UK Disposable Vape Ban Could Cost Lives – IEA

The IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs) have published a briefing paper stating that the proposed UK “Disposable Vape Ban Could Cost Lives”.

You can download the full paper here.

In the summary the main points below are raised…

“A ban on disposable vaping products would take away a safer choice from millions of adult smokers.”

It is already illegal to sell vaping products to under-18s.
The scale of youth vaping is often overstated. Twice as many 11–15-year-olds drink alcohol regularly than vape regularly.
Environmental concerns are negligible since only tiny amounts of rare resources are used and vapes are easily recyclable.
The sensible response to concerns about youth vaping and the environment is to enforce existing restrictions and to encourage responsible recycling, not take away the freedom of adults to choose.

The document discusses all the relevant information relating to this including the benefits of vaping, underage vaping data, environmental concerns and the risk of an outright ban.

There is also a quote from ASH (Action on Smoking & Health)…

“the risk of unintended consequences is too great for us to support a ban [on disposable e-cigarettes]’.”

Risks Of A Ban

Risks of banning disposables are broken down into possible outcomes…

Higher smoking rates due to lower uptake of vaping by current smokers – “Smokers who use them for the first time do not have to learn anything about wattage, nicotine fluid strength or battery power”
Higher smoking rates due to ex-smokers returning to smoking – “Without the option to vape their favoured products, many must be expected to return to smoking”
Increase in underage smoking – “Fears of a ‘gateway effect’ have so far proved unfounded but by banning e-cigarettes that are currently used by under-18s, the government could inadvertently engineer a ‘gateway’ from vaping to smoking.”
Growth of the “Black-Market” – “This is supported by evidence from Australia where e-cigarettes containing nicotine have always been banned and there is a major problem with children buying unregulated e-cigarettes on the black market.”


The document concludes with the following statement…

“Since it is already illegal to sell vaping products to the under 18s, it is a failure of law enforcement if young people are easily able to purchase e-cigarettes. If the government were to ban disposable vapes, this would not solve the enforcement issue. Ultimately, a ban on disposable vaping products would simply take away a safer choice from millions of adult smokers.

Banning a product because it is sometimes consumed by people who are already banned from buying it is a poor basis for legislation.

We do not ban cider just because some teenagers drink it. We do not ban 18 certificate films because some teenagers watch them. We do not even ban cigarettes because some teenagers smoke them.

The answer is to enforce the laws that already exist. Legislating is no substitute for governing.

There is no reason why children should be able to buy disposable e-cigarettes more easily than they can buy alcohol or tobacco.

The problem is a lack of enforcement, not legislation.”

Well my thoughts are summed up in the image below! I don’t need to add any more!


The UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) have picked up on this publication and have released their own statement here.

UKVIA director John Dunne said…

“We wholeheartedly endorse the findings of this well-researched and evidence-backed report which warns of the very serious unintended consequences that such a ban could have.

“We need to send a very clear message to the government that a single use (disposable) vape ban could make the problems of youth vaping worse not better and lead to current vapers returning to smoking…a lose lose situation if ever there was one.

“It is clear that the government is not adequately enforcing the existing vape laws for legal, regulated products but it would be considerably more difficult to police the huge black market which would spring up to take their place.”

Well said John!

🚨|📜 Disposable vape ban could cost lives

🚭 Vaping has helped millions of people quit smoking — a ban on disposables would take away that safer choice.

➡️ According to a new IEA briefing paper by @reemamiribrahim & @cjsnowdon.


— IEA (@iealondon) September 29, 2023

The UK Vaping Industry Association welcomes a new briefing paper from @iealondon which warns that a @GOVUK ban on disposable vapes could cost lives👇


— UKVIA (@Vaping_Industry) September 29, 2023

A short briefing paper by me and @ReemAmirIbrahim about the risks of banning disposable vapes.

— Christopher Snowdon 🇺🇦 (@cjsnowdon) September 29, 2023

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ICEWAVE Will Appear At CHAMPS Trade Show Denver 2023 • VAPE HK

Champs Trade Shows, the premier counterculture b2b expo since 1999, will be held from Wednesday 27 to Thursday 28 September 2023 in Denver, United States. As the new wave of disposable vape market, ICEWAVE will be showcasing its first product ICEWAVE X8500 to retail buyers in the US market. The innovative products can be seen at Booth #12035 at the Colorado Convention Center.

Insisting on the philosophy of user-centered and experience-first, ICEWAVE deeply understood the market need which was the function of e-juice and battery indication. ICEWAVE persevered through 150 days of research in order to achieve the optimal cost-performance balance and finally developed the ICEWAVE X8500.

