ZINWI Officially Presents New Brand Image at TPE23 in Las Vegas

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ZINWI unveils its new brand image and brings customized e-liquid flavours for consumers to reach the optimal puff experience at TPE in Las Vegas from February 22nd to 24th.

Zinwi officially presents its new brand image at Total Product Expo 2023 (TPE23) trade show in Las Vegas. This time at TPE23, Zinwi not only brought its best-selling tobacco flavours and non-tobacco flavours, but also has used its very own flavouring expertise to provide attendees with the experience of 60 different flavours, each flavour vaping experience specifically designed for a single vaping device.

These in combination will allow attendees to have a full experience of Zinwi’s products and services.

From February 22nd to 24th in Vegas, Zinwi holds giveaway events to interact with TPE attendees. Those who follow and share the top posts will receive a bag with Zinwi’s brand logo and two e-liquid products from Zinwi.

The tobacco flavour products include Caramel Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, German Flue-cured Tobacco, Soft Tobacco and Virginia Tobacco. The non-tobacco flavours include Sour Apple Ice, Blue Raspberry Ice, Strawberry Kiwi and other best-selling non-tobacco flavours.

Zinwi’s core expertise lies in developing the customised e-liquid products for each device to reach the optimal vaping experiences for the consumers. Further, harm reduction is at the core of the Zinwi’s product research and development.

Currently, new nicotine salt and glycerol alternatives research are two major research topics. Benzoic acid is currently the mainstream organic acid used in e-liquid production in the industry.

Benzoic acid is easily oxidised and has an easily diminished taste and a weak stability. Benzoic acid also tastes dry and releases a significant amount of impurities.

Zinwi’s product research and development team has found that by using a different organic acid, new nicotine salt is not only more stable but has a significant reduction in the amount of impurities released.

Currently, Zinwi has three series of products that uses the new nicotine salt.

In addition, Zinwi is exploring and researching options to replace the mainstream atomising agent, VG. VG is known to have a high atomisation temperature and atomising at such temperature could release toxics including aldehydes and ketones.

Besides, VG is not environmentally friendly. The research and development of glycerol alternatives is currently in progress.

This time at TPE23, attendees will be able to try out the customized e-liquid flavours in different devices to reach the optimal puff experience.

About Zinwi: Driven by Innovation, Exploring the Future

Established in 2016 and headquartered in the Guangming District of Shenzhen, China, Zinwi Biotech is a high-tech company that specialises in providing integrated e-liquid solutions including R&D, production and sales services to global e-cigarette manufacturers and brands.

Due to its strong R&D capabilities, stringent quality control procedures and premium client network, Zinwi has become the world’s leading integrated e-liquid solutions provider.

You can learn more about ZINWI’s products and campaigns here:


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