Xinyanmin Group Invests 20 Million RMB in iGood Vape

On December 26, Xinyanmin, a Chinese brand of electronic cigarette vending machine, and iGood, a well-known brand of electronic cigarettes, jointly announced that Xinyanmin Group had invested 20 million yuan in iGood brand electronic cigarettes. The financing is led by Xinyanmin Group, followed by Xia Jun Group and some well-known people.

The iGood brand said that the financing will be used to continue to invest in the design and development of brand products, improve the company’s intellectual property system and upgrade the user service experience.

After the iGood brand took the lead in introducing commercial electronic cigarettes, it continued to introduce small cigarette products at the end of 2018, which coincided with the product concept of Xinyanmin’s electronic cigarette vending machine.

Therefore, this time, Xinyanmin invested 20 million yuan in iGood, not only to bring funds for the iGood brand, but also to bring a strong new retail sales channel for the iGood brand.

Introduction of some members of Xinyanmin Company

Xinyanmin, the first vending machine in China to sell electronic cigarettes, a new business model. Unicorn Enterprise of Electronic Cigarette System will lay 200,000 Taixin Vape Intelligent Terminal Detailing Equipment in the whole country.

MOTI Vape Receives Zhen Fund Pre-A Round of 10 Million US Dollars Investment

According to scientific and technological information, “MOTI” electronic cigarettes receive a Zhen Fund Pre-A round of $10 million investment, the funds are mainly used for “MOTI” and “MOJO” two types of electronic cigarettes vape product research and development and brand marketing.

moti mojo vape

MOJO  Electronic Cigarette

It is understood that Zhen Fund is an angel investment fund co-founded by Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang and Sequoia Capital China Fund in 2011. It has invested in many star enterprises such as Jiayuan, Jumei, Xiaohongshu, Honeybud and Dayi.moti mojo vape financing

When it comes to MOTI electronic cigarette, many people are not clear, but when it comes to MT electronic cigarette, many people are very familiar with it. The predecessor of MOTI is the beta MT.

Liu Yuan, Director of Zhen Fund Investment, said that smoking is an ancient activity, accompanied by globalization and industrialization, destined to revolutionary upgrade under the promotion of technology and products. The United States on the other side of the Pacific has demonstrated the trend of replacing cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.

The founding team of MOTI mostly has the background of studying abroad in the United States and France. It has been engaged in the electronic cigarette industry in the United States for nine years. It has founded or co-founded some famous electronic cigarette brands such as GEEKVAPE and VAPORESSO. It has participated in the establishment and operation of half of the top ten brands in the American electronic cigarette industry and has rich industry experience and resources.moti mojo vape financing

MOJO is popular in forums in North America

Liu Yuan, Director of True Fund Investment, said he hoped that the MOTI team would overcome the difficulties and become the leading brand in the domestic electronic cigarette industry in the increasingly fierce competition in order to make up for the second regret in the United States.

MOTI will upgrade the product development and brand marketing of MOTI and MOJO electronic cigarettes after completing the investment of $10 million in the Pre-A round of Zhen Fund.

Moti/Mojo vape official site:


Emini-n – A Small Vape with the Power Bank Function

Because of the small size of electronic cigarette, in the absence of a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology, continuity is still a major factor affecting the experience of small electronic cigarettes. For users who are addicted to cigarettes, it is very uncomfortable to go out and smoke without electricity.

In this case, Ovale introduced a vape with mobile power bank function, named Emini-n. Small body, super thin, delicate, beautiful, in the bag does not occupy space, not heavy, carry with you.


It can also be used as a receipt box. Do not smoke electronic cigarettes, put them in to protect health, while charging the fuselage. Besides, there is a smoke cartridge groove beside the charging groove, so it is convenient to put one more smoke cartridge as a standby.


The battery capacity of this mobile power supply is 1000 mAh, which can charge the fuselage 2-3 times, about 30 minutes at a time. For users who are not very addicted to cigarettes, they don’t need a charging line for a week.

At the bottom of the mobile power supply is the charging port, as well as the charging button and four LED lights, which are used to display the power of the mobile power supply. The four blue lights are fully charged.


In addition to the mobile power function, this emini-n has a unique design, the fuselage voltage can be adjusted, a total of three adjustable high, middle and low.

The color change of indicator lamp indicates the difference of voltage. The green lamp has 3.3V high-voltage smoke mode, the yellow lamp has 3.0V medium-voltage taste mode and the red lamp has 2.8V low-voltage energy-saving mode. You want different tastes and different voltages.


The way of adjustment is very simple. Just insert the cigarette bomb and quickly pull out the cigarette bomb. The indicator lights will flash from red to yellow to green. Just insert the cigarette bomb back when the indicator lights show the color of the power supply you like. The indicator lights will flash three times to indicate that the mode selection is completed.