ICEWAVE’s original creative letter design which is inspired by street art and hip-hop culture is an excellent way to promote self-expression and cater to individuals with unique lifestyles. At the same time, the team of e-juice engineers from the U.S.A. has taken original flavors and interpreted them in a way that caters to both European and American taste preferences. They understand that tastes can vary between these regions, so ICEWAVE has carefully crafted e-juices to appeal to a wide range of palates.

Earlier this month, ICEWAVE X8500 has won two MUSE Design Awards within Hardware, Power & Hand Tools category and Digital & Electronic Devices category. It fully demonstrated that the product has been recognized by experts from the industry. Booth #12035 provides a fantastic opportunity for interested visitors to explore and experience a wide range of products firsthand. Visitors can engage with the products, ask questions, and even test them out personally.


Event: CHAMPS Trade Show Denver 2023

Date: September 27th to 28th

Location: Booth #12035




ICEWAVE comes from its parent company ICCPP, who have years of experience in powerful technology, innovation and manufacturing. ICEWAVE aims to bring the ultimate vaping experience to users globally, with great looking disposables, better tastes and long-lasting flavors.

*During internal testing, ICEWAVE X8500 can support 8500 puffs at maximum. The actual number of puffs will be affected by personal vaping habits.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vuse E-cigarette’s Market Share Drops Slightly but Remains on Top

According to a report from journalnow on September 26th, the latest data from Nielsen Convenience Store Report reveals that the market share of R.J. Reynolds’ Vuse e-cigarette continues to slightly decline, dropping by 0.2 percentage points. Nevertheless, it still maintains its position as the market leader in the United States.


According to the data, the market share of Vuse has declined from 41.7% to 41.5%, while the second-ranked Juul’s market share remains unchanged at 24.7%. In May 2019, Juul held a significant market share of 74.6% in the US e-cigarette market, but a series of regulatory measures resulted in reduced production of their products.


Meanwhile, despite Altria Group’s ownership of the third-ranked NJoy, their market share has not significantly increased, remaining at 2.6%. The market share of BlueCigs, a subsidiary of Imperial Brands Plc specializing in technology applications, also remains unchanged at 1.2%.


According to Barclays, Nielsen’s report primarily covers information from large chain stores for the four-week period ending on September 9th. The group extrapolates trends for small chain stores based on the data from large chain stores, which is why changes in the report may not be immediately apparent.


Over the past 12 to 18 months, the consumer demand for tobacco products has fluctuated due to the impact of inflation and short-term price increases in traditional cigarettes. According to this report, Juul’s dollar sales within a four-week period have risen by 50.2% compared to the August 2019 report. However, there has been a recent decline of 17.5%.


In comparison, Reynolds’ Vuse e-cigarette saw a 2% increase in the latest report, while NJoy experienced a decline of 9.5% and BlueCigs dropped by 19.5%. The overall e-cigarette category witnessed a decline of 6.3%. Over the past four weeks, the tobacco industry as a whole has faced certain pressures in terms of sales revenue and volume.


This Nielsen report highlights California’s ban on menthol-flavored traditional cigarettes, which account for 8% of the US market. Industry analyst Bonnie Herzog states, “Looking ahead, we anticipate that cigarette sales may further decline, especially considering the current continuous rise in oil prices, which are nearing the $4 per gallon mark.”


In 2022, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has increased the wholesale prices of cigarettes four times, with particularly high increases in both January and June. Similarly, Philip Morris USA has raised prices three times this year. Wholesale prices refer to the amount paid by retailers to cigarette manufacturers, and typically, these additional costs are passed on to retail consumers.


According to the latest report, Philip Morris has reached a peak market share of 50.9%, with their best selling brand, Marlboro, accounting for 45.8% of the overall market share. Meanwhile, Reynolds Tobacco Company holds a share of 33.4%.


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Increasing Consumption Taxes on Tobacco and Alcohol in Latvia

According to the news from on September 27th, starting from 2024, the consumption tax rates for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, e-cigarettes and their components, e-cigarette liquid, as well as certain oils specifically designed for use in special economic zones and free ports, will gradually increase each year.


The objective of increasing the consumption tax is to raise more government budget revenue in order to better safeguard and develop various public services, including healthcare, transportation, internal and external security, education system, as well as to reduce retail price discrepancies between substitute products, minimize the impact of consumption on public health, and increase the implementation of the national budget.


