The VAPORESSO XROS NANO- Where Innovation Meets Urban Style

Is vaping a subculture? Sure, like any group of people, vapers come in all walks of life, with a wide variety of backgrounds, styles, interests and values.  Obviously we can’t speak for all vapers, but if you hang around enough vape shops or social groups you will start to see some common threads.

First off, many vapers have a very distinct sense of style.  Over the past few years we have seen the lines blur between urban fashion (also known as streetwear), and vaping culture.  Urban fashion’s rise coincided with the growing popularity of Hip Hop and R&B.  Now, as vaping creates a buzz, vaping’s influence on the style has become quite visible.  In recent streetwear fashion shows, you may even notice runway models carrying or wearing vape accessories or vape pens as a prop.  Sure, they may be paid to display their products, but make no mistake, this very much reflects the development of vaping culture’s role in shaping the trends of urban fashion.  Given the vaping community’s stylish reputation, there’s no denying that looks are as important as anything else when choosing a kit. 

The VAPORESSO XROS NANO- Where Innovation Meets Urban Style
Urban Fashion


 Enter the XROS NANO.  With a trendy, urban look VAPORESSO’s latest MTL device aims to capture the essence of the vaping community.  Available in 6 colors, its compact and bold look harkens to the vibrant streetwear style that has become the face of vaping culture.  The runway has even made its way to the streets with the inclusion of a lanyard.  Users can now further express themselves by wearing the device around their neck if they so choose, as a fashion accessory.  Keeping with its individualist spirit, for a limited time, vapers can even take a quiz to discover the XROS NANO color that most represents their personality, with the chance of winning a free XROS NANO kit of their own.
The XROS NANO comes in 6 different colors

In streetwear there are no rules- you can combine any style, print or color to express your personality, as long as what you’re wearing feels comfortable.  Really, it makes perfect sense that vapers have adopted and shaped urban fashion; like their attire, one’s vape device is an extension of their personality, and should seamlessly combine style and functionality.  
This brings us to our next observation of the vaping community:  Vapers love innovation.  If you’ve been to any of the aforementioned vape stores or social gatherings you would know that vapers love to share their experiences and impressions with each other. Whether it’s about quality and consistency of nicotine and flavor delivery, or some special high tech feature, it’s clear that most vapers care a lot about what goes on under the hood of their device.  As important as style is, it’s useless if there’s no substance to go with it.
Style and substance in the same package

Always known for their innovation in their products, VAPORESSO has included their patented Pulse Mode in the XROS NANO, a first for pod systems in the industry. Powered by their AXON chipset, this mode allows for a consistently smooth performance through the whole puff, even at low battery life. One of VAPORESSO’s French partners stated, “The new XROS NANO is truly amazing in its flavor delivery.” As for battery life, the USB-C powered device boasts a 1000 mAh battery capacity, which is enough to get most vapers through the whole day.  Another +1 for innovation, vapers can also appreciate that the NANO is fully compatible with other pods in VAPORESSO’s XROS series.If you’ve been in the vaping community for long, chances are you’ve heard of VAPORESSO.  Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, China under their parent company, SMOORE International, VAPORESSO is a company driven by constant innovation and consistent quality.  It should come as no surprise then that a company with such track record would also invest in making their products aesthetically pleasing for their customer base.
With the XROS NANO, VAPORESSO has sought to marry the two common threads that unite vapers- a sense of style and appreciation for innovation- in a compact, new and exciting package.

VAPORESSO’s Tour hits the road in Indonesia and UK; set to canvass next through USA

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 30, 2021 — VAPORESSO’s award-winning vape kits and products have long been available online and at vape stores across the world. In November, the world’s leading vape manufacturer expanded its global footprint by introducing its first-ever international tour to provide retailers and customers across the globe with added service, surprise giveaways and a first-hand look at VAPORESSO’s newest products.
Hitting the roads of Indonesia starting on Nov. 8, VAPORESSO’s decked-out van continues to canvass through a total of 300 vape shops across the mega-cities of Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. As part of its Indonesia tour, the VAPORESSO van is stopping by popular stores and wholesalers to recommend and give out free products.

VAPORESSO Tour in Indonesia

While the exciting promotions and giveaways remain secret for customers and vape shops to discover on their own, one thing is guaranteed: the van will draw massive customer traffic to the places it visits.
VAPORESSO has become one of the world’s most innovative vaping brands, thanks in part to growing customer enthusiasm for their products.  The international tour was conceived as a way to thank its retailers and customers by giving back and celebrating together with them.
As the Indonesia excursion continues, the VAPORESSO tour also kicked off in the UK on Nov. 22 — starting its canvassing in the northwest city of Manchester, England and continues through to Birmingham from December 6th– 10th.    Similar to Indonesia, the UK tour features stops at major vape shops and distributors, offering oodles of exciting giveaways for lucky customers.