There are four closely packed smoke bombs in the package. The smoke contains four flavors: Milan No. 1, Milan No. 7, mint and classic milk. Take apart the cigarette bomb package and experience it.


Milan No. 1 and Milan No. 7 are tobacco flavors. Milan No. 1 is a classic tobacco with full aroma; Milan No. 7 is a Yuxi-like flavor, smoking mellow and elegant; Classic milk, with high reductivity, can feel obvious milk flavor, but not sweet and greasy; Mint taste, not cool, with a mellow fragrance in the cool. Four flavors, not choking, not greasy, very smokable.


Overall, this Emini-n is a travel tool and treasure for e-cigarette enthusiasts, which perfectly solves the discomfort and inconvenience of the short duration of e-cigarette. When you go out, charge it anytime and anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about running out of power when vaping.

Check the Chinese Ovale site of the latest product details of emini-n:

Ovale USA site:

Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair Next-year Plan is Revealed

It’s December now, but the organizer of Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair, Reed Huabo, has made preparations for next year’s exhibition. Recently, its publicity plan for next year has been exposed.

The first four years of the exhibition were held in October, and the date of next year’s exhibition will be ahead of schedule. The organizer said that the date of the exhibition was officially scheduled for August 29-31, 2019. Continue the concept of leading electronic cigarettes to the public.

Reasons for the advance of the date of the exhibition

Reed Huabo, the organizer of the exhibition, said that by jointly conducting global market research with electronic cigarette organizations of various countries, as well as encouraging the analysis of exhibition data and customer visits of production bases, the exhibition date was advanced to August 29-31, in order to make the production time more abundant.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China – More than Vape

Visiting Customers and Market Research

Many buyers in Europe and the United States reported to the organizers that the end of August and the beginning of September each year coincides with the end of summer vacation and many statutory holidays, which is the critical time for them to make year-end purchasing and planning.

Many old front-line exhibitors also indicated that there is a trade and transportation process after the exhibition. If orders can be received before the end of August, the production and manufacturing time will be more abundant.

Forwarding to International

Overseas buyers will be an important audience of Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition next year. The organizers of the exhibition have formulated visiting plans for more than a dozen overseas exhibitions in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and invited international market channels, wholesalers and chain stores on a point-to-point basis.

In order to make the exhibitors participate in the exhibition more effectively, the organizers said that the 2019 Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair has rushed to the international level, cooperated with the organizers of internationally renowned exhibitions, organized high-quality enterprises in production bases to participate in the international exhibition, and invited buyers from various countries to visit the 2019 Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Fair. Cooperation has been confirmed: June Intersteam Electronic Cigarette Show in Berlin, Germany.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

At the same time, it will maintain close contacts with official electronic tobacco organizations and media in various countries, such as ECTA (Canadian Electronic Tobacco Association), APVI (Indonesian Electronic Tobacco Association), Intersteam (German exhibition organizer), etc. Overseas publicity continued throughout the year. Overseas partners covered more than 20 countries worldwide.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape
2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

Creating a Series of Promotion Fairs for Cross-Border Buyers
2018 is the first year of electronic cigarette smoke, while heating non-combustible products have sprung up, which undoubtedly impacts the traditional smoke, and the market is in a transitional running-in period.

The organizer Lizhan Huabo said that the 26-year exhibition buyer resources advantage, tailor-made cross-border buyer series promotional meetings, to help you grasp the transformation opportunities. Concentrate on bars, convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping malls all over the country, invite on-the-spot buyers of tobacco, wine and tea market.

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

Establish e-cigarette gift zone, dock new channel buyers, provide precise matching services, multi-dimensional image of e-cigarette products, and follow up the buyers before, during and after the exhibition process!

2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

29th-31st August 2019

New period, new advantages, new promotion!

Let’s witness the difference.

Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition 2019 by Reed Huabo!

Exhibition consultation: 15218746134 (mobile phone and Wechat)

Check Reed Huabo Exhibition Official Site

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2019 Reed Huabo Vape Expo China - More than Vape

Chinese Vape Industry Will Shuffle in 2019

2019 is bound to be an extraordinary year for Chinese domestic electronic cigarettes. From manufacturers to distributors and stores, there will be a big shuffle.

On the one hand, the National Standard of Electronic Cigarette has entered the stage of “being approved”, and the policy of electronic cigarette management norms; the Electronic Commerce Law will be formally implemented on January 1, 2019, which stipulates that all those engaged in electronic commerce industry need to obtain relevant licenses and qualifications. On the other hand, market trends and e-cigarette models have been quietly changing.