According to sources, starting from March 1, 2024, there will be an annual increase in consumption taxes on cigarettes, cigars, tobacco (both finely cut and other types), tobacco leaves, heated tobacco, e-cigarette liquid, and tobacco alternatives. This increase will continue for three years. From January 1, 2025, and 2026, the taxation on these products will be raised annually.


The government plans to increase the annual average tobacco tax by 5.6%, which means the price of a pack of cigarettes will increase by 0.14-0.2 euros. Currently, the tobacco tax for 2023 is approximately 0.14 euros per gram, while cigars and cigarillos are taxed at 0.02 euros, smoking tobacco and tobacco leaves at 0.09 euros, and heat-not-burn tobacco products at 0.22 euros.


This article is translated from an original Chinese article available on by AI, and has been reviewed and edited by 2FIRSTS’s English editorial team. The Chinese original text is the only authoritative source of information. The exclusive copyright and license rights to this article are held by 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. Any reproduction, reprinting, or redistribution of this article, either in part or in full, requires express written permission from 2FIRSTS and must include clear attribution along with a link to this content. Non-compliance may result in legal action. 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to pursue legal actions in case of unauthorized use or distribution.

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FEELM and Aroma King Continue European Expansion with Trendsetting Innovations

Aroma King, a leading vape brand renowned from Poland, has unveiled its latest disposable product: The Cosmic Max, further expanding its presence in Europe.

Since 2020, Aroma King has rapidly made its mark on the European vaping scene. Its product, the Cosmic Max, have gained traction across the European markets, including Spain, France, Belgium, and Austria. The brand’s other flagship product, the Cosmic Box, is poised for upcoming release in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

The groundbreaking Cosmic Max integrates FEELM Max, the world-first ceramic coil disposable technology. It distinguishes itself by delivering over 800 puffs with 2mL of e-liquid, while most of the disposable products in the market only offers up to 600 puffs, thus creating a new industry standard in TPD regions. This technological development presents a superior alternative to many disposables that are backed by cotton coil technology.

With a 30% increase in puff count from 2mL e-liquid compared to its competitors, Cosmic Max sets a new industry benchmark. Another advantage of ceramic coil is it offers a flavour consistency rate exceeding 95%. These features, combined with the device’s signature transparent e-liquid tank, not only alleviate e-juice related concerns but also enhance its visual appeal. Reflecting their industry impact, Aroma King proudly received the “Industry Leader” title at the 2023 Vapouround Awards.

Crafted in a sleek cylindrical design, Cosmic Max tantalizes with an array of 15 distinct flavours, offering a rich variety to the European market. Consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, frequently highlighting its “smooth”, “consistent”, and “high-level of flavour reproduction”.

Furthermore, the eagerly anticipated Cosmic Box, featuring a unique box design, is set to hit markets including Germany, Spain, Italy, in the coming months.

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Geekvape has announced the inauguration of the world’s first e-cigarette industry “Geek Fest” fan festival in the Philippines

In September, the leading e-cigarette brand Geekvape heralded the premiere of the Geek Fest fan festival in the Philippines. This groundbreaking event not only electrified the Philippines but also signaled a transformative wave for the industry at large.

With over 5,000 attendees, including representatives from Southeast Asia, top-tier influencers, and industry media, the magnitude of the event was palpable.

The event was also live-streamed, drawing the attention of millions globally. Moreover, Geekvape unveiled its latest offerings at the festival: the GEEKBAR MCU and GEKKBAR X FLAVA Co-Branding, both equipped with Geekvape’s pioneering VPU vaporization solution, the industry’s cutting-edge.

Through this endeavor, Geekvape showcased its state-of-the-art technology and products, forging profound ties with its aficionados and setting a lofty benchmark for the e-cigarette industry.

At this grand event, GeekVape meticulously curated six distinct exhibition zones: the GEEK History District, GEEK Classic Product Zone, GEEK New Release Area, GEEK DIY Coil Section, GEEK Culinary Zone, and the GEEK Culture Street.

The displays spanned the company’s evolution, product line showcases, new launches, and future blueprints. During the awards segment, accolades were presented to their devoted partners — TYJC, SYJ, Dentka, Nickong, and Flava etc. To date, GeekVape has triumphantly launched the Aegis, Wenax, and Sonder series.

Their disposable e-cigarette sub-brand, Geekbar, introduced the much-anticipated new series, which has been fervently embraced and lauded by global e-cigarette aficionados.

The event buzzed with vibrant energy, with countless fans converging to relish this unforgettable extravaganza. Geekvape spared no effort, presenting their ardent attendees with lavish gifts.

