. This time Captain Dirty brings several new flavors, all in the model of 30mL one bottle. The design is no different from the old flavor before. And you can see various elements of the motorcycle. I don’t think it’s good to leave out the old carton. After all, it ‘s a commodity. The outer packaging without the carton feels a bit cheap, and it even feels like it was bought by the roadside.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Product Formular

The new flavor has 25mg nicotine salt content and 40mg nicotine salt content this time. If you use it on a pod vape device, it is recommended to use 40mg nicotine salt. If it is prone to Mouth to Lung device, it is best to use 25mg nicotine salt content.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Product Flavor

Infini Mint, Blueberry Ice, Sour Cranberry Ice, and Chilled Lychee.
It is worth saying that the flavor of the pod brand Motto, which is owned by CAFE RACER VAPE, seems to be really popular.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Product Experience

Captain Dirty Testing Device:
Asvape Micro

Infini Mint

Official description: The minty ice-cold flavor that breaks through the nerves of the brain makes you wake up alone in the morning each morning, and does not contaminate with the world

Captain Dirty experience: It ‘s really the feeling of buzz. As described, when I get up in the morning and vape a bit this e-liquid, I wake up directly without exaggeration, and the overall refreshing feeling is very good. You will feel that some of the combined effects of this vape juice are really comfortable, cool, and good taste.

Blueberry Ice

Official description: It’s like suddenly broking into a harsh and chill forest, the sweet and sour blueberries wrap you up in an ice coat in hot summer

Captain Dirty Experience: In fact, the simple point is the blueberry flavor. There are not many surprises. In the Salty Bastard series, Captain Dirty thinks it is a slightly mediocre performance. It still lacks some buzz and throat hit, the blueberry has less momentum, and the fragrance of the fermented berry alcohol is not there.

Sour Cranberry Ice

Official description: A sip of sweet and sour that goes straight into the deep throat, like a plum of soda drenched in summer, drenches your happiness

Captain Dirty experience: Before I heard the unanimous praise from friends, it’s already the hit product of the Motto pod vape brand. It is really good. The ingredient matching ratio in it is just right, there is no extra coolness and no excess acid, and the experience is sour and sweet, great!

Chilled Lychee

Official description: The slight litchi scent blooms on the nose and ends on the tongue. A random dose of ice mint is used to neutralize the sweetness, elegance and accent.

Captain Dirty experience: The sweetness of lychee must arouse great expectations in your heart. Indeed, this Chilled Lychee does a very good job. First of all, the real lychee is very sweet with a little bit of sour flavor. The ultimate flavor fidelity makes me really feel the strength of the manufacturer, the vaping feeling is like eating the lychee. Folks who are familiar with Captain Dirty may know, Captain Dirty barely put this kind of positive feedback. Captain Dirty never boast any kind of e-liquid, but the real feeling is like this, great flavor.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Vape how we Roll,all in TrueToy.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next year.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Captain Dirty Wechat: SiangCiao

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Where to buy Salty Bastard e-liquid

Nansha customs returns 909 thousand yuan gippro vapes to Japan

According to the official news of the general office of the General Administration of customs, recently, Nansha customs, affiliated to Guangzhou Customs, found that when checking a batch of cross-border e-commerce goods in stock, the declared goods named Japanese gippro vaporizer, Japanese gippro vape pen and other goods were clearly marked with the words “e-cigarettes” on the enterprise sales website.

The general office of the General Administration of Customs said that according to the notice on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes (No. 1, 2019) jointly issued by the state tobacco monopoly administration and the State Administration of market supervision and administration on October 30, Nansha customs immediately informed the relevant enterprises to stop selling the electronic cigarettes on the shelves and ordered the enterprises to return the batch of electronic cigarettes to Japan, involving a value of 909000 yuan.

Previously, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued the notice on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes, urging e-commerce platforms to close e-cigarette stores in a timely manner and remove e-cigarette products from the shelves in a timely manner. In addition, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau also said it would continue to investigate and punish the illegal production and sale of electronic cigarettes.

At that time, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau also said that, in order to further strengthen the protection of physical and mental health of minors and prevent minors from purchasing and smoking electronic cigarettes through the Internet, it urged enterprises or individuals engaged in the production and sale of electronic cigarettes to close the Internet sales website or client in a timely manner since the issuance of the notice; urged e-commerce platforms to close the electronic cigarette shops in a timely manner, and E-cigarette products shall be removed from the shelves in a timely manner; enterprises or individuals engaged in the production and sale of e-cigarettes shall be urged to withdraw the e-cigarette advertisements published through the Internet.

FreeMax, the pioneer manufacturer of high-tech vaping products – Best factory recommendation

Learn more about FreeMax:

FreeMax is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electronic cigarettes and vapor hardware to all around the world. It is located in ShaJing town, Baoan district Shenzhen City, China.

Since the foundation in 2013, FreeMax has achieved an excellent reputation for its high quality, powerful innovation ability, and outstanding customer service. FreeMax has released a series of patented products that have made a profound influence on the whole industry.

We can see it’s a true pioneer manufacturer because it’s founded in 2013, only after ALD Group Limited that was founded in 2009.

