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The organisation CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association) has published a video to help debunk common vaping myths.

CASAA are a nonprofit organisation with the aim of empowering consumers and representing their interests in relation to access to Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) products.

Their work involves education and increasing awareness of THR with the public, advocate for responsible THR policies and support policies that improve public health.

There is so much bad press about vaping at the moment, that it is great to see their new video debunking the more common negative vaping myths.

The video is posted below.

As you can see from the contents list posted below, the common negative rumours are included. Such as…

Vaping causes popcorn lung myth
E-cigarettes don’t help people quit smoking myth
E-liquids contain anti-freeze myth

They also have a Myth busting page on their website –

Please get sharing the video on social media and get the message across that vaping works and is a precious commodity to ex and soon to be ex smokers!

Does vaping cause popcorn lung? Does e-liquid contain antifreeze? Will vaping make your lungs collapse? In this video, CASAA takes on some of the most common myths, exaggerations and misinformation about nicotine vaping products!

— CASAA (@CASAAmedia) February 13, 2023

In its excellent new video @CASAAmedia debunk some of the most common vaping myths

Debunking Vaping Myths | CASAA Explains via @YouTube

— European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (@europethra) February 14, 2023

Debunking Vaping Myths | @CASAAmedia Explains

— INNCOorg (@INNCOorg) February 14, 2023

American consumer association, @CASAAmedia, has published a useful video of @Hello_Alex and @Noll_Marsh calmly debunking 14 common myths about vaping.

— NNAlliance (@NNAlliance) February 14, 2023

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