In the new product interaction segment, they introduced the “Geek Forum,” where their product line managers engaged directly with the audience, delving into product intricacies and addressing myriad queries.

Additionally, Geekvape persistently refines its product line based on user feedback, ever committed to delivering e-cigarette products that truly resonate with user needs.

Moreover, their detailed presentation on the latest product’s standout performance and cutting-edge technology captivated and earned high praise from those present.

The latest collaborative products, GEEKBAR MCU and FLAVA, showcase GeekVape’s cutting-edge VPU vaporization technology, setting new benchmarks in flavor quality, safety, and durability.

These innovations utilize an efficient heating element in tandem with NON-WOVEN wicking cotton, achieving a 30% improvement in e-liquid utilization and a 23% enhancement in heating speed.

Under consistent puff conditions, the aerosol output per draw increased by 23.7%, maintaining a steady release and consistently rich flavor.

Geekvape further optimized the wicking capability and e-liquid storage on the atomizer core.

Additionally, with automated production lines and rigorous quality control, these products boast an impressive yield rate of 99.95%.

The Geek Fest fan festival reaffirmed the deep-rooted connection between Geekvape and its dedicated community, nurturing mutual respect and promoting co-creation with local consumers.

Since its debut in the Philippines, Geekvape has partnered with more than 1,200 vape stores, firmly planting its flag as a leading e-cigarette brand in the country.

With a ‘customer-first’ philosophy, GeekVape emphasizes innovative solutions to meet user preferences.

This commitment is supported by their robust service infrastructure and data-informed strategies, relentlessly driving an elevated user experience.

About GeekVape.
GeekVape ardently champions six foundational values: Innovation, Passion, Quality, Open-mindedness, Community, and Relevance.

Since its foundation in 2015, the brand has embraced diverse perspectives with the goal of driving societal betterment and providing a healthier vaping experience for all.

Serving a global customer base exceeding 30 million, GeekVape maintains exceptional standards. On social media, the brand actively interacts with over 2 million individuals, each distinctively creative in their fields and living with confidence.

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Legislators Urged to Fund Tobacco Control Programs with Existing Revenues

According to a news update from the International Women’s Forum (IWF) on September 27, lawmakers in Massachusetts have recently heard testimony about proposed bills in both the state House and Senate that aim to address teenage nicotine addiction by increasing the state’s tobacco tax on cigars and cigarettes. The legislators are being urged to pass legislation that would allocate the existing tobacco funds towards programs targeting adolescent tobacco and e-cigarette usage, rather than imposing harsh taxes.


According to the biennial Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of traditional tobacco products (including cigarettes and cigars) among high school students in Massachusetts is at its lowest level in history.


According to statistical data, in 2021, 3.5% of Massachusetts high school students reported using combustible cigarettes, marking the lowest rate ever recorded. In 2019, 5% of Massachusetts high school students reported current cigarette use. From 2019 to 2021, the current smoking rate has decreased by 30%. Since 1993, the smoking rate among Massachusetts high school students has declined by 88.4%.


The proposal suggests that a substantial amount of funds should be raised by utilizing the $3.51 per pack cigarette excise tax currently in place, instead of imposing additional taxes. The state should also make use of the funds received annually from the tobacco manufacturers’ Master Settlement Agreement (MSA).


According to statistics, the total revenue from cigarette consumption taxes in Massachusetts in 2021 exceeded $616.4 million. However, in the same year, only $5.1 million was allocated by Massachusetts for tobacco control programs, including preventing nicotine addiction among young people. This amounts to a mere 1.4% of the cigarette tax revenue, and only 2.1% of the funds paid by the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) were used to support programs aimed at preventing youth usage and helping adults quit smoking. In fact, for every $1 obtained by Massachusetts from the tobacco industry in 2021, only $0.01 was allocated to tobacco control efforts.


The proposal suggests that legislators should enact legislation to utilize more revenue funds coming from existing taxes and settlement payments to fund tobacco control programs, rather than placing additional burden on taxpayers.


This article is translated from an original Chinese article available on by AI, and has been reviewed and edited by 2FIRSTS’s English editorial team. The Chinese original text is the only authoritative source of information. The exclusive copyright and license rights to this article are held by 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. Any reproduction, reprinting, or redistribution of this article, either in part or in full, requires express written permission from 2FIRSTS and must include clear attribution along with a link to this content. Non-compliance may result in legal action. 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to pursue legal actions in case of unauthorized use or distribution.

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