FreeMax, the pioneer manufacturer of high-tech vaping products - Best factory recommendation
GEMM product: How to fill e-liquid

According to their official introduction, FreeMax best-selling product GEMM provides the best vaping experience with its unique three-level wattage adjustment tube, built-in mesh coils, eco-friendly PCTG material and easy top-filling system sealed with a silicone plug. We also found that FreeMax is a big mod vape manufacturer name 深圳市威玛斯科技有限公司 in Chinese.

We haven’t tested it yet so we can’t say more without real experience. Meanwhile, we’re talking with the factory for more info about their products and share them with you later.

Top 10 vape brand shops in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, a city beside Hong Kong, now becomes a great place for Hong Kong citizens to try and buy vapes, because the vape shops in Hong Kong are quite hard to find while Shenzhen produces most vapes in the world and it’s a legal and free place to buy and sells vapes. More and more Hong Kong residents are asking about how to buy vapes in Shenzhen, and where to find the best offline vape store in Shenzhen.

The author who lives in Shenzhen, vapes a lot and even sells some vapes himself, is totally qualified to answer above questions from Hong Kong friends.

Tips: In China, you need to use Baidu map, Google is not working here at all. Even though you use a VPN to get access to Google map, the information on it is extremely obsolete, partial and incomplete.

Top 1 SNOWPLUS Vape Brand Shop

SNOWPLUS brand shop

Address: 39, floor 1, Bada shopping mall, Yongxin street, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese:广东省深圳市罗湖区永新街八达商城负一楼39号)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • SNOWPLUS starter kit provides the best user experience.
  • The handsome guys in the shop are very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful.
  • Next to Luohu subway station, the gateway of Hong Kong to Shenzhen


Top 2 MOTI Vape Brand Shop

MOTI Vape Brand Shop

Address: Building 38, Yintian Industrial Zone, Yantian community, Xixiang street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province(Chinese: 广东省深圳市宝安区西乡街道盐田社区银田工业区38栋魔笛电子烟店)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • The shopkeeper has a rich knowledge of vapes.
  • MOTI vape has a good throat hit and provides vapers good buzz.
  • MOTI vape has a good brand image worldwide with millions of fans.


Top 3 RELX Vape Brand Shop

Relx Vape Brand Shop

Address: First floor, Futian Port Commercial Plaza, Yuheng Road, Futian street, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区福田街道裕亨路福田口岸商业广场一楼7天酒店旁边)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Next to Futian subway station, the gateway of Hong Kong to Shenzhen
  • RELX vape doesn’t leak e-liquid
  • RELX vape has a unique design


Top 4 Keke Xiangla Factory Direct Store

Keke Xiangla factory Store

Address: 108 Minle Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙华区民乐路108)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Factory direct sale, low price
  • Near Shenzhen North Station, convenient
  • Special store, professional

Top 5 Aidun Vape Store


Address: No. 3008-1, shennanzhong, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区深南中3008-1号潮流前线地铁商场负一1A068)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • In Huangqiang Bei, world famous electronics sales center
  • Has MOTTO vape in stock
  • Good flavor experience


Top 6 ammo Vape Brand Shop

Vape Brand Shop ammo

Address: Floor 2, sunshine Bay, No. 82, Wuhe South Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙岗区五和南路82号阳光湾畔二楼)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Ammo is a popular vape brand in China
  • Ammo disposable vape is good
  • A chance to visit inner Shenzhen

Top 7 Maxfel Vape Brand Shop

Maxfel Vape Brand Shop

Address: Hua Qiang Bei, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng
China (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区振华路78-3)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Fashionable store decoration
  • Great flavor experience
  • Friendly shopkeeper


Top 8 vvild Vape Brand Store

vvild Vape Brand Store

Address: Mei Li Lu,Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区梅丽路220号)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Famous star Edition Chen is the brand’s representative
  • Similar to other pod vapes, not bad
  • Famous Luo Yonghao is its founder


Top 9 IJOY Vape Factory

IJOY Vape Factory

Address: 3 / F, building 8, hengmingzhu Industrial Park, Xiangxing Road, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen (Chinese: 深圳市宝安区沙井镇向兴路恒明珠工业园8栋3楼)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • A good place to know more about China vape industry
  • The pioneer of mod vapes
  • A place to view more natural and beautiful sceneries of Shenzhen

Top 10 Yooz Vape Brand Shop

Yooz Vape Brand Shop

Address: Floor 2, jiazhaoye Plaza, Buji Mumian Bay, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙岗区深圳龙岗布吉木棉湾佳兆业广场二楼扶梯旁yooz电子烟)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Yooz vape has Feelm inside ceramic heating core, which’s adopted by major vape brands
  • Yooz vape is an influencer brand. Its founder is famous in China.
  • Yooz vape has stable performance .


The emergence of vapes in thousands of offline convenience stores

In November 2019, about 1 month ago, it’s hard to find vapes in offline convenience stores, maybe 1 in 10 shops. Now 1 month later in December, even the 80-year-old grandma shopkeeper who knows nothing about vapes and doesn‘t welcome new things, starts selling them in Shenzhen now. The vape brand offline expansion speed is fast and furious. How hard-working these China vape brands are!

e-cigarette brand has experienced a round of reshuffle and transferred to offline channels.