While its time in the UK is shorter than in Indonesia, the VAPORESSO caravan itself is significantly longer. A decked out RV-style truck packed with VAPORESSO goodies ensures no customers or wholesaler goes without attention. The brand has also purchased LED light advertising banners on moving LED light trucks throughout the region’s major cities.
In late December, a USA tour kicks off starting in Houston, followed by stops in several more states.  The tour will include a giant VAPORESSO-branded LED light truck filled with giveaway products and supplies to promote to major wholesalers, in addition to making a few stops at popular vape shops along the way.
Among the company’s industry-leading new products include the rugged and outdoorsy yet sleek and comfortable Target 100 and 200 mods. Designed with DTL vapers in mind, the Target 100 and 200 are water-resistant and leak-proof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Also to be gifted on the tour, the worry-free XROS 2 and XROS Mini models offer incredibly long-lasting batteries and award-winning CMF design for MTL vapers. Finally, VAPORESSO’s newly released ZERO 2 is a widely acclaimed, safe and user-friendly upgrade from the vape manufacturer’s popular ZERO kit.
VAPORESSO’s global tour is the first of its kind for a vaping brand — yet another illustration of the company’s pledge to provide a high-quality vaping experience and move beyond ordinary.

VAPORESSO Leaves a Mark at 2021 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo, Highlighting Target 200 and 100 Kits

Shenzhen,China/ IECIE has just wrapped up in Shenzhen, China.  World renowned vaping brand VAPORESSO showcased their best selling products and new technologies, including the latest Target 100 and 200 kits, as well as XROS and ZERO series,  and were excited to interact with local partners, suppliers and customers.
The Shenzhen IECIE stop is one of the most influential e-cig expos in the world and covers the upstream supply chain, end products and e-commerce solutions within the industry.  Taking place from December 6th-8th, this year’s  expo had more than 500+ exhibitors and 2,500+ brands from around the world.
VAPORESSO garnered attention during the expo from retailers, wholesalers, distributors and vape enthusiasts alike.  The booth showcased several of their latest products and technologies, as well as games and product giveaways.  Additionally, the team provided live streams of the event on Facebook for online visitors.

VAPORESSO Introduces Target 100 and 200

The products featured included the latest from Luxe, Target, Gen, Xros and Zero  series.  Particularly popular at the exhibition were the new Target 100 and 200 kits.  Built for DTL vapers and outdoor lovers alike, the Target 100 and 200 comes in a compact and rugged design, and features the brand new sub-ohm iTank with Turbo Airflow System AXON 2.0 chip and GTi coils.  Using the chip’s F(t) mode, the kits allow for precise heating control and sets a new standard for balance of flavor, taste restoration, and a more fulfilling vaping experience.
VAPORESSO’s Product Series

Shenzhen is a key international hub for the vaping industry.  According to the New York Times, about 90% of the world’s vaping and e-cigarette products are designed and manufactured there.  The global vaping industry is projected to grow by 16.9% annually through 2026, further confirming Shenzhen’s continued importance as a manufacturing center.
Headquartered in Shenzhen, VAPORESSO’s parent company SMOORE International is the world’s leading vaping manufacturer, and the first to become publicly listed in the vaping industry in 2020.  Founded in 2015, VAPORESSO has become one of the industry’s premier brands.  With a strong presence in the US, Europe and the middle east, VAPORESSO owns over 1,000 patents, growing daily.  With innovation, quality and commitment at the forefront,  VAPORESSO strives to Go Beyond the Ordinary.

‘Go Wild’ With VAPORESSO’s New Target 100 and 200- Outdoor Vaping Has Never Been More Convenient

 VAPORESSO’s just released the Target 100 and 200, made with DTL vapers and outdoor lovers alike in mind. The new models — both upgrades from the Target 80 released in September — boast a sleek size, soft grip and unique toughness.
The Target 100 and 200 mods feature improved specs from the Target 80, combining a package of new offerings in smaller-sized packages. They’re sturdy outdoor mods that vapers will actually want to take outside.

