Kong Juice Vape Juice Review

With an absolutely stellar line-up of flavours, it’s safe to say each and every one of these King Kong Vape Juice offerings managed to impress.


Gorilla Blueberry Pancakes

This flavour immediately delivered a bright and colourful burst of taste, providing a mouth-watering hit of blueberry.

Against my expectations, there wasn’t any sourness with this e-liquid…but the likeness to the popular fruit was otherwise uncanny.

As I indulged more in this flavour, I started to pick up on a light, soft and deeply enjoyable undertone of buttermilk pancakes.

I personally found that the pancake element created a smooth and mellowing effect on the slightly sharper blueberries.


Bamboo Cola Float

This ice cream cola float e-liquid encompasses all the things I enjoy in this often underrated sweet treat.

The well-balanced cola was the first taste note to grab my attention…though this was quickly overtaken by the calming and velvety vanilla bean ice cream.

I also enjoyed the hint of iciness, which added a refreshing and unique twist to this delightful flavour.

This genius addition boosted the fresh and cold feel of this e-liquid and reduced the chances of the flavour becoming overly sweet or sickly.


Titano Apple Pie

This e-liquid managed to pair sweet, bright and smooth apple with a subtle amount of warming cinnamon.

For me, the ratio between the apple and cinnamon was spot on and at no point was the cinnamon too overwhelming or excessive.

Of course, the pièce de resistance here was the exquisite and buttery pastry taste notes.

I really enjoyed the almost savoury feel to the pastry, as it provided a stable base on which the sweeter notes of apple and spicier notes of cinnamon could flourish.


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