After thorough observation and investigation, we found most vapes in small or chain convenience stores like 7 Seven, Meiyijia and Chongye Aimin, etc, are disposable, one-off and pod type. Their prices are between 39 yuan to 49 yuan, which are affordable to most traditional smokers. Meanwhile, according to our real test, no matter throat hit, nicotine strength or flavor, those disposable’ vaping experience is not inferior to any pod system or mod vape. Those disposable vapes are foolproof, convenient and instant, which is user-friendly and of high quality. What’s more, most stores have over 10 flavors in stock, great for choosing the one you like. Highly recommended to Hong Kong friends.

How to find convenience stores that sell vapes?

Convenience shops in Shenzhen are almost everywhere. Choose a few randomly and you’ll see.


Where to buy a cheaper but decent vape in Shenzhen

The offline shop experience is essential to many novel vapers, and they only buy after they try. That’s reasonable and rational.

However, it won’t be a wise move if you keep buying from the offline stores because offline vape brand official shops often have a 10% higher price compared to buying from the brand agents and dealers, because brands have to pay the extremely high shopping mall entrance fee, the rent and staff wage.

When you want a better price experience with the same vape, contact VAPE.HK, please. We have lots of agents providing the authentic products you need at a lower price.

New No Smoking Logo is Issued by Shenzhen Municipal Tobacco Control Office

Shenzhen people please note that your familiar “no smoking” logo has been upgraded! On October 1 this year, the revised “Regulations on Smoking Control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations on tobacco control”) included electronic cigarettes in the scope of tobacco control. For this reason, the Shenzhen Municipal Tobacco Control Office issued the “guidelines on the production and setting of marking lines for tobacco control signs in Shenzhen”, adding electronic cigarette signs on the basis of the original ones, which is still the first in China.

On October 1 this year, the revised regulations on tobacco control came into effect. Article 44 of the Regulations stipulates that “smoking refers to the use of electronic cigarettes, the holding of other tobacco products that are heated or HNB.” In addition, in terms of the definition of tobacco products, the new version of the regulations on tobacco control also makes it clear that tobacco products “refer to all or part of the products and electronic cigarettes produced by tobacco as raw materials for mouth inhalation, sucking, chewing or nose inhalation.”.

In order to enable the public to better understand the control of electronic cigarettes in the new smoke control regulations and improve the efficiency of law enforcement, Shenzhen smoke control office organized experts to redesign and make all kinds of smoke control signs, add electronic cigarette elements to the smoke control signs, and add text descriptions, so that the public can quickly understand the regulations on the control of electronic cigarettes.

The World Health Organization also praised Shenzhen’s practice. Sun Jiani, a tobacco free action technical officer at the World Health Organization’s representative office in China, said it was necessary to use electronic cigarette control signs in Shenzhen.

In Shenzhen, e-cigarettes are also included in the control scope, which means that the sales of e-cigarettes also need to post warning signs according to regulations. For those who violate this provision, the market supervision and administration department shall order them to make corrections within a time limit and impose a fine of 2000 yuan; for those who do not make corrections within the time limit, a fine of 10000 yuan shall be imposed.

In the future, Shenzhen will set a one-year buffer period, and complete the replacement of relevant site signs before December 31, 2020.

It is reported that in order to facilitate the redesign and production of new version of smoke control signs in all places where smoking is prohibited, the legends of various types of smoke control sign templates can be downloaded from the website of Shenzhen Municipal Commission of health and health ( The download path is: Information Disclosure – Information Disclosure Directory – Other – Notices – Guidelines for the production and setting of smoke control signs in Shenzhen (Trial). The city’s tobacco control office will also print a number of new versions of tobacco control signs, which will be distributed to all kinds of non-smoking places through volunteer supervision and training of site managers.

The guidelines for the production and setting of marking lines of smoke control signs in Shenzhen also requires that all kinds of smoke control signs must be clear and visible beyond 5 meters.

Vape giant Juul retreats from China

After the American e-cigarette giant Juul reach the Chinese market for less than a year, it’s rapidly withdrawing from China now. Shenzhen’s layoffs, Beijing executives’ resign, and Shanghai and Suzhou’s intensive downsizing all show Juul is retreating and failing in China.

According to statistics, Juul was founded in 2015 and is a US e-cigarette startup. In December 2018, the company was acquired by U.S. tobacco giant Altria Group for $ 12.8 billion, and its valuation rose to $ 38 billion. To this end, the company also gave out $ 2 billion as a year-end award to employees, with an average of $ 1.3 million per person.

Juul was once a myth of the electronic cigarette industry. Juul has long been a fan of China, which is expected to become the next trillion-level electronic cigarette market. In fact, as early as 2016, Juul began planning to enter the Chinese market, but because the China domestic situation was unclear at the time, the plan to enter China was put on hold. As the national standard for electronic cigarettes has entered the “in approval” phase, many entrepreneurs have begun to make electronic cigarettes.

At the end of 2018, Juul set up a local team in China and became a grounded multinational company. It rented WeWork’s almost one-story office space in Beijing’s Upper East Gemini, filled it with brand new workstations. But few rooms are full, and most of the time, there are only a few Chinese executives who have conference calls with the US headquarters every week.