 Just like the day Nokia was acquired by Microsoft, CEO Yoma Olila finally said, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” After that, dozens of Nokia executives couldn’t help crying!

Nokia CEO: Yoma Olila

From 2010 to 2018, sales of e-cigarettes increased nearly 20 times. E-cigarettes users estimated more than 35 million. China produced more than 90% of e-cigarettes, but domestic market consumption only reached 6%, far less than the U.S. and European Union markets. Even so, domestic e-cigarettes still have more than 50 billion markets!

From the perspective of consumer groups, e-cigarette consumer groups have gradually transformed from player groups to smoker groups. The change of market is closely related to the development of iqos and the rise of banned and nicotine salt technology. From the search index, the search for e-cigarettes and the search for users who quit smoking have been highly overlapped, so the main market in the future has basically locked in the replacement market, and small cigarettes have become the trend of the times.

The male-female ratio and age group of the two groups are highly coincident.

There are three main types of cigarettes: disposable cigarettes, bomb-type cigarettes and e -liquid-filled cigarettes. Qualitatively speaking, it is designed for the largest group of novices.

Secondly, from the current mainstream of small tobacco products in the market, whether domestic or foreign, through market practice has proved that smoke bomb type of small tobacco occupies the mainstream. For example, the annual sales of Juul’s small cigarettes reach tens of millions of grades. Although domestic cigarettes are not as fast as foreign cigarettes, they also reach millions of grades.

vape industry shuffle
Ankai, an artist who uses electronic cigarettes

 Because of the particularity and superior experience of the cigarette bomb, a strong closed-loop re-purchase consumption has been formed, which urges consumers to continue to buy cigarette bombs, thus improving customer stickiness and directly improving the turnover and profit of the store. Businessmen are also more willing to recommend this simple and practical tobacco replacement package from the marketing strategy, which will promote the prosperity of the tobacco bomb-type cigarette market.

Because of the particularity and superior experience of the cigarette bomb, a strong closed-loop re-purchase consumption has been formed, which urges consumers to continue to buy cigarette bombs, thus improving customer stickiness and directly improving the turnover and profit of the store. Businessmen are also more willing to recommend this simple and practical tobacco replacement package from the marketing strategy, which will promote the prosperity of the tobacco bomb-type cigarette market.

Using electronic cigarettes

As far as market development is concerned, the domestic small tobacco market will return to the traditional channels. At present, major brands have been vigorously exploring. The reason why the traditional industry can last forever lies in striking the market order, strictly controlling the price, preventing the collusion of goods and ensuring the interests of operators at all levels. Without the support of profits, stores will not have good service and after-sales, and the ultimate consequences will also be passed on to consumers.

Without profit, there will be no promotion and operation costs. If the brand is difficult to grow and grow, it will be transferred to stores. If there is no brand awareness, there will be a backlog of products that are difficult to sell. The essence of business is profit, not emotion. But profit margin is very large and profit margin is very small, which is not conducive to brand and market development; huge profit margin will make consumers unbearable, but also doomed to go a short way.

Using electronic cigarettes

 Smoke new products continue to push out new speed, it seems to be back to last year’s era of heavy smoke, every few days there will be new boxes and new atomizers out. Some of these products have no long-term plan, and can make waves while the market is hot; it is not difficult to build short-term explosive products, but difficult to make long-term explosive products.

Short-term hot products are bound to have problems in supply control, product quality and price system control. Therefore, in order to maintain the long-term development of the brand, we must abandon the idea of short-term speculation. Now electronic cigarettes are on the right track, the national standard of electronic cigarettes has been approved, and the Electronic Commerce Law will soon be implemented. A small cigarette needs good brand, good quality, good price control, and capital products to survive and grow.

Product positioning is wrong, quality is not good, price control is not good, there is no brand products will inevitably be unable to survive. The product itself decides whether it can go, the mode decides how far a product can go, and the capital decides how wide a product can go.

At present, the brand awareness of electronic cigarette market is not high, but with the development of time, novice brand awareness will gradually improve, consumer choice will bring traditional online and offline shop shuffling. The combination of online and offline mode will be the trend, online diversion for offline, online promotion for offline.

electronic cigarette market  user

If the brand wants the product to go well, it should not focus on how to make the product sell well, but on how to make the distribution stores sell well, and spend a lot of financial energy on promoting the product. Drainage to official retail stores and distribution stores is tantamount to killing chickens and fetching eggs. On the contrary, the best way is to find ways to divert off-line stores and on-line stores so that they can sell well.

 In a word, the development mode of domestic electronic cigarette market will change completely in the future. It is very important to grasp the market trend accurately and choose the right mode and good method.

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