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It is almost time for Vapril 2023!

As the name suggests it is part of a campaign to educate of the benefits of vaping to quit smoking, for the month of April!

📣 With #VApril2023 just around the corner, remember that you can download the assets which include social graphics, branding, guides and more!

✅ Free to use & available to anyone in the harm reduction community!

📲 You can download them here –

— UKVIA (@Vaping_Industry) March 14, 2023


This is the 6th annual Vapril campaign and this year the focus is on the “Start Vaping, Stop Smoking” message.

The whole campaign is to help educate people about how e-cigarettes can help people transition from tobacco smoking to a safer alternative.

How To Get Involved

The UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) has a dedicated assets pack which you can download to help share the message and also get involved yourself.

Social Media

The hashtag “#VapingWorks” can be used to help share stories of those of us who successfully quit smoking with the aid of vaping so please join in. We will help to share stories on our Social Media channels too.

You can find us on…

You can simply write a post or even include a video message – make sure to say “Vaping has worked for me” and help to encourage others to give it a try!

Also you can send your videos to the UKVIA for inclusion in their campaign by emailing to [email protected] .

Vapouround Bus

The Vapouround Bus will be visiting various cities over the course of Vapril to educate and offer support for smokers around the UK.

There are also plans for the bus to be present near the Houses of Parliament on 28th March 2023 for the official launch of Vapril with UKVIA and Adam Afriyie the MP for Windsor.

Responsible Vaping Guide

A guide has been created (included in the downloadable Assets pack) to help those new to vaping do so responsibly.

It includes guides on device disposal, vaping etiquette and how to show that the vaping community care about the impact of vaping on others.

Vapril Website

The dedicated Vapril website is there to support and educate those thinking of switching from smoking to vaping.

It features a downloadable Start Vaping Stop Smoking plan, a gallery of #VapingWorks videos, FAQ and locations of participating vape stores.

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