A year later, Juul’s business in China was almost halted and it was losing ground. From 0 to 38 billion US dollars (about 266 billion yuan) valuation, the company took three years; from 38 billion US dollars to 16.4 billion US dollars (about 114.787 billion yuan), it only took one year.

In September 2019, Juul tested online e-commerce sales in China, but it did not last long. On November 1, China issued the strictest e-cigarette warning to date, calling on the e-cigarette industry to stop selling and promoting e-cigarette products online. Juul was unable to go online with JD Tmall, and died before starting his career.

According to Ran Financial Journal, Juul China has laid off staff in November. Sources in the Shenzhen branch revealed that “people from the U.S. headquarters first arrived in Shanghai, brought lawyers to Shenzhen, and then asked everyone to go home.” Currently the Juul Shenzhen branch basically already in a disbanded state. According to sources, Juul’s branch in Suzhou has also carried out personnel layoffs. In addition, Beijing executives resigned and Shanghai and Suzhou staffed downsizing is going on.

In addition, a person close to Juul said that after the online sales ban was introduced in early November, Juul’s business in China was basically suspended, and all recruitment plans were suspended. “Stand by and watch the domestic market first, and wait for instructions from the US headquarters.”

Juul has a hard time in the U.S. in 2019

Former e-cigarette myth Juul, life in the United States in 2019 is very difficult.

On November 15, Juul’s headquarters said it would lay off 650 employees, accounting for 16% of all 4051 employees. This move will help Juul reduce costs by nearly $ 1 billion next year.

Juul is struggling in the United States. Currently, the US e-cigarette ban has not been officially launched, but Juul has voluntarily stopped the sale of flavoring products other than tobacco flavors, stopped all advertising, and does not support any private e-cigarette associations that intended to challenge the government and flavor ban.

The pressure that Juul faces in the United States mainly comes from the popular e-cigarette culture among young people in the United States. This has led states to take measures to sanction Juul. Not only have prosecutions from schools and individuals, but also the attorneys from California and New York have sued Juul for advertising fraud and addiction to minors.

Under the pressure of many parties, Juul replaced almost all of its executives. The executive from Altria KC took over Juul as CEO, and the strategy adopted was to actively revise the previous extensive operations and actively surrender.

With the cliff-like slump in business and the downturn in the US e-cigarette market, Juul’s valuation may continue to fall.

Too many disposable e-cigarette options? We found the best of the best


Vaping is becoming more and more popular, and there are thousands of different e-cigarettes on the market these days. Compact, affordable, easy to use, the disposable e-cigarettes get fans affection causing the rising offer. With the growing market, new disposable e-cigarette products are coming out every single day. But what can we do to choose the best disposable e-cigarette?

Here is a review of the best disposable e-cigarettes on the market, helping you to make a better decision.



Puff Bar raises its own bar with its newly disposable pod device to puff away that is compact, light, and portable. Each of these pods has a total capacity of 1.3ml and the nicotine concentration is 5% by volume.

Puff Bar Disposables are a new and delicious line of disposable e-cigarette,with a good looking just like JUUL. Puff Bar’s e-liquid is made in the USA which stands for an excellent flavor experience. The flavor is nice with a strong power output, so it is no doubt that the puff bar owns a good battery.


17 utterly delicious flavors

5% nicotine by volume

Great wattage output


Vapor production is not consistent

Rate: 4.5/5


Posh Plus Disposable

Posh Plus Disposable

Its tight draw and sharp flavors impressed. Furthermore, Posh managed to squeeze 2ml of ejuice into every disposable e-cigarette. This is over twice the capacity of a single pod system and made this disposable a less expensive option for convenience and value-minded vapers. It has a variety of flavors like Tobacco Menthol, Pina Colada, Frosted Apple, Frozen Strawberry, Cream Brulee, Fireball and Minty Berry. The dark red lighter makes Posh Plus look like a burning cigarette, and you can buy them in single packs as well as 10-packs or you can purchase individual units to give them a try. The only concern is that the 6% nicotine strength might be too heavy for some people.


2mL capacity

10+ flavors

Great battery life


Nicotine strength might be heavy

Rate: 3.5/5




One of the older disposable e-cigarette devices, the STIG disposable vapes hit the market around 2018 and took the world by storm. It’s shaped like a little flattened bullet and comes in 3-packs of five flavor options with 6% nicotine. The STIG has less e-juice in the pod (1.2 ml).


Quality tasting E-Liquid by SaltNic Labs


Nicotine strength might be heavy

Vapor production is not that consistent

Rate: 2.5/5




MOTI PIIN is a brand new product launched by MOTI, one of the biggest ecig company in the United States. MOTI PIIN is a pre-filled nicotine salt disposable e-cigarette that brings you rich flavors and denser clouds from the very first puff, which can stimulate your imagination about your life and your work. MOTI PIIN are filled with 1.6mL of 5% nicotine juice and come available in about 10 different flavors including Tropical Mango, Banana Frost, Jasmine Tea, and many more.


