Safe and Easy Ways to Buy CBD in Japan

Japan has maintained a famously harsh attitude toward cannabis since the end of WWII, enacting the first national Cannabis Control Act in 1948. However, cannabidiol – often known as CBD – has been on the cusp of becoming mainstream in Japan for the past decade.

What’s CBD Anyway?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, which comes in a variety of forms. Marijuana and hemp are the most well-known, yet they differ substantially in terms of chemical composition as well as a legal status in Japan.

As CBD continues to increase in market value – an industry, which by 2024, is predicted to be valued at $20 billion – specialized stores, cosmeticians, and cafes have increased stock of a wide variety of CBD-infused products. Tokyo has keyed into this boom, and the Japanese capital has made it easy for those who want to access these products through increased supply.

Is CBD Legal in Japan?

CBD can be easily purchased at cosmetic shops, restaurants, cafés, airports, and pop-up shops. However, only THC-free CBD extracts and products manufactured from hemp stems are legal in Japan.

What are the Best Places to Buy CBD Products in Japan?

The most convenient place to buy CBD products in Japan right now is on the internet. You can shop from several different retailers and enjoy home delivery. A simple internet search will turn up a plethora of CBD retail e-commerce outlets.The following are some of the advantages of shopping online:

  • You’ll save money and time since internet businesses have discounted prices and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You may contact the seller for information on the product’s origin and other facts, and because the regulations are rigorous, you’re less likely to be scammed.

If you would rather check a physically shop for your CBD products, here are 5 places with the best reputation in Japan:

CBD Coffee

This business specializes in CBD products. Located directly outside Komaba-todaimae station, it provides CBD-infused takeaway coffee and smoothies.


Since 2011, HealthyTokyo has operated in Tokyo, with CBD shop-cum-cafés in Harajuku, Daikanyama, and Haneda Airport. HealthyTokyo offers the most varieties of CBD commodities in the country, with oils, sweets, vape liquids, topicals, and even CBD-infused pet ointments.

714 Café

Azabu Juban’s CBD specialized business. It is called the Los Angeles area code and is designed in the form of a traditional southern Californian hangout. CBD-infused coffees, fruit juices, and hot sandwiches are available for takeout or eating at the store’s lone table. As an alternative, the business offers an online service for ordering their products.

Global Touch

A multistore consisting of a hair salon, meatball store, and CBD seller, in Minamianzabu, Global Touch offers a plethora of CBD products, which includes oils of varying CBD potency, candies, chocolates, and freshly brewed coffee. Hemp and CBD oils can be purchased online. Users can also purchase CBD coffee and beverages online through Uber Eats. For on-demand options on where to find CBD in Japan, visit today.

How to make weed e-liquid to vape it?

Since only a few years ago, vaping has become more and more popular, both among regular smokers and non-smokers. It is true that it has many benefits for those who want to quit nicotine, but also for those who want to consume CBD in a safe, legal and therapeutic/medicinal way.

More and more physical or online stores are making available to the customer numerous products containing CBD, whether as oil, soap, body cream, etc. But without a doubt, the most popular product is the CBD e-liquid for vaping, an easy and convenient way to ingest CBD from anywhere and at any time. In addition, if you prefer, you can get this e-liquid yourself without having to go to a specialized CBD store.

Cannabis e-liquids are the fastest way to feel the CBD effects, furthermore, they taste amazing and it is very easy to make your own at home, you only have to use and follow the correct instructions. In this regard, it is good to know that vape pens are the stealthiest option and the easiest to carry around, because you can use them to vaporize both herb and extracts, depending on the model.

Firstly, it is important to clarify that if you decide to make e-liquid at home, you will also contribute to peace of mind, because you’ll know exactly what you’re inhaling with every hit, and you are going to earn money; it is the cheapest way to consume cannabis e-liquid.

Secondly, if you are going to use rosing to make your own vape juice, be sure that is the cleanest and quickest method. Rosin, by nature, is a low-risk extract. There are no solvents or harsh chemicals used in the process. The first step is selecting a few plump and resinous buds from your stash, and put them on parchment paper. After, you should place the wrapped buds between the hair straightener (temperature around 121°C) irons and apply significant pressure. You will need to unwrap the pressed buds to reveal a fresh patch of rosin, and to repeat this process until you’ve made around 0.5g of rosin. You will also need around 3g of high-quality herb to achieve this amount.

Lastly, place the rosin-covered parchment paper into the fridge for around 20 minutes. Remove your cooled bounty and scrape off the rosin using a sturdy toothpick; place it in the glass vial, and add a few drops of your favorite flavouring into the jar. This last step it’s very important, because you should mix your rosing and flavouring into an oil. For doing this, you will need to hold a flame underneath the container for around 5 seconds, or until the solution begins to bubble. As soon as the mixture starts to bubble, remove the flame and give it a good mix using a toothpick and then you will be able to draw the solution into a syringe and inject it into your vape pen cartridge.

If you have any questions, doubts or you need information on many other aspects of cannabis consumption, you can always obtain all that you need in the next link that is about how to make cannabis e-liquid at home.