VAPORESSO Target 200 kit, redefining the DTL experience

A sturdy and efficient triangle design
The Target 200 is 16% smaller than average mainstream mods with the same power capacity, according to SMOORE Lab, a laboratory of VAPORESSO’s parent company. Even compared with VAPORESSO GEN, the brand’s previous popular dual battery mod, the Target 200 is notably smaller and more compact.
How did VAPORESSO pull it off? Look no further than the new mods’ cage-like structures. With a strong, load-bearing triangle shape that makes full use of the devices’ inner space, the cage-like design ensures the Target 100 and 200 mods are stable yet also incredibly lightweight and compact.


Countless outdoor models are vaping paradoxes: the devices’ big and heavy designs discourage users from actually bringing them outside. The water-resistant Target 100 and 200 offer the most efficient and innovative new technology, turning the traditionally cumbersome outdoor industry mods into unwanted relics from the past.
VAPORESSO Target 200: a 220w dual-battery kit you can carry outside

Smaller size, yet bigger capacity
iTank in VAPORESSO Target 200

The embedded bubble iTank in the Target 100 and 200 has an impressive 8 milliliter capacity, a whopping 67 percent larger than normal tanks for the same size mods. Lab reports show the devices’ iTank supports up to 240 puffs for vaping at 55W and 200 puffs for vaping at 75W, which equates to an entire day of vaping outdoors for some vapers. With the industry’s most compact dual-battery mods combined with massive capacity tanks, the Target 100 and 200 mods are perfect companions for vaping in a number of popular settings, including at home, during gatherings and for outside occasions.

Smoother airflow, from the bottom
The iTank brings air through the bottom, where triple air inlets allow for large quantities of air to enter at once. Three air inlets would normally guarantee a higher capacity of airflow, but could also invite unwanted turbulence that unintentionally decreases airflow and results in uneven heating.
To prevent that problem in the iTank, VAPORESSO’s R&D team imitated the aerodynamics of a racing car’s spoiler by putting the Turbo Airflow System in the bottom. The one-of-a-kind system combines airflow from three directions and funnels it into one steady stream. The airflow travels up through the mechanical structure in the center and combines to produce a more focused and quieter vaping experience. It empowers the devices’ coil to heat faster and fully vaporize the e-liquid inside.
Balanced flavor, thanks to precise heating controls
Also supported by the F(t) mode in the AXON CHIP, the Target 100 and 200 offer precise heating rate controls and let vapers enjoy the full effects of different flavors at varying temperatures. VAPORESSO calls the sensation High Taste Restoration.

Advanced anti-leaking keeps juice inside
There’s a common belief in the vaping world that bottom airflow causes devices to leak, but the iTank is changing the narrative. The Target 100 and 200’s Turbo Airflow System supports full liquid vaporization that reduces leaking into the bottom from one side of the mod. On the other side, the devices’ Liquid Self-Circulation System is made of three metal pipes in the base, which connect closely to the GTi coil. The Liquid Self-Circulation System draws condensation into the bottom via the Siphon Effect, which recycles the condensation into the coil and re-vaporizes it. Vapers can use the leak-resistance iTank with no fear whatsoever of any juice seeping out.
Made for DTL vapers
The Target 100 and 200’s GTi coil is specially developed for direct-to-lung vaping (DTL). If the Target 200’s GTi sounds similar to automaker Volkswagen’s Golf GTI, that’s because the latter has a role in inspiring the former. VAPORESSO improved the structure of the coil — as well as the cotton material used in the coil — to offer a compact yet powerful coil platform that emulates the compact and powerful spirit of the Golf GTI.
The Target 200 includes 0.2 mesh and 0.4 mesh coils in its package. VAPORESSO is also working on releasing a 0.15 mesh coil so users can enjoy even more powerful drags.
Optimal comfort in both hands
Customers crave comfortable mods, so VAPORESSO ergonomically engineered the Target 100 and 200 for optimal comfort in both hands — especially when vapers fire from their index fingers and thumbs. The Target 100 and 200 feature a soft, ribbed-texture design for an ideal grip.
Staying ahead of the curve
As the vaping industry continues to skyrocket, more companies than ever are entering and competing for customers. That means vaping brands must develop cutting-edge products to stay ahead of the curve and outperform their competition.
VAPORESSO’s Target 100 and 200 mods are ushering in a new era for vaping technology. They emulate the company’s founding mission, upheld since 2015: offer vapers a better experience. How? By creating innovative new technologies and product features.
Supported by parent company SMOORE International, VAPORESSO has been setting new industry standards and driving innovation for several years. It was one of the first brands to adopt the press to fill (PTF) system and also developed a leak-resistant technology the company calls SSS — Seal comprehensively, Saturate properly, Store safely — to lock in e-liquid. As evidenced in the Target 100 and 200, VAPORESSO is continuing to transform the vaping landscape.