Great throat hit

Color coding helps you keep track of flavors

Look nice


Might be too icy

Rate: 4/5


Fogg Disposable

fogg Disposable

The disposable FOGG Pod Device is like the VGOD Stig in shape, size and nicotine strength (5%). The packaging is quite nice. Each pod comes in it’s own little box and is wrapped in plastic with silicone pieces covering the mouth piece and the bottom.

There are 2 opinions on Fogg. One thinks the flavor is quite good but the other don’t like Fogg’s flavor. Based on what I’ve tried (Watermelon & Latte flavor), the Fogg  was so harsh I could feel the sharp nicotine hit in the back of my throat. People on the Internet are saying that mango flavor is nice though, I would not recommend watermelon or latte flavor to all of you.




Bad throat hit

The taste is a little bland

Rate: 2.5/5



After many evaluations and comparisons and based on my opinion, Puff Bar and MOTI Piin have become the final winners. Puff Labs have taken the world of disposable e-cigarette to a whole new level and have upped the game tremendously, while MOTI Piin has achieved the ultimate flavor performance, representing the latest and cutting-edge technology from MOTI brand.

Try to have a closer look at the devices, read several reviews, and thorough research will be necessary if you use a disposable e-cigarette to try vaping as this may influence your experience for good. For beginners and people already in the game, I would highly recommend Puff Bar and MOTI Piin to all of you.

Analysis of 2019 International Electronic Cigarette Summit Forum 

Since the on-line sales ban was issued and offline and simultaneous regulation began, the entire e-cigarette industry can be described as a “dead silence”, with big brands struggling to find other points of developing; small brands’ internal layoffs and factory orders are increasingly falling.

Various offline e-cigarette forums and e-cigarette conferences have become popular platforms for e-cigarette practitioners.

he 2019 E-Cigarette Summit Forum was held on December 18, 2019. The theme “Public Health and Safety, Standardized Development and Regulation” showed the development trend of the e-cigarette industry at home and abroad. Many e-cigarette practitioners gathered to discuss the future development trend of the e-cigarette market.

Compared with previous years, this summit forum is very “international”, and invited world-famous medical scientists Konstantions Farsalinos, MD, MPH, Tony of the United States VTA, Chairman of the United Kingdom, and e-cigarette associations of the United Kingdom. It is not difficult to see from the invited guests from various countries that the e-cigarette industry has attracted much attention. The domestic e-cigarette market will soon begin to develop in a regulated way, and the foreign e-cigarette market will also be firmly targeted.

The vape summit forum was full of parcitipants
The vape summit forum was full of parcitipants

After the entire forum message was received, the editor sorted out some key points, and here I will share with you.

China’s e-cigarette exports in 2019 were US $ 6.26 billion, a year-on-year increase of 52.6%; domestic sales reached US $ 1.61 billion, an increase of 175% year-on-year.

The emergence of e-cigarette online bans has led to a cliff-like decline in the domestic e-cigarette industry. People from all walks of life, the media, and consumers are more concerned about the development of the e-cigarette market. If the e-cigarette industry is carefully analyzed, the core issues are actually around the impact of e-cigarettes on human health and the regulatory issues of the e-cigarette market. This question also concerns how far the e-cigarette industry can go in the future and how much it can develop in the future. As an e-cigarette practitioner, you should not just make money. Consumers’ popularity and education are also important.

Liu Yufeng, the full-time vice chairman of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, conveyed a point to everyone: as the development of electronic cigarettes, the next blue ocean is abroad. E-cigarette going overseas is an unlimited business opportunity in the eyes of many companies, and it is a good way to avoid policy and regulatory risks. But e-cigarettes going international is not as simple as imagined. The author has classified two points here. One is the overseas market country. How competitive is it? Second, how difficult is it to enter foreign markets? The difficulty of entry covers factors such as policy regulation, customs supervision, tax costs, and risk control costs in various countries. In the context of tobacco companies actively developing new types of tobacco and investing large sums of money in overseas markets, it is necessary to choose professional and formal e-cigarette global supply chain service providers.

And countries have very different management systems, cultural traditions, customs, production environments, consumer markets, etc. There are also differences in the health, safety, standards and supervision of e-cigarettes. Chairman of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Ou Junbiao told us: The Chamber of Commerce will continue to popularize the correct knowledge of e-cigarettes, take the protection of minors as its responsibility, and focus its work in 2020 on e-cigarette inspection and speak with data. It will also actively lead members to continuously expand foreign cooperation, continue to improve the level of internationalization, and help member companies to achieve the development of a global economy.

The vape summit forum details
The vape summit forum process chart

The entire scope of this e-cigarette summit forum is centered on the market development, rules and policy interpretation of each country. Each country wants to “introduce in and go out.” Foreign trade development has always been the focus of economic development in all countries. For China, China is a large producer of e-cigarettes. After the domestic online ban was introduced, the foreign market naturally became another outlet for many e-cigarette companies. The “sea” of the domestic market is very blue, but not wide. The international “sea” is wide, but it is full of many unknowns and challenges, and the crisis coexists.

E-cigarettes going global involves not only logistics and transportation, but also warehousing, customs and taxation. There are many loopholes, and there are many “pits” to step on.

Anyway, choosing a quality supply chain service provider is the top priority.

That’s all about the e-cigarette forum in Shenzhen, China.

Vape industry shuffle is going on: Matthew effect appears

RELX’s Sunflower System

For the domestic e-cigarette industry, 2019 will undoubtedly be a year of ups and downs: at the beginning of the year, it ran wildly in the influx of capital, and in the middle of the year it gradually slowed down in the doubt of public opinion. At the end of the year, it was reflected under tighter supervision.

Especially after the “Notice on Further Protecting Minors from Electronic Cigarettes” on November 1, the electronic cigarettes will cause greater harm to human health, and flavored electronic cigarettes will attract more young people to smoke. There are two main voices of opposition.

A few days ago, the domestic electronic cigarette brand RELX held a press conference in Zhuhai, announcing that it would launch its independently developed intelligent protection system for minors, namely the Sunflower System. At the same time, in the global electronic cigarette manufacturing base in Shenzhen, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce sponsored the “2019 International Electronic Cigarette Summit Forum” and launched the Electronic Cigarette Quality Inspection Center.

From the end of the year, the two themes point to “electronic cigarette public safety and health” activities, it is not difficult to find that compliance is becoming an increasingly important topic in the electronic cigarette industry.

In this situation, how do e-cigarette players after 2019 go?

As industry compliance progresses: how to solve the problem of minor protection?

“Often when any new thing or new industry creates positive value, it also has certain negative external effects, such as the car accident accompanying the birth of the car, as well as electronic cigarettes.” Said Wang Ying, CEO of RELX, “Both brain development and respiratory system development of minors have not yet been completed. Nicotine in e-cigarettes will pose a threat to their health. This is a negative external effect of e-cigarettes, and companies cannot ignore them. ”

How to prevent minors from contacting e-cigarettes is becoming a difficult problem that affects the whole world. One of the answers given by RELX is its self-developed intelligent protection system for minors-Sunflower System.

According to the introduction, Sunflower System involves two links: “pre-emptive prevention” and “traceability mechanism”.

When the customer enters the RELX store, the smart camera in Sunflower System will recognize the age of the new entrant through image collection + cloud data analysis. As soon as a suspected minor enters, the store clerk will immediately receive a system warning alert, thereby stepping forward to discourage the kid to leave.

As for the purchase process, consumers can only make payment smoothly after they have passed the three stages of “name-document number-face”.

At the same time, Sunflower System has established a protective “traceability mechanism” in all aspects of store selection, sales operations, product use, and after-sales accountability.

For example, when consumers purchase e-cigarettes on smart vending machines, users must pass the authentication of the smart age-testing system; at the same time, the system also sets up electronic fences to ensure that no form of sales scene is set up in areas with high density of minors such as primary and secondary schools.

At the conference, Jiang Long, co-founder and head of sales channel of RELX, also announced the “Regulations on the Management of RELX” Guardian Plan “. The regulations show that agents who sell RELX products to minors on their own channels will recover up to 200,000 yuan in fines and adjust the authorized areas and sales channels. If the cases are serious, the cooperation will stop.

At the same time, the “2019 International Electronic Cigarette Summit Forum”, “Public Health and Safety, Standardized Development and Regualtion” was also considered to be the most important topic of the electronic cigarette industry in 2019.

However, unlike RELX, which took 7 months to independently develop a minor protection system, although other e-cigarette brands also have company regulations on protecting minors from e-cigarettes, they cannot match domestic electronics with capital, technology, and talent investment compared to RELX that take 60% of the vape market, .

An industry insider told Times Finance that from the perspective of market share, user mind share, R & D investment, and user favorability, the domestic e-cigarette market has been divided into two camps, “RELX” and “Second Group” .

The offline channel has become an important battleground for brands in the market. In order to implement its minor protection system, RELX has stopped cooperation with 54 authorized stores and 17,12 distribution outlets that do not meet the requirements. Its determination is not small.

As the integration progresses, new players face greater challenges, making it harder to enter the market

On the other hand, from the perspective of the production of electronic cigarettes, the entire industry is also experiencing a wave of transition pains from the survival of the fittest.

Vapes are generally composed of 4 parts: a pod (e-liquid storage place), an atomizing chamber, a sensor and control chip, and a lithium battery. These component manufacturers constitute the upstream of the electronic cigarette industry chain. Foundry manufacturers are located in the middle of the industrial chain, mainly responsible for product development and manufacturing, and downstream are brand owners responsible for product operation promotion and sales.

At the upstream of the e-cigarette industry chain, there are atomizer companies ALD,Smoore, e-liquid company Fanhuo Technology, e-cigarette chips and metal parts company Situo Microelectronics; midstream foundries include Heyuan Technology Skoll, and downstream brands RELX, SNOWPLUS, MOTI, vvild, etc., they are all concentrated in Shenzhen Baoan District or surrounding areas.

According to the data released by the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Baoan is the first cluster of electronic cigarettes in the country, with more than 1,000 e-cigarette-related companies. There are about four or five hundred electronic cigarette related companies.

However, when Time Finance and Economics visited Shenzhen Shajing on the spot, it was found that some e-cigarette processing plants today are not so good.

Kanger Factory Photo by Times Finance

Kanger Factory Photo by Times Finance
Kanger Factory Photo by Times Finance

When Times Finance came to the door of an electronic cigarette foundry factory in Shajing Town, half an hour before the factory was off work, several workers in blue factory uniforms hurried out of a factory around a man in black. They were employees who left the same day and were talking to men in black to settle wages.

Behind the workers is an e-cigarette manufacturing plant called “Kanger”. The old gray walls of the factory are blurred in the twilight. There is also a gray-green river in front of the factory. A manufacturing factory with a similar shape is located across the road and nearby.

Kanger’s full name is “Shenzhen Kanger Technology Co., Ltd.”, which was established in 2007. Its headquarter is located in Fucheng Road, Longzhu Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen. 10,000 square meters, the company’s official website shows that it has 1,700 employees, with monthly output of 19 million cartridges, batteries, KangerTech / Smaco brand and OEM / ODM products, which is one of the largest electronic cigarette manufacturers.

Kangertech assembly line
Kangertech assembly line

But Kanger, once known as “one of the biggest e-cigarette producers,” now seems to be crumbling.

“It’s going to dissolve. Today, exactly 20 or 30 people have resigned.” One of the resigned workers preached to Times Finance. Another employee who chose to resign just two months after entering the factory also said, “It was very busy before, but the order is not very good now.”

The man in black said, “Because the Tobacco Bureau previously banned the sale of e-cigarettes online, it is not that the order from one factory is not working, but the entire e-cigarette factory is not good.” Kanger recruits and pays employees at its on-site factories.

In fact, Kanger’s current poor operating conditions are obvious to all. Even the owner of the canteen at the factory said that since the e-cigarette sales on the Internet have been banned, Kanger’s orders have plummeted and employees have fled.

Leaving the Kanger factory and crossing the road to the factory of First Union, a larger e-cigarette manufacturer First Union in Tangwei, also was affected.

First Union Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It has three e-cigarette manufacturing factories with a total production area of ​​120,000 square meters. It has over 10,000 employees and is a total e-cigarette solution provider.

A First Union employee who was also responsible for hiring revealed to Times Finance, “Three factories were hiring in July, and each factory could recruit about 100 people per day, but now the two factories on Shajing are no longer hiring. People are here, but Tangwei district is still recruiting, but it’s relatively small. Many small electronic cigarette factories in Shajing have closed. ”

A number of industry sources have revealed that due to policy changes, many factories that originally had thousands of employees are now left with only a few hundred people due to layoffs or employee resignations.

Lin Jin, the founder of an e-cigarette brand, told Times Finance that now, in addition to the brand on the head, it can attract talents, and the rest are copied in terms of technology and products. “Look at this product, just dismantle it and give it to the OEM factory. In the workshop, if you change the appearance of this product, and the logo inside this product, it is your new product. ”

In Lin Jin’s opinion, whether it is some brands or small e-cigarette processing plants, there are problems of poor management consciousness and low quality of employees. “They survive by copying other people’s products, and compete with primitive, low-level methods such as price wars. Now there is an urgent need to eliminate small electronic cigarette factories that produce inferior products.”

However, for the larger e-cigarette manufacturers, everything is not so bad. At least now factories such as GR and First Union are still recruiting people. In December, Kanger also ushered in a number of new orders.

“Head e-cigarette brands now rely on factories.” Lin Jin said so. For example, on December 19th, a prospectus application was submitted, and Smoore, an electronic vaping product manufacturer intended to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, intends to use this to raise funds to establish industrial parks in Jiangmen and Shenzhen and implement automation of new production bases. Production and assembly lines to increase their production capacity.

When the bloody offline fight is underway: When will brands return to rationality?

In addition to competition in terms of compliance and manufacturing, the competition for offline channels of e-cigarette brands is even more turbulent. RELX co-founder and head of sales channel Jiang Long used the word “bloody” to describe the war.

“RELX is now facing more brutal competition. For example, we are a normal price system in a Chaoku chain, but our competitors only sell half the price, and also pay a high entrance fee. At the same time, when each kit is sold, it will also give the staff a sales reward of 30 yuan. “Jiang Long also revealed that some brands even gave entry fees up to 700,000 yuan to enter a store, which was difficult to make a profit.

After experiencing various problems such as e juice leakage and delay in construction due to the production of e-cigarettes in small processing plants, Lin Jin’s first e-cigarettes will finally be available at the end of this year. However, facing the anxious offline competition for sales channels In this situation, she can only express her helplessness to Times Finance and said, “Take a step then take a look at it, and we have not come up with a better way.”

An e-cigarette authorized store in Guangzhou
An e-cigarette authorized store in Guangzhou

However, Jiang Long believes that in the Chinese retail system that has been rich in bloody battles, today’s retailers have returned to a smart and rational stage. They can distinguish which brands can make a little money and which brands can cooperate for a long time.

“What is reflected in this is brand value. For example, when RELX products have quality problems, how do we cooperate with retailers, and when its sales have stagnated, how does RELX do regional and scenario marketing activities to help gain more new customers in retail, this is not the ability that every brand has. “Jiang Long said,” RELX will not enter the sales channel by self-harm. ”

RELX CEO Wang Ying told Times Finance that “the vision needs to be longer-term. There will be competition among peers in the short term, but in the long run, the short-sighted approach to quick success will be useless and will disappear in the vast crowd.”

In fact, as many countries have become clearer about the regulation of electronic cigarettes, on the whole, the production, sales, and marketing of electronic cigarettes will be subject to certain regulations and restrictions, with competition in brand value, product quality, research and development technology, and user mindset, the superior companies will stand out and will occupy a larger market share, leading further industry integration in the near future.

However, for now, the bigger problem facing the entire e-cigarette industry is public panic and doubt about e-cigarettes.

Constantinos Farsalinos, an internationally renowned doctor of cardiologists and an e-cigarette expert, said at the International E-cigarette Summit Forum that many people ignored the spirit of harm reduction being advocated by many countries, especially the United Kingdom. E-cigarettes are becoming a harm-reduction product. This is the result of current scientific research and it is necessary to raise public safety awareness.

“Who is the enemy, the enemy is the heart, and the camp with different views. Competition is always there, but this industry needs to be promoted by introversion to make its industry more and more sunny, and it is necessary to overcome those negative external effects. “Wang Ying said bluntly.

Myst Labs opens eight stores in eight cities in China simultaneously

On December 21, 2019, Myst Labs officially opened eight offline stores in eight cities across China on the same day. The simultaneous opening of the eight stores marks the further maturity of Myst Labs’ offline retail system, which heralds its forthcoming explosive growth in 2020.

Myst Labs is an e-cigarette brand founded by Dr. Xing Chenyue, the inventor of nicotine salt. The invention of nicotine salt has improved the transmission efficiency of nicotine in e-cigarette e-liquid in the human body and brought the e-cigarette closer to the taste of real cigarettes. The biggest problem in the industry has brought revolutionary changes to the development of the global electronic cigarette industry.

The eight Myst Labs stores opened from Xinjiang in the northwest, Guangdong in the southeast coast, Sichuan in the southwestern hinterland, and Jilin in the northeast border. The wide coverage has confirmed the strength of Myst Labs as a scientist brand.

The eight stores that are open together are as follows:

Guangzhou R & F Haizhu City Store

Guangdong Foshan Midea Yueran Plaza

Guangdong Zhongshan Xiaolan Huifeng City Store

Shaanxi Xi’anW Hotel Wanzhong International

Wuhan Wuchang New World Store

Wanda Store, Chengdu, Sichuan

Jilin Tonghua Dongchang Wanda Plaza

Xinjiang Urumqi Tianhe New City Plaza

Since its introduction, Myst Labs products have received a lot of praise for its uniquely developed e-liquid and design aesthetics. Its product family currently includes pod system P1 series and disposable pod vape G1 series, its tastes include Chinese classic tobacco, international mixed tobacco, Arctic ice, California mango orange, banana-flavored watermelon ice, caramel ice latte and so on.

Myst Labs opens eight stores in eight cities in China simultaneously
Myst Labs P1 series products

Myst Labs pod system starter kit P1 series, as the world’s first push-pull slider hidden mouthpiece design, has attracted much attention since its launch. The slider mouthpiece design allows smokers to push the slide rails during use. The sound of “click” is similar to the sound of using a traditional cigarette to light a lighter, so that smokers can also have a simple sense of smoking ceremony in the era of vapes.

In terms of technology, Myst Labs uses the latest generation of honeycomb ceramic atomizing core, which uniformly and consistently heats the e-liquid to restore the taste of real smoke to the greatest extent. The leakage rate is strictly controlled within five ten thousandths. The unique dual-S airway design reduces the rate of e-liquid spitting to less than 1 in 10,000.

Myst Labs opens eight stores in eight cities in China simultaneously
Myst Labs G1 series products

Myst Labs’ aesthetic design and hard-core technology have earned her reputation and market. Today, after the eight Myst Labs stores officially opened to welcome customers, the opening scene was bustling, and customers exchanged their experiences on the spot, not only buying for themselves, but also giving away friends and relatives.

At the opening site, the Myst Labs store not only organized preferential activities such as “Opening Gifts”, “Purchase Cartridges to Get a Free High-Quality Device Worth 399 Yuan”, but also launched “Recycle Used Pods (5 Old Cartridges Need) to exchange a new pod) “activity in order to better promote the concept of environmental protection.

Even old loyal fans at the scene consulted the relevant policy information of joining Myst Labs in detail and expressed strong interest. “Everyone knows that Myst Labs was founded by scientists. Compared with other electronic cigarettes, it has unique technical advantages and branded advantages.”

Myst Labs opens eight stores in eight cities in China simultaneously
Myst Labs store opening site is popular

At present, Myst Labs has settled in nearly 100 cities across the country, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi’an, and Qingdao. The offline retail system has been rapidly rolled out across the country. There are more than 1,000 specialty stores and authorized stores, which will cover the whole country next year in 200+ cities.

In addition, Myst Labs’ overseas business has also blossomed, beginning to occupy international markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the Philippines, and Russia.

It is reported that the latest generation of “Myst Labs Myst S” is about to be launched, and its innovative technology will bring users the best experience that can be called “private custom” grade. Users will soon be able to see the mysterious “Myst Labs Myst S” in Myst Labs stores.


Learn more about Myst Labs here.