Gliding into the future, starting from ZERO: a cosmically designed kit you should know


VAPORESSO ZERO, previously known as Renova ZERO, won the hearts of vapers around the world during the past three years with its user-friendly and chic design. The product is a mind-blowing combination of flavors and simple-yet-powerful features that revolutionized the vaping industry. The ZERO made it easier than ever for beginning vapers to access the kit’s smooth taste and soothing sensation.
Now, the global vape manufacturer is upping the ante with an upgrade to its classic model. The ZERO 2 boasts all of the features that made the original a worldwide phenomenon, and builds on them with a higher-capacity pod and longer-lasting battery as well as CCELL and MESH pods that produce a dream-like flavor experience and smoothness.
VAPORESSO’s newest launch offers the best of both worlds: a good time and a long time.
A futuristic and streamlined design
The ZERO 2’s streamlined, futuristic design

The ZERO 2 brings a charming yet futuristic and streamlined ergonomic design to the kit’s body. Adopting a leading ergonomic design, every angle on the ZERO 2 is highly polished so users can enjoy a comfortable grip. Its color schemes are upgraded to include a radiant cosmos design that combines 10 layers of a special in-mold labeling finish with universe-themed gloss, creating a unique and dazzling appearance. The ZERO 2’s creative and futuristic appearance stands out significantly in the crowded vape kit market. While other manufacturers create pens, VAPORESSO has created a stunning visual masterpiece.
A battery and pods to extend the pleasure
The ZERO 2’s improvements from its predecessor

The ZERO 2 welcomes an almighty 3 milliliter pod capacity that holds up to 50 percent more liquid than its predecessor: the ZERO featured a PCTG CCELL pod that held just 2 ml of liquid. The extra room in the ZERO 2 means users can enjoy up to 150 to 300 more draws before having to refill.
That, of course, also inspired a longer-lasting 800mAh battery in the ZERO 2, up from 650mAh in the classic model. The 23% upgrade in battery offers users the chance at a marathon vaping session, should they so desire it. The 1A Type-C quick-charging battery in the ZERO 2 takes just 45 minutes to reach a full charge, the same length of time required for the shorter-lasting battery in the original product. Users will love the newly enhanced vaping experience like they would any other hobby with an added bonus. It’s like running out of credit on a mobile device or video game only to find you’ve been awarded extra. The fun never stops!
Safe and user-friendly
The ZERO 2’s SSS Leak-Resistant Technology

Finally, its press-to-fill system is considered the safest in the industry. The inner spring creates a tight seal to help eliminate spilling and the need for micro rubber caps. The mechanism automatically locks after filling, making it fully childproof.
The device also features anti-leaking tech that VAPORESSO calls SSS — Seal comprehensively, Saturate properly, Store safely — to lock in e-liquid and prevent leakage.
Most impressively? The powerful new ZERO 2 comes in the same user-friendly size as the classic model, which easily fits in the palm of its vapers’ hands. So despite its added features and upgrades, the ZERO 2 has the same weight and size as the ZERO. Even better, the new ZERO 2 pods are completely compatible with the original ZERO kit and vice versa.
It’s always hard to improve on a classic like the ZERO, But VAPORESSO rose to the challenge in creating the one-of-a-kind ZERO 2.  With ZERO 2, vapers will enjoy the best of the original product plus many amplified benefits in this truly revolutionary upgrade. The ZERO 2 is unlike anything the vaping world has ever seen before.
Building from ZERO, Gliding into the future
ZERO 2 color selection

You almost certainly know of and have probably even used the ZERO before. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick history: The world-renowned vape kit launched in 2018 under RENOVA, previously a sub-brand of VAPORESSO but later merged into the parent company. Since then, the ZERO has been one of VAPORESSO’s hottest selling products. Its easy-to-use, cost-effective, and unique design made the kit ideal for beginners and experienced vapers alike. The ZERO has consistently earned 5-star consumer and analyst reviews, and can be found globally in 60+ countries.
VAPORESSO was founded in 2015 as an offshoot of SMOORE International, the world’s largest vaping manufacturer and the first vaping company to go public. The company holds over 1,000 technology patents.
Supported by SMOORE International, VAPORESSO has been setting new industry standards and driving innovation since its first day as a company. VAPORESSO was one of the first brands to adopt the press-to-fill (PTF) system and SSS leak-resistant technology. Today, VAPORESSO continues to transform the industry with new vaping products of all kinds.

VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era


VAPORESSO just released the Target 80 with up to 80W output, made especially for DTL vapers and outdoor lovers alike. You know, when VAPRESSO releases a new product, it’s bound to have new tech inside.
We sent the Target 80 to a few veteran vapers, the ones that are most difficult to please. A few days later, they all said, “Wow! The flavor is amazing!”
One vaper named Dan said, “Often, new vape tech is gimmicky and doesn’t do much. I was pleasantly surprised by the Target 80. The F(t) Mode actually makes a noticeable increase in flavor, and the flavors are very evenly represented…”
So, what’s the magic here?
A New Benchmark in Vaping Tech
The F(t) mode is supported by VAPORESSO’s newest chip, the AXON 2.0, which opened a new arena
in vaping technology: function output. The AXON 2.0’s F(t) Mode applies different voltages in rapid succession to vaporize each flavor at its optimum temperature. The user experiences concentrated, highly balanced flavor without muting or over-representation. This occurs so quickly that there is a very smooth puff with intense flavor.
VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
The AXON 2.0 chip’s F(t) Mode

The F(t) Mode is probably the biggest innovation in vaping since Temperature Control.
VAPORESSO was founded in 2015 as an offshoot of SMOORE International, the world’s largest vaping manufacturer, as well as the first vaping company to go public. The company holds over 1000 technology patents. Embedded with AXON 2.0, a huge breakthrough in the industry, the Target 80 is one of the flagship models for the impressive F(t) Mode.
The AXON chip established its stellar reputation when it was introduced in the popular VAPORESSO GEN mod as AXON 1.0 chip with PULSE mode. Also, with PULSE mode included, the AXON 2.0 chip pulses the voltage every 0.02s to provide extremely stable coil heat. The high level of consistency allows the user to take longer, deeper, yet hard-hitting puffs. The huge clouds are sure to impress even the most seasoned vaper!
The AXON 2.0 chip also uses VAPORESSO’s Boost Circuit technology. This circuit can boost the voltage to 9V and remain stable regardless of the battery’s charge level. Vapers use the voltage they set without experiencing a loss of flavor and heat during an extended period of vaping. The chip also includes many safety features.
VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
VAPORESSO’s Boost Circuit technology versus the competition

Small Mod, Large Battery
VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
The Target 80 uses a 3000mAh battery

The Target 80’s integrated battery reaches to 3000mAh in such a deceptively small mod. In fact, the Target 80 has 36% more battery capacity than similarly-sized competing products on average. VAPORESSO’s design team has worked tirelessly to create a small mod with big features!
VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
Target 80 battery capacity verses similarly-sized competing products

Only have a short time to charge? The Target 80 can be charged to 20% within 15 minutes. For longer trips into the outdoors, charging with a battery pack is safer and more convenient than carrying several batteries.
VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
The Target 80 can be charged by portable battery pack

The integrated battery allows for more efficient use of space. Compared with removable battery mods that carry the same battery capacity, the Target 80 is definitely smaller, safer, and lighter.
All these features are packed into such a compact mod.
Ready For Impact
VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
The Target 80’s durable build borrows elements from car design

The Target 80 was designed for life in the outdoors. The cage-like design employs a strong, load-bearing shape: the triangle. The use of 3 screws and a larger surface to secure the 510 connector disperses pressures to ensure performance in abusive situations. The fully integrated lanyard loop allows the Target 80 to hang from belts or backpack straps. The metal construction relieves the fear of breaking compared to the weak, plastic loops of other mods.
VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
The connective screws are fashioned in a load bearing triangle design

VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era
The Target 80’s lanyard loop

VAPORESSO tested the Target 80 by dropping it at various angles from heights ranging 1-1.6m (3.2- 5.2ft.). It deformed significantly less than the competition.
Target 80 drop test versus competitors

The Target 80 is designed to be easily secured to the user while being fully prepared to handle unforeseen impacts with ease.
A Historied tech Ushers in New Era
As the vaping market matures, products are becoming homogeneous. For vaping brands, features with genuine impact are becoming more and more important to outshine competitors.
VAPORESSO’s F(t) Mode is sure to bring a new area in vaping technology, and the Target 80 is a testament to the goal that VAPORESSO set for itself when it started in 2015: bring vapers a better experience.
Supported by parent company SMOORE International, VAPORESSO has been setting new industry standards and driving innovation in this emerging industry. They were one of the first brands to adopt the press to fill (PTF) system and SSS leak-resistant technology. Today, VAPRESSO continues to transform with new firing mods and efficient design. What other surprises VAPORESSO will